Friday, April 30, 2010

Nail Swatch: Miss Sporty No. 260

Its the time of the week again! this time trying out a new brand & formula. Courtesy of Kasia. Miss Sporty is a UK brand, each of their polish cost £1.99 each which is SGD4.45 only! I wonder what color is this shade but only have model no. indicated here.

Anyway heres the swatch! blame on the freaking weather we have so i did not have any chance to get a good shot like my previous one.

Kasia got me the long lasting range, i was wonder how long lasting it was. Anyway, the formula is ok to work with.. guess what the polish had been on my nails for the past 5 days and only slight chipping sighted! this is a dusty rose color which look kinda mature color for me.. sorry for the uneven finish as my seche top coat is almost to the base and getting too thick to apply. Now i need a thinner for it!

Weekend starts tmr, any plans for you so far?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Review: Shiseido Integrate Mineral Loose Powder #1

This is part of my new taiwan shopping stash.. and this product was released in Taiwan on 1 April so how can i miss it since my fren was there. I started to be fond of loose powder after using lunasol one which was a miniature (part of a lunasol trial set) i purchased last year.

I love using loose powder compare to compact foundation as i feels its more lightweight on skin. Its less likely to clog my pores as i apply using soft puff in light patting motion.

Guess minerals makeup are the next big thing in the cosmetic world, so i have to try this. Its also Shiseido Integrate 1st mineral makeup series i think. They released a total of 3 products for this range, one shade only bb cream, two shade only loose powder, three shade only compact foundation. i grab two out of their new range, which is the bb cream & loose powder.

The mineral loose powder comes in two shade #1 natural beige (suitable for light & fair), #2 (suitable for darker shade). So i bought #1 without hesitate as i would normally fit in the lightest shade.
all details printed are all in chinese as its the official language, this product can last up to 5 years!

Packaging comes in transparent tub with white lid, very clean & fresh look with some metallic red tagline printed: "be happy with the power of mineral" thats a interesting one isn't it.

Something worth mentioning is the puff attached, it has two side, feathery white (side A) and micro fibre like pink (side b). It has different purpose too.

Feathery White side: provide natural, light coverage

Velvet Pink side: provide flawless coverage.
(pardon for the stain as i was too excited wanting to use it)

the powder contains very mild shimmer which is suppose to bright up your feature. The only setback is probably this loose powder does not contain SPF but it doesn't bother me since i started using sunscreen, ok will come to sunscreen topic soon. The powder also looks dark but after application it seems ok.

Overall Review:

I like the coverage of this powder which you can control using the puff given. And the puff given isn't those cheapo & crap one that dun work, it works but will updated again after i wash it this wknd. hopefully it will, the powder contain slight shimmer which is still acceptable even though i prefer it without since its really fine & slight. After hours of wear, the finish is still ok probably need a little touchup. my skin look kinda flawless, pores are not so much noticeable as compare using lunasol one. No SPF so you need to use sunscreen prior to apply. Its hopping its way to my HG status list for now..
Now i'm thinking if i should ditch my lunasol one.. HELP!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Review: KATE concealing cover for under eyes

I just collected my taiwan goodies again from my BFF..drooling pics next post!

This time, i ordered lotsa KATE & Shiseido Integrate products as they were released in Taiwan recently. Love getting hold of new products.. as you never know if they will be next HG items.

Reviewing the new concealer from KATE, it only comes in one shade which is weird i think or maybe its japan norm?
the concealer comes in transparent tube which i like! as you can see how much left.
squeeze tube with nozzle tip
luckily its sort of my shade, i'm now in between shade of NC15 to NC20 all thanks to the recent freaking weather!

can you see how serious is my fine lines & dark circle..

after the application, my eye area look kinda moisturised.

Overall Review:

I always like KATE stuffs, mainly drooling on their collection everytime as its not very available in SG. Recently, i started getting more & more interested in base makeup.. The formula for this concealing cream is rich and creamy but not as thick as BeautyMaker BB Concealing which was previously my HG. This concealing cream i would say not as strong as i thought maybe too high expectation since they are famous for making lasting cosmetics. The finish is still alright as you can see above pretty moisturised. It does not dries out the eye area throughout the day which is good and suitable for re-application during mid-day as its not thick or make your eyes area cakey looking.

I still have their liquid foundation, pore concealler & blush for review.. stay tune yea.

Surprise Gift Pack in celebration of 200th Followers

Hi everyone!

