Thursday, February 12, 2015

Starter for my upcoming trip


I simply love travelling, well who doesn't. This time round, we pick London as one of our to go destination. Its a modern city with lots of history, I love historical buildings. Its like getting the best of both world city + history.
With that, we jump onto the promotion by Lufthansa, a German Commercial Carrier last December. It was a great deal I must say. We will be departing to London and return from Vienna, Austria. Isn't it wonderful to kick start our trip in London and end it in another country. Meaning, there is no repeat trail, I hate the idea of going back as its kinda time consuming.

We will be city hopping from London to Paris to Geneva to Milan to Florence to Rome and finally Vienna.

In between, we will go on day trip to Pisa, Venice, Lucca and Chamonix.

The trip is just a month away from now. All the trains and buses are booked, I'm just left with slots for place of interest which I need some help.
Do drop me a comment or mail to recommend where to go...
Chat again soon!

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