Friday, July 31, 2009

China Glaze Blushing more of a bridal series i think!

With Sunlight!

Without Sunlight
Pardon me for the uneven finish of the polish as i rush it out before turning to bed as i was too tired to blow dry my nails
A swatch of my recent polish purchase, this is China Glaze Blushing. I personally feel that its similar to the OPI bubble bath i have, will do a cross swatch compare and post later. This color is in light & fluffy pink, suitable for bridal collection. Below is 4 coats as the brush is kind of stiff and skinny, still prefer OPI prowide brush. As the brush was too thin so i have to do many stroke to smooth out the polish on my nails, causing lines which i had to cover again. Nice color yae!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Review: Elf Nail Polish Remover Pad

This is one of my new ELF purchase below, back to topic this nail remover pad. It comes in Fresh Citrus Scent, which in my opinin, it smell quite unpleasant to me during the polish removing process, maybe due to the chemical reaction between my polish and the pad. Quite like it minus off the scent as i only use 2 pad to remove all 10 fingers polish. And the material does not tear easily during the process. Conclusion, its still worth the money considering that a kit has 18 pads which i can use for 9 sessions.
By the way, the polish it successfully removed are OPI start to finish + Orly Country Khakis + Seche Top Coat.
This is my 1st ELF purchase, not sure what to buy and ends up with their eyeliner, cuticle pen, nail remover pad, eye makeup remover & translucent powder. Will sample them in later date & post review accordingly yae!

a not so dull nail color after all

After receiving advice from akisa's comments, i decide to try out some simple nail arts to spice up my nails, without any tools of course. The base is my current nail color, Orly Country Khakis, the design by OPI Alpine Snow. Do give me comments on how i can do better...

flower petal design by dapping the brush tip on my nails. (personally like this one)

Original version:
French tip, Strip across, another kind of tip

With Silver lining version:
French tip, Strip across, another kind of tip (can't remember)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Peek on my Polish Purchase

A sneak peek on my purchase which arrive yesterday, Yippee. I bought 5 light color range lacquer from 5 different brands (*only realise when taking this pic*), Ooolala by colorclub, this was swatch previously by Scrangie which caught my eyes on, hope it looks good on asian skin. I specially placed order for this fair shade range in search for a suitable color for everyday wear, especially to work, as i realise that sometimes the shade simply look so nice on someone, and yet does not have the same effect on me...

(from left to right)
Ooolala from Colorclub, OPI Mod abt u, Orly Tennis anyone , China Glaze Blushing, creative Strawberry Daffodil

I'll be doing a swatch this thursday as my nail color still intact & i luv the Orly Country Khaki, so gonna let it stay on my nails for 2 more days...

Love to hear from you on what other colors/brands you would like me to swatch on...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bad start on a blue monday + Great finding to new shopping haven!

I started my day by missing the alarm alert & woke up late! And what's next, i missed the bus and it dragged me for another 20 mins, gosh what a bad start on a bluey monday. What to do, just have to keep myself busy to earn back the time i lost for the late start, hopefully that will please my boss...

During lunch hour, i log in as usual to view all the blog that i followed, guess that, Jamilla is gonna do EOTD on SUQQU, really looking forward to tomorrow. I found out that SUQQU had footprints in Bangkok, yup bangkok & UK... why they miss Singapore, Taiwan & HK... Anyway, my brother was so concidentially there so i sent him my order for 1 palette yup 1 only as its really expensive costing approx SGD100+ for 1 palette but its worth the price base on the review done by Fuzkittie & Jamilla. So excited, *pray hard* that he really get that for me!

Another findings which i got while browsing, Nic had this posting today which make me discover another shopping haven.. VoCE's Top rated cosmetics + Lunasol The price are soooo reasonable... I already set my eyes on HR mascara which top their list, the gold packaging one & the wild leopard design... *drooling* And not to forget some of their local famous brand, holding on to my order until my bro is back this wknd coz the site have SUQQU too... Great news is that they ship internationally, so what are you waiting for bookmark their site like i do...

