Wednesday, December 8, 2010

HK Price List: Beauty

I love shopping and of course the fun of comparing the best deal i could get via online. So i'm gonna start building up on this list!


Bobbi Brown

  • Corrector HKD330
  • Creamy Concealer Kit HKD330
  • Crack Nail polish HKD70
    • Long Mascara HKD128
    • Pencil Eyeliner HKD69
    • Liquid Eyeliner HKD95

    • Coco Shine Lipstick HKD245
    • Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner HKD195 (Town)/HKD180 (HK Airport)
    • Nail Polish HKD78
    • Eye Palette HKD118
    • Sun Protector SPF30PA+++ 清爽水凝防曬日霜 30ml HKD300 (new)
    • Super Sun Block SPF30PA+++ 高效多防抗曬乳液 50ml HKD230
    • VIVA Glam Gaga lipglass HKD135
    • Blush HKD240
    • Skin Smoothing Face Prep 瞬間亮顏飾底霜 HKD290
    • Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base 持久明彩飾底筆 HKD240
    • Makeup Primer with SPF base 防曬妝前乳 化妝底霜 HKD330/50ml
    • Sheer Glow Foundation 光感潤澤粉底液 HKD400
    • Aqua Gel Hydrator 水份面膜 HKD720/100ml
    • Multiple Tint HKD320 (Beverly (火艷鮮紅)、Tursk & Caicos (果漾鮮橙)和Cadaques (嬌俏桃紅))
    Shu Uemura
    • UV Under Base Mousse SPF30PA+++ in beige (Sakura) 妝前泡沬底霜SPF 30 PA+++櫻花 ~ 自然杏色 <限量版>HKD300
    • UV Under Base Mousse SPF30PA+++ in pink (Sakura) 妝前泡沬底霜SPF 30 PA+++ ~ 粉紅 Pink <限量版> HKD300
    • 櫻花粉盒 <限量版>(粉餅需另行選購) HK$100
    • 多效BB 泡沫底霜 (中杏色) BB Beige<限量版> HK$330
    • 櫻花粉盒 <限量版>(粉餅需另行選購) HK$100
    • Eyelash curler duo HKD180 (at airport)

    Sunday, December 5, 2010

    Review: @Nature Lily & Jasmine Hydra-Enriched Cleansing Oil

    I'm so sorry for missing in action for a while, as my tweet doesnt get thru via my iphone. And my recent increase of Overtime kept me away from checking my mails and blogging. I'm finally back with some reviews pending to post up.

    Here's the 1st one for my return! I love using cleansing oil, its a essential item that i must have in my routine. Many of you know that i love putting on makeup, in fact its a MUST of me to put on makeup before leaving the house. Therefore, i'm always in search of effective cleansing oil.

    I got this one from my gf in taiwan. Its a taiwanese brand: @Nature. A skincare brand created by a skincare guru (Niu-er) I choose to try its Lily & Jasmine range for this time round. Lily & Jasmine range is targetted for dry & premature skin.

    The pump packed separately with the bottle.

    Its a yellow, transparent liquid state cleansing oil. (not to thick or too watery)

    they took extra measure to ensure that the bottle wouldn't leak

    details of product in english
    (not many of these taiwanese product would include english details)

    For those who understand Chinese.

    This is extracted from its brochure attached.

    Packaging: 120ml @ NT220
    My Review:
    I like how thoughtful the packaging is done. The scent of the cleansing oil is simply remind me of my favorite green tea but its kind of strong. So its not suitable for those who can't stand the scent. Its cleansing power, i would rate as average as it takes some time to remove my waterproof mascara and waterproof eyebrow liner. As for my eye & cheek makeup, they were remove quite thoroughly. One thing, i like about this cleansing oil is that it doesn't leave a very oily feeling on my skin after use. I would consider getting their other product as i read up that lily & jasmine are good for anti-aging too.

    Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    Review: Mentholatum Medicated Anti-Acne BB Cream SPF20

    This was part of my makeup buys from my bestie from taiwan! Skincare for this brand are sold islandwide but sadly not this bb cream. I have combination, acne prone skin which is why i have been longing for it to launch here but till date its still not available.

    Introduction of this brand: Its a Japanese brand that had been established for very long time, they started from producing ointment and further venture into medicated skincare, patches, eye drops etc

    This medicated anti-acne range is gaining popularity in Asia recently, that got me curious about it.

    Its signature color code is white & green, very simple packaging.