I'm so happy today that i just realised that i reached 200 followers already and the numbers are still growing. Supposed to do a giveaway for this, but since i'm having the K-Palette Giveaway going on at the same time. I decided to add a Surprise Gift Pack for each of the 6 winners.

Join in here: K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner + Surprise Gift Pack Giveaway!

For those who follow me long enough knows how i love to shop & stuff some extra loves into packages.. This time there will be 6 lucky ones to get both the K-Palette Eyeliner + Surprise Gift.

Even though its a surprise gift pack, i would still needs some input from you!

Indicate based on your wants from MOST to least as i want to get something you will really use.
(lipstick, lipgloss, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, polish, brows)

Note: These items may comes from any brands, of course i will try to get stuffs that you will not have access to. I'll be the one doing the contacting of winners too.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Swatches: Majolica Majorca Frozen Splash Eyes in GR732, GD821, PK705

Hi all,

hows your day so far, i'm pulling thru pretty well for my tuesday! Yesterday, i went to my nearby drugstore (watsons). And i saw some promotion going on for Majolica Majorca so i grabbed a few of their items home with me.

Swatches of their cream eyeshadow, yes i find myself kinda addicted to cream e/s these days.. as they are so easily to use especially when you are in a rush.
i bought 3 of it home as they are having deal as 3 for SGD30 only. usual price: SGD15 each.
bought green, gold & pink. it comes in clear plastic tub with white lid.
very dreamy design
the color look kinda bold in the container itself.
close-up pics:
with some natural lighting, they give a pearly finish with very very fine shimmers.
Overall mini review:
Majolica Majorca is actually a quite affordable range but of course depends on location.. so far its quite ok priced as i also shop in Singapore for their products not only taiwan. This cream eyeshadow is easy to work on, very silky smooth to apply on lids.. The packaging contains 4g of product which is ok in my opinion as they have quite a few colors for you to mix & match with. You can add on some shine to your eye makeup using this.
I also bought some of their nail polishes.. will swatch soon!

Monday, April 26, 2010

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner + Surprise Gift Pack Giveaway! CLOSED

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce this sponsered K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner Giveaway hosted by BeautyCarousel. Yes, they heard all your call for wanting to try this eyeliner which was rated No. 1 in Japan this year! To add into the fun, i'll be giving away a surprise bag to each of the 6 winners based on information below:

Here's the details of the giveaway!

Prize: One K-Palette Regular Real Lasting Eyeliner for each winner + Surprise Gift Pack (handpick by sizbelle personally)

Duration: 3 weeks (based on Singapore date, cut off time each week 23:59 SG time)
1st week: 26 April to 2 May
2nd week: 3 May to 9 May
3rd week: 10 May to 16 May

No. of Winners:
2 winners will be selected each week, total 6 winners for this giveaway. (aren't they generous?)

terms & conditions:
  • To earn 1 entry:
    MUST be a fan of K-Palette FB + be my follower (pls indicate your user name & email & leave a comment saying why you why love to try/want the eyeliner

  • To earn 2 entries:
    above + be my follower + repost in your blog, do provide link (to spread this lovely giveaway!) or retweet this post

  • Please indicate based on your preference from MOST to least as i want to get something you will really use. Items may be from any brands that i have access to eg. korean, japanese, amercian, european brands. All Brand New! The surprise pack will contains a minimum 3 of ur choice below + some extra love from me too!
    (lipstick, lipgloss, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, polish, brows)

Contest Open Internationally,

SPECIAL FOR Existing Fans of K-Palette may join in too. For one instant entry: Simply leave a comment saying why you why love to try/want the eyeliner below with your email id, for more entries follow as above..

All MUST be a fan to K-Palette FB. Prize will be mailed out to the winner by sizbelle.

All winners will be randomly selected in sequence from entries commented in this post!

Please leave a comment for each entry for me to count the entry.

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Bursting Swap package with Kasia!

This is a long overdue post all becoz of post office delay, did this swap with Kasia in Jan and only reach me days ago. Kasia is from Poland.. very nice gal and while chatting with her sometime back we decide to do a swap as i'm just wondering whats available at her side of the world which i would not even heard of. She too, wanted to get her hands on asian brand. Soo all was surprise, and it def end up to be a BIG ONE!

i love makeups and curious about inglot so she got me some in very wearable colors which i will do relating post of these soon.

Suhada is a russia brand, which i have not even heard of. See without this swap i would never have access to this. So curious to try out.