Last thing which brighten up my day was, my 5 polishes from 8ty8beauty spree arrived, Yippee! I ordered Ooolala from Colorclub, OPI Mod abt u, China Glaze Blushing, Orly Tennis anyone & creative strawberry Daffodil... Erm... still have somemore work to finish up so PIcs tmr...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Orly Country Khaki

Here's my nail swatch on Orly Country Khaki, its a color i really luv better than Tickle my France love. As this is more to gray shade, a mix of brown & gray... Kind of gloomy shade which like the weather here... Formula easy to apply, 2 coat and i'm done.

Pic taken with Sunlight...

Pic taken under room light..

Purchase from New Friend...

I was not able to upload this yesterday as network was down at my side...
Oh, i bought a mascara & lipstick from Summer, she is such a luvable person, taking time to deliver to my letterbox by hand, the funniest part is that i was pasting by when she was try to find ways to insert the package to my little pathetic lettebox opening... See what she included in the package so swweet of her...

2 ribbons pins (my gals got their eyes on them when i open the pack so it goes to them..)
2 flower ring, (i luv it very much, the black one resemble anna sui collection and the white one is sooo nice!)
A cute note from her & my purchase yae!
Not to forget to mention the cute colorful envelope she designed for the pack...

My 2 vain little gals, posing with the ribbon pin from Summer!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Review: BeautyMaker Aqua Eye Concealer

I'm going to do review on my holy grail item list, 1st to start is the Aqua Eye Concealer. I love the cute little black compact case w/ mirror. Easy to carry around with and good coverage. Pictures can speak a thousands words therefore heres the pics.

The packaging is in classy black paper box. By the way, i'm using shade #1, fair yea, my whitening project succeed!

Directions & ingredients used for this compact.

Here's how it looks inside with a mirror, great for touch up.

Shade testing on my hand, close up view



tested on my eyes, sorry lousy lighting.



this concealer is a multi-tasker, i use this to cover off my blemish marks.
A bit unfair as the after pic was done with lighting from the nature...

Blue Monday with Blue polish..

It had been a rather lazy weekend for me & my gals, we practically lie in bed watching TV for the whole weekend i should say. Instead of the usual moving about the little island... By the way, I only access internet during working days as i wanted to spend the most of my time with my 2 little darlings therefore heres the post of my essie polish swatch which i done yesterday despite being a couch potato the whole day, i manage to get out of bed and do something to my fading nail colors, i choose essie saag harbour, hoping to chase away the bluess. I like the bottle small & simple and this is my 1st essie polish, the formula is watery like MISA but the color is terrific, just one coat & you are done... luv it kudos to Essie...

Friday, July 17, 2009

My 1st The Face Shop Shopping & Polish Swatch PK101

I had never bought anything from The Face Shop even though hearing lotsa raves about their BB cream, masks etc. Today, i finally step in for the 1st time since its the GSS, they are having a storewide 20% discount so why not...

The beauty consultant told me that all their products are made from 100% natural ingredients so its good for skin, sounds good to use something so naturally extract. I started off with the mask, i pick 3 which is the

Vita E mask Sheet, with skin plumping Milk & Egg extracts
Vita C Mask Sheet, with skin tone brightening Raspberry & Strawberry EXtracts
Vita K Mask Sheet, with detoxifying Seaweed extracts.

I had enough orders of makeup for this month so can't help to set my eyes on the polishes that they have, i got 3 all pinkish light colors... love having pink on my fingers.

pk101 - orangey pink SGD7.90
pp401 - pale pink shimmer SGD7.90
Pp401 - pale pink sheer SGD2.90(yes the codes are the same despite different range and the price difference are far apart.

Here's the swatch pic for TheFaceShop PK101, its orangey pink with shimmer. I personally do not like their polish as during the application the brush was stiff as if I'm applying with a cotton bud like item. Not absorbing the polish at all, hard to smooth out the polish on my nails. And after the application, before the top coat the polish surface is rough due to the unfine shimmers they use, still prefers bourjois polish shimmers as its finer. After i apply my favorite seche top coat, the top coat seems to be filling up the rough gaps cause by the uneven shimmer therefore the final surface top is different than i expect. Suppose to be smooth & rubbery texture but its coarse texture.

