Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mascara Review 9: Majolica Majorca Lash Expander

Dear all,
Thanks for ur concern, i'm recovering in good pace.. hopefully by tmr as wknd is approaching i dun wana spend my time sick. Back to review time, i'm reviewing this Majolica Majorca Lash Expander mascara which is similar to the Jill Stuart Extra Curl mascara i'm luving. Basically both mascaras works using the same kind comb brush design. And results are quite comparable but Jill Stuart one is easier for removing even though still consider difficult compare to other mascaras.

comb like design mascara

naked lash 1
naked lash 2

lash with 2 coat of majolica majorca mascara

No clumps but not recommended for too many coats or it would be too thick unless you want dramatic look.

they do curl and hold on them properly and rather lasting.
They are rub proof, waterproof and long lasting.
Their price are quite reasonable compare to the pricey Jill Stuart so if you are a beginner, try majolica majorca as their packaging are really pretty.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blush Review 1: Jill Stuart Blush 01 Baby Blush

Hi all,

I'm alright still alive and kicking. Just fell sick recently, from gastric flu, menses cramp till running nose... Bad things just comes together! This is quite a overdue post actually meant to be post last wk but i was down, thus the posting now.

i fell in love with Jill Stuart product, the scent and packaging got me hooked! I'm reviewing the mixed blush compact that i got from HK previously. i got it in shade 1 baby blush, with really soft pink and coral.

i'm using 1 + 4 for my cheek today. It gives a light pinkish + radiant coral mix.

They look pigment on skin. And make my cheek so radiant looking!

side view w/ sunlight

side view w/ room light

i really like this blush a lot, thinking of getting more of them or collect them all haha...

Whats your fav blush that you love or looking forward to own.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Review & EOTD: Intergate e/s BR780

This eyeshadow was my 1st intergate e/s palette from my dearest friend who work in Taiwan but she shutter somehow frequent between singapore and taiwan and never fail to give ma surprises... i only told her that i heard of this range and she got like not 1 or 2 but 3 lovely palette for me yae! I tested on BR780 today.

i love how this palette was packaged, straight forward instruction for beginner like to on how exactly to do up my eyes.

closer look on the shades, the texture is finer than majolica palette which i really like and long lasting for the matte liner.

pearly champagne, bronze brown, matte dark brown, pearly white

  1. pearly champagne to apply all over lid
  2. bronze brown on crease
  3. matte brown as liner on lash line and half of lower lash line
  4. pearly white half of lower lash line
  5. MUFE eyeliner on inner eyeliner

here's the overview of my lash done.

I'm in the midst of preparing my giveaway, any ideas on what items should i be including??

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mascara Review 8: Imju Fiberwig

I nearly gave up on this and it does give me a surprise, i got this as i saw the before and after pic on eki lashes. Seems to work really amazingly and amy support this statement as well so i thought why not just try.

Day 1, i tried this mascara as usual the formula seems a bit more watery compare to many others. Yes, i do see fibres but don't feel that they land on my lash so as i was in quite a rush on that day, i declare this mascara as a failure.

Day 2: i woke up exceptionally early for the day so i have all the time in the world to prepare myself so i decided to revisit this mascara before dumping for blog sale and i was amazed. This mascara is more like a slow performer compare to the rest i have. you really have to take time to apply layer by layer guess thats why the fibres would not stick onto my lash as i layer them when they are still wet.

Enough of my review, see pics below

the brush is a bit thick thus staining my lid

long lashes...
it does hold my lashes up in curl
after a day work, before removing makeup i decided to layer my lash with this mascara as it works by layering the fibres. So heres my findings:

i'm luving the result i got by adding additional 2 layers on top.
But, i'm a multi task mum who has to do a lot of stuffs earl in the morning like preparing my kids for school and myself for work so unless i have tons of time this would be my HG.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Review: Jill Stuart Eye Jelly color 02 & 03

i decided to review on my Jill Stuart eye jelly.. they are really fantastic eye base and really shimmers and last me throughout the day. Even though their stuffs are pricey but this is the most worthy buys among all their product in terms of usage. I estimate this eye jelly could probably last me for a year, easily pair with any eye shadow theme you have.

they comes in pretty pink box like gifts, each weighing 6g (content)
I got them in shade 02 gold light & shade 03 platinium satin

the cap is so jewel looking

side view of the little tub, its made of glass btw
TADA! gold light & platinium satin

closeup on gold light

closeup on platinium satin
swatch on paper as the shade are really light so in case you can't see the color clearly on my hands
its really easy to apply them simply dab your finger in the pot and the jelly will stick onto your fingers and apply onto your eyelid and you are done. I have a friend who got the eye jelly in the pinklish shade, she just put it on and dun even bother to put on e/s anymore haha...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Majolica Majorca Comparison TW vs SG

Decided to do a post on this to show you gals the difference in the product from TW and SG. Actually there is no difference except the product information.

(left TW, right SG)
this is the latest cheek highlighter from them. I happen to have both TW & SG version.

The back of the product is different as the tw version has detailed chinese explanation of the product but the SG version only have a miserable tag on the ingredient.

closeup on the TW version, it even has pic to tell you how to pull out the highlighter, instructions on how to use, expiry date in bold, ingredient list

SG version is only ingredient, despite having the pic too but instructions all in Japanese language.

as for the price most item are cheaper by 30% in taiwan than its selling in SG.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Overloaded Love from Amy!