I love this e/s duo see next pic & you know Y!
This is a 1st e/s i saw that indicate the expiry date! isnt it good that you dun have to recall when you start using them and count the mths..
two surprise packs filled with makeups from her
Miss Sporty is a UK brand, see what i have gloss & POLISHES!!
she included a bag is samples for me to try on
so many stuffs to try out.. i would def need help from her to check out what the packaging means haha

Lotsa organic skincare from her!

closeup on how the packaging looks
on the left is the thermal water that she is currently loving, i gonna try!

i wane try all of these natural stuffs. my skin had enough of those man-made ones
soap i guess..

and she ended this package with a lovely letter. See how sweet is she. Oh ya, she included a package of gummy candy but they were all grabbed up by my gals before pic taking! Just wana tell her i love everything she had included.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nail Swatch: Etude House Polish No.39

Hi all,

i'm back after 2 days rest days and sometime away from computers, tried to resist in switching it on so i can spend some quality time with my gals & family. But when my polish start chipping off, i just can't stop myself on removing them for new coat.

this is my 1st polish from Etude House, its a shimmery pinklish color from the look of the bottle. I notice that for Japan or Korea their polish does not have fancy names like OPI, ColorClub etc instead they gave each polish its very own model number.

Its very different this time as i normally take swatch pics early in the morning before heading out for work. This time i took the pic outdoor slightly 3 hours later as usual with strong sunlight.

Let me know how you gals think, is the quality better?

This is a shimmery orangey pink color that will compliment fair/medium skin. See how bright & shimmery it is under the sun.

The bottle is cute in clear glass bottle, The price (i can't remember) but think its an affordable range to try out as they have a wide range of colors. Their formula is not as rich and thick compare to OPI. Its like a better The Face Shop version but slightly thinner than Majolica Majorca. Hope i'm not confusing you gals.

Wana know what Kasia sent me in the swap package? Find out on the next post!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Steal Deal findings: Benefit Creaseless Eyeshadow @

Hey gals!

Its finally friday... my work week will be ending in a few hours time. Can't wait for weekend to start.. erm, it already started! i mean my weekend mood. As i spend a bit of time this morning to browse thru the fabulous deal in A special discounted items email was sent to me last night and i spotted the benefit creaseless eyeshadow.

Have you tried it?? Its MUST HAVE item as you can easily achieve a ready to go eye makeup in mins.. The best part, its creaseless.. so you can have them on all day!

Here's the link; Special Purchase Deal

pic & info: credit to

Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner Duo Pack - # Flatter Me 2x4.5g/0.16oz
A versatile cream shadow / liners for eyes
Contains crease-proof, smudge-proof formula
Incredibly outlines, defines, shades & contours eyes
Gives sheer or dramatic makeup effect with buildable color
Easily glides onto skin & long wearing
USD19.00 for 2 in same shades which is 50% off.. inclusive of free shipping!!

I guess they are clearing stock thus the offer.. know what, just gather your gf and share it at only USD9.50 each, its definitely worth as benefit site is selling these at same price but only for one & you need at least USD50 to get free shipping in USA or USD115 for worldwide shipping.

I've got mine in flatter me & get figgy.. what you waiting for??

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Holiday craving fix Ice & Snow World from Harbin, China

I'm gonna give myself a beauty post break, this post is to fix my holiday craving. I'm in need of some holiday treats.. while thinking/dreaming about it. i was reminded of my trip to Harbin (china). Its a place, i would love to go back again.. here's some pics i have to share about the place... not much though as our camera couldn't really fully function in such cold weather!

i went to harbin in Jan 2008, was really lucky as the event would only open when the weather is cold enough. Otherwise, you would be visiting these without lightings.. It was their 10th year hosting it. Its all made from ICE!

here's hows the entrance looks like from the back. Its huge and the word magnificent just dash across my mind on this one.

this is a snow buddlha statue. Made 100% from snow.. see the man in background as scale on how big it is.

a palace alike building made from ice using traditional theme shade lighting
wana catch the splendid view of the whole area. take this hot air balloon for the best view!

castle like building made from ice, its really TALL!

Pagoda made from ICE.

this is the overview on how long this entrance stretches to. (my camera just cant fit in)

have you tried slide made of ice? its pretty interesting but too slippery to try.


i found this stall selling frozen sugared fruit. its really really hard as the temp was -30 degrees.. definitely not suitable for ppl who can bite.

strawberry, gingkos

haw, pineapple, grape, gingko.

Hope that you gals like the post... for more info on Harbin.


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