    Sorry, as it was purchased in Taiwan all details are in Chinese.
    Basically it means that this cream has 7 functions:
    Even out skin tone, Conceal, Anti-Acne (as it contains Isopropyl Methlphenol), Smoothing Skin, Contain SPF, Moisturize, Skin Repair.

    Directions on how to use in Chinese

    Ingredient List in English (finally), this product has a shelf life of 3 years

    Its a flat, short tube.


    Here's my bare skin after applying the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base

    My skin looks less shine, and its more evenly tone out.

    My Skin after applying base + BB cream + SKII Facial Treatment Advanced Protect Loose Powder

    My Review:
    I like its lightweight texture that can be smooth out evenly effortless and yet manage to conceal a bit. The coverage was quite mild but i applied concealer on areas that is require so this wasnt bothering me. The finish was between matte & silky but definitely not glowing and not very matte. I tested it twice,

    Humid sunny day (full day, outdoor)
    After hours of wear, my skin wasn't really shining a lot as compare to some mild formulated ones. So the oil control was still acceptable, touch up was quite minimal probably because i finish my look with K-Palette Teka Powder (this is good stuff for oil control), no negative reaction towards this bb cream despite the warm weather. Skin looks perfect & flawless after end of day which is what i love about bb cream, they melt in like my skin.

    Chilled Air-Conditioned Office environment (full day, indoor)
    I was quite wary of wearing this bb cream as my office is really chilling cold which i think i would have no problem to breed penguins here and its also really dry. The temp is so drastic different as compare to the outdoor.I have the problems of makeup wearing off and turn blotchy after few hours or skin almost drying up... This bb cream does moisturize my skin somehow, as my skin did not feel dry and makeup still look in place till end of day. But only then, i realize the coverage is not really enough for me hahah

    My Mum is back from HongKong, know what it means... more makeups....

    Monday, November 22, 2010


    Hi All,

    Its time for me to de-stash, all items below are in good condition!

    Payment thru paypal only!
    Items will be mailed within 3 working days

    Flat International Shipping - USD5.00 (USD1.00 for each additional item)
    Flat Local Local Shipping - USD3.00

    Email me at: for more info

    BeautyMaker Peach Compact Blush, used 5x - USD8.00 (almost new condition)

    Benefit full finish lipstick in Lady's Choice, used x2 USD8.00

    Etude House Collagen Moistfull compact powder used a few times - USD10.00

    Etude house blush in #5, #3 swatched once USD5.00
    BN Etude House Blush in #4 USD6.00

    Etude House Collagen moistfull essence in foundation spf22/pa, used 2x USD10.00

    Etude House Dream on Foundation, used 2x, USD10.00

    Etude House Collagen Moistfull essence in base spf22/pa, used 2x USD10.00

    Majolica Majorca Splash cream eyeshadow PK705 swatched once USD4.00
    MAjolica Majorca Splash cream eyeshadow GR732 swatched once USD4.00

    CK Infinite Matte oil-free foundation in 213 porcelain matte used 1x USD15.00
    Lancome Sensual Vibrant Lipshine in seashell used 3x USD10.00

    KATE covering concealer for pores 75% left w/ box USD4.00
    Canmake Nudy Glow LIp gloss in 02 strawberry whip 80% left USD5.00

    Review: L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base

    Recently, i had been very into base makeup be it pore concealer, makeup base, loose powder, bb cream or even foundation. I had purchased quite a lot recently!

    After watching Fuz's video sometime back, i started to get curious about L'Oreal Studio Secret range of products so , Evie tweet about her drugstore shopping so i asked to tag along... and this is one of the item i got.

    L"Oreal Studio Secrets Secret No. 1 Magic Perfecting Base

    It comes in a glass pot, product looks pinkish in packaging.

    The introduction is what exactly i need!

    Its recommended to apply in circular motion so as to conceal fine liner & pore more evenly.

    Its a creamy base that turn colorless after application

    See the difference on before & after? Its give a semi mattifying finish and does fill in those lines i have on my hands.

    Sorry for the poor lighting, but at least you can see my open pores clearly.

    how my skin looks like after application, its does conceal my pores but some are still seen.

    Price: USD12.99, 15ml/0.5oz, available on
    My Review:
    I'm quite loving this makeup base as it work pretty well on combination skin that can turns rather oily on the humid & warm weather here. I read reviews on MakeupAlley that dry skin type might not fancy this products, so i greatly recommend to Oily/Combination Skin Type. The texture is creamy to apply on skin in circular motion smoothly and has a semi matte finish which allows my loose powder to cling on evenly. This product got me kinda hooked and i'm using it on daily basis, maybe i need to get a backup soon unless i'm gonna venture to another product after this. My pores weren't clog like how some pore concealing products would do to my skin. So far, i'm quite happy with this but definitely not stopping me in finding my HG base!