Amy and i were having this swap thing, it started off when i offered to get her Jill Stuart stuffs as i'm heading Hk previously. And i would really love to get some stuffs from US, most of the brand are like aliens to me but i just want to try something new. Its always like that, amy wants to try brands i can access easily. So heres what i got!

Illamasqua powder blush in Lover (vibrant apricot)
Kiehl lip balm
Smashbox Reign Blush
Smashbox Reign Eyeshadow
Perricone MD skin hydrator
Juicy Blemish gone to go
Too faced gloss brooch
Cargo Suede Blush
DiorShow Black Out Look - Catwalk Eye Makeup
Star Light, Star Bright Set
CK Infinite Matte Oil-Free Foundation
CK Ultimate Edge Gel Eyeliner
CK Fashion's New Face Signature Collection
Loreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara
Splashstash Waterproof Deluxe Sampler

And this is the overloadedddd LOVE i talked about!
(this is my kids' writing table btw)
The extras occupied almost 50% of the box. Its filled with all kinds of stuffs that i can't get hold in Singapore! The pack on the right bottom, its all filled with samples of different kind... i was like WOW! And everything in that pack i have yet try any... She is really such a sweetie, i'm gonna make sure i will do that for her in round 2! I already know and gotten some stuffs for her.
She specially got me a smashbox powder, its highly raved.. i will be doing review of each and every of the love above... This gal really makes my day! ok gonna get busy swatching and testing them!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nail Swatch: OPI Sweet Hearts + Alpine Snow French Manicure

It had been a long time since i last have my nails done in french manicure so i decided to do it last thursday during lunch hour. Which means i skip lunch for my nails. I went to the manicure salon near my office, the previous manicurist is no longer worker there as there was not even one familiar face. But since i already made appointment so i still go ahead of the session.

Everything was fine until before the cuticle removal, the manicurist that was serving me forgot to apply the cuticle removal liquid. So i just prompt her and ask "do you need to apply the cuticle removal liquid to my cuticle before soak?" she was like so sorry but that's not all.

My french manicure was in light pink since the color is lighter so its common sense to apply like 2-3 coats so at least i dun get to see my original nail. She applied 2 coats for each of my nails and i was not happy with the finish as i can see that its not a smooth application done. Uneven finish revealing my base on some areas. So i was like prompting her again "sorry, can you redo my nails like adding another coat since i can see the uneven finish" she add on another coat for random of my nails, i was like urghhh can't you do a recoat on all.

I requested for quick dry top coat instead of the usual and added additional SGD3 for just the coat. Guess what she coated my nails so thinly that and the tip was spared, which makes me not so happy about it. Anyway, i just need to get over this fast, as i'm spending more than 1 hour on this.
So as expected, my nails color starts chipping by day 2. Here's the pic i managed to take on day 2 after apply seche fast dry coat again on the night itself by myself.

w/ early sunlight
room light.
Any recommends on your best french manicure combination colors?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Majolica Majorca & Intergate Love from Taiwan & Lunasol purchase!

hope everyone had a great wknd like i did. I had a meetup with my gf from Taiwan, she is a singaporean working in taiwan. So she make frequent trips to and fro Singapore and taiwan. We had authentic thai food from Golden Mile (its like little Bangkok here) and i grabbed 3 thai CDs too, 2 from rock boyband Clash and 1 from a lady singer named Punch (it sounds like this). And we headed to Clarke Quay for some drinks at Cuba Libre. No pics on food and drinks as we were too occupied with catching up with each other.
She knows that i'm a cosmetics addict and i had been grumbling about the overpriced majolica and stuffs to her so here's what she got for me! Just for your information, Majolica majorca items are 30% less in taiwan than what SG is selling. I was so excited when she says she got something for me!
I received a total of 7 palettes, 3 from Majolica Majorca, 1 from KATE, 3 from Shiseido Intergate. Seems like these palettes will keep me occupied for some time... Not to forget the gloss she got for me, the honey lip essence and the new pink gloss. Some nail polish, blushes and an eyeliner.

So i'm adding these babies to my cosmetic collection. Last but not least, my blog sale items from Pricillia arrived... i only realise that she is a fellow singaporean after seeing sending her my orders... she is really sweet and fast in responding...
the box are almost brand new....

this is my 1st Lunasol palette, shade in 04 yellow variation & lunasol blush in coral.
really feel bad about having to shop abit too much so most of my post recently are all about haul and not much about how i use them. So my goal for this month, i'm gonna upload some new swatches and reviews... and i'm in the midst of getting my giveaway ready so stay tuned!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mascara Review 7: Jill Stuart Mascara


Its time to review something from my Jill Stuart haul which some of the gals are curious about. Just to let you know that this mascara was not on my list when i was doing shopping but when i saw it, i was like i want it. As the SA who was serving was wearing it and she did her lashes so well that for a moment i thought it was fake lashes but she told me her long lashes are created by using this mascara so how can i reject buying it. The packaging was so bling, jewel on the cap and it certainly makes me feel like a princess with its fruity scent, yea you did not see wrong this mascara smells fruity... In fact all their stuffs smell fruity and the jewel packaging which makes you feel rather pamper at times.

This mascara has a comb like brush like what majolica majorca mascara brush looks like.

naked lashes
can you tell how happy i was with the lengthening effect this mascara had done to my lashes.
the formula is slightly thicker than majolica majorca so two coat seems like the max. But i did some touch-up for the lash tip to somehow extend them.
they certainly keep my lashes curl up all day. The removing part is similarly difficult as majolica majorca ones. But the lengthening part amazed me.
Have i tempt you not enough on Jill Stuart??


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