Thursday, October 25, 2012

In Love with Seoul

I'm back from my well-deserved holiday after doing months and months of research about this vibrant city! Ever since the invasion of K-pop & K-drama, I had make plan to visit Korea one day! But the plan usually falls through due to weather (kids can't go when its freezing cold or crazy hot), language barrier (how to place order for food or even take transport?), feedback given by friends who dislike korea culture in the first place (i wonder why they choose to go then "O_o) etc

this time round, we (mum, sis & i) decided to choose korea over taiwan for our once a year ladies getaway! Its proved to be an awesome choice after all! NICE!

Firstly, we carefully select on the dates (oops, actually i missed checking out as we happened to chance upon their Chuseok aka thanksgiving day and its also Mid-Autumn_Festival. Interesting to know that we share a same celebration date as the koreans. Happen to be there on this day is a good and bad choice which i will share later.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Update! Back from Holiday

Hi all,

it had been such an awful long time, since I last blogged. I had been away for 2 weeks for my well-deserved holiday to korea & taipei! Since its a free & easy trip, I went thru countless travel guides and travel blogs trying to make sure I will be able to survive & minimize the chance of getting lost. Well, I succeed but its definitely at the expense of my long research time.

I'll be posting more on my trip shortly.

Thank you for reading!


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