Monday, February 28, 2011

Review & Swatch: Dior Addict Color Reviver Glow Balm SPF10

Lip balm has always been part of my life, in fact i could hardly imagine myself surviving a single day without it... Ever since i started using them, i officially waved good bue to those hateful dry lips.. never am i gonna worry about the embarrassment of putting on lipgloss or lipstick with those dry skin peeling... Till date, i tried many brands & different kinds of balm that promise wonders regardless of pricing though.

I had always been lusting on this Dior lip balm that sounds so amazing to many, especially the "GLOW" word which seems irresistible like how i was attracted to their palette. I got this from my bestie in US... you know who you are! It seems like forever that i finally got this yeah!

The packaging is really pretty!

details of the product included in the pack.

Ingredient list!

More details printed on the packaging itself...

TADA! Here's the pretty little thing... Its in pink, so girly & classy look!

Its a lovely pink balm, actually was transparent to start with & pink pigment slowly shows up.

This is how it looks on bare skin.

This is indeed a luxury dose of balm to test out on. It glided effortless on my lips and revive the color on them. I do have dull lips so this balm does give my lips a pop of color thats needed to keep me looking wide awake. You need not touch up too often while on this as it does its job in keeping my lips in moisturized state. As for the price *cough*, it does cost a bit more as compare to other effective ones i tried so far... Maybe due to that, its offering more functions like SPF + color reviver + moisturizing... I would say, its worth a try if you have extra to spare but in general its delivering results that can be achieve by others...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Swatch: Dior Ready to Glow Palette

I was so wanting this palette after seeing Fuz did a FOTD last year using this palette. I had always like the packaging of Dior but the hefty price tag for the palette puts me off as i hardly stay on to any for too long... so its kinda wasted to spend and leave it somewhere accumulating dust...

Somehow i was approached by a MUA swapper who likes one of the palette i'm listing and also happen to own this lovely palette that i want. So immediately we swap! After weeks of waiting, i'm finally a proud owner of this pretty piece!

How can i resist their packaging! Its has such a timeless & classy look.

The palette comes almost new but i used it a few times before the pictures above.

The color are really pretty even in palette.

Here's the swatches!

I'm working on the EOTD...using this palette!

Nail Swatch: Essie Bordeaux

Hallo Friday everyone!

Chinese New Year kept me busy yet again... as mentioned before i'm hooked on red polishes... here's another one i was on during the CNY period.

This is a much darker shade but still bright enough for the festive season!

More posts are in the making....


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