Will swatch on the other 2 shortly, stay tune for more updated post.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

REVIEW: Biore Pore Pack (Warning: pic has gross contents)

I admit that i have problem skin, lotsa blackheads & whiteheads. Had tried a lot of so-called effective remedy but still on lookout for more... Recently, i had tried St Clare treatment set, its effective for whiteheads but nothing works the best for me on my blackheads than Biore Pore Pack. Its really strong in pulling out them from root... I personally feels that it works better if you were to apply St Clare step 1, sebum softener which kind of heats up the skin expand the pore for Biore to get to work. Now they comes in Peach Flavor, it really smells of sweet peaches.. And they works!

I must say the Japanese are really good in packaging, not only nice on the outside..

Instructions on how to use.

How it works.

Here's the Peach VS Original version

Don't doubt, this belongs to me. Biore Pore Pack, never fail on me.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Orly Je T'aime Manicure

Finally, i done my manicure and cut them real short for this time round as my eyes couldnt take it when i'm removing my contact lenses. A break from MISA, i'm applying Orly french manicure series, its creme but watery like MISA. It takes me 3 coats to achieve this pink, its not as pinky & bright as the other MISA Camellia Destiny that i swatch on previously. Still look great anyway...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BeautySwatch Giveaway Competition ends 17 July

BeautySwatch is having its 1st giveaway yea... All prizes are handpicked specially for this Giveaway.

Its my 1st time taking part such contest, hope i'll win ...
Here's my entry:

Sorry hard to capture smiling lip, should have apply a thicker layer as its shimmers are better than the pic i taken.

My lips in BeautyMaker lipgloss in coconut shade & it really taste like coconut, simply luv it

Stila "It Gloss" Lip Shimmer - #15 Gorgeous

MAC Lipglass "Fafi" - Cult Fave

MOR Green Tea Lip Delight (Lip balm in a tin)

Australian Brand (I love this packaging!)

e Aromatherapy Company - Cocoa & Vanilla Hand & Nail Cream
New Zealand Brand
(This is so hydrating and smells sooooo good,
I almost bought one for myself!)

Competition Conditions

1. You must have a blog account & be a follower of BeautySwatch

2. Create a post on your blog & do three things:

  • Upload the competition poster on your blog post & link it to this post

  • Upload a photo of your lips wearing your favourite lipstick or lipgloss and specify the details / shade number of the lipstick or gloss.

  • Leave a comment on this post with a link to your entry

3. Competition ends Friday 17 July 2009 at midnight GMT+10:00 (Melbourne time)

4. Four winners will be randomly selected for the four prizes below.

Comments not relating to the competition will be removed from this post!

(Click to view enlarged image)

Quick submit your entry to take part in this contest via

Friday, July 10, 2009

3 hours old Bourjois Haul

My 3 hours old haul from OG, was attracted by the packaging. Can't wait to open them therefore here's the post. Look at the blossomy looking compact powder, mini polish and the mini mousse blush they have. Now the store is having 20% discount for the items so i got them at a steal i would say....

The color is 72 Sable Rose, nice name and the beauty consultant mentioned that its beige & hint of pink which is for radiant look.

It comes with a flat sponge for application. The sponge is really thin & light, could be easily wash & dry type.

This is the mini mousse blush, i'm a blush lover so another addition for my collection yea.
As you know its kinda hard to finish a single blush, so the size might be right for me.
Its color no.8 for rosy pink, see pic below for the color, true to casing, according to the beauty consultant.

Another mini polish from them yea, it looks more pinkish that the one i swatch previously. Hope that it will turns out pink or i'll be disappointed as the bottle color is really nice.

Bourjois no.15 Vernis a ongles

Above: 3 coats application, see pic 3 for the shimmers effect...

I saw this on the departmental counter the other day and I couldn't stop from buying it, the packaging is do sweet and mini. Great size for doing swatches, as you never know when is the next time you be using that polish after the swatch. I'm starting to face the problem of storage, but I only have like only twenty odd, can you imagine those polish bloggers.

Due to the size, the brush stem of the brush shrink, the application process was quite a tough one, when I was applying I wasn't able to see my nail as the brush is short so it leave no space for me even to peek on my nails. Each nail required 2 dips of polish to complete.

I would say it's really very shimmery, bourjois are really generous with the shimmer ingredient which make the effect so even. I thought I would get a baby pink color, but it turns out kinda milky white shimmer instead anyway it's nice too another kind of beauty I would say. You do not have to worry about uneven application as the shimmery effect conceal all these flaws, sounds great isn't it. I think I would grab somemore to swatch on yea.


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