    Tuesday, November 16, 2010

    Review: Ichikami Shampoo & Conditioner

    I was contacted by HuiShi from Eternity Inter-Trade Singapore to review some of their newly imported brands like Ichikami, Naive and Karcie. These are the goodies that was sent to me for review.

    The package included the current promotion printout of the product.

    And also printout of the product introduction. Its kinda interesting to know how the name of the product comes from, it means hair comes first, appearance comes second. As the ancient Japanese believed that beautiful hair represent who they are. Since i cant do much about my look as compare to those cute Japanese gals, i decided to do an extra more for my hair :P

    Additional introduction on their other related ichikami product, serum, essence and gel essence.

    Today, i'm posting review on their shampoo & conditioner. Shampoo is in white bottle and Conditioner is in black tube.

    The English translation of their Shampoo product details, ingredient & other details.

    Its a flip top open cap bottle for easy opening.

    The English translation of the conditioner content, manufactured date is mentioned too.

    The conditioner comes in a flip bottom open cap which has a flat surface so you can let it stand upright to ensure smooth flow.

    This is how the shampoo is like, texture is like any other shampoo out in the market but the scent is totally unique. flora or fruity?

    The shampoo lather really smooth and well with some water and the bubbles is really dense as compare to other shampoo i used so far.

    The conditioner!
    My Review:
    This range of shampoo & conditioner by Ichikami is uniquely scented which i never come across so far, i'm stuck between floral & fruity but based on the description its sakura scent. I put this set of product on 3 days of test before coming down to the verdict of liking it.
    Starting from the shampoo, its kinda amazed me with its bubble densing power. On day 1, I used the amount as i would on other shampoo and got so much more bubbles than i expected and the bubbles were really fine (not the kind that you would get from bubble bath) but similar to JuJu Aquamoist Moisturizing Washing Foam (tube).
    As for the conditioner, i didn't have the WOW impression after use as my hair didn't feel silky smooth as compare to use of conditioner from other brands. But then , the printout of this product reminded me that some of the conditioner that i used in the past (those which left the wow impression ones) might contains silicon which will might results in hair fall due to prolong usage.
    After 3 days of use, i'm liking this shampoo & conditioner set as a little goes a long way (i didn't know this theory could be apply to shampoo), right now i'm using half of my usual amount of shampoo on this one which is cost saving to me in a way. I like how the scent linger in between my hair which is rather lasting. My hair did feel smooth after days of using, especially i'm the kind who washes my hair before hitting bed so blow dry them thoroughly is a standard routine thats unavoidable. By having such habit, i could hardly praise any shampoo that i used so far except Pantene Clinicare & THIS! Hair fall seems lesser not sure if its due to this shampoo or the change of weather... (rainy season is coming)

    I went to Watson just yesterday, so i went to stalk for their range and took this pic back!

    Prices for their product:
    Ichikami Shampoo 200ml - SGD7.90
    Ichikami Shampoo Jumbo 550ml - SGD16.90
    Ichikami Conditioner 200 - SGD7.90
    Ichikami Conditioner Jumbo 550ml - SGD16.90
    Ichikami Hair Treatment 200g - SGD12.90
    Ichikami Hair Mask 180g - SGD14.90
    Ichikami Treatment Essence - SGD14.90
    Ichikami Hair Treatment Gel Essence - SGD10.80
    Ichikami Hair Treatment Premium Serum - SGD14.90
    All exclusively available at Watsons islandwide.... I would recommend you to give it a try :D

    K-Palette Share the Love FaceBook contest! OPEN INTERNATIONALLY!

    Hi all,

    so sorry for being missing for a while... family life just got over me, as my parent are out of town i had to take leave to care for the kids so my life was suddenly overwhelm with domestic chores...

    I'm finally connected! so here's the 1st post to perk everyone!

    Received a mail from Sharon ( that they are holding a contest for K-Palette. Which is to share the Love on Facebook, simply upload your favorite X'mas photo to win their special X'mas Hamper worth S$150.

    Contest Period: 15 Nov 2010 to 13 December 2010

    Rules for the contest as per above pic (click to enlarge):

    Just a recap of their signature product: (which are my favs)
    1. K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner
    2.K Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner 01 Natural Brown

    My latest fav is their oil control teka powder which is pending for review post soon.

    Join in their contest, i'll be submitting my entry soon!


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