Monday, May 24, 2010

Nail Swatch: Essie Spring Collection: Essie Van D’go

How's your monday? Mine wasn't blue as i'm still on my one week break. Currently, i'm carrying out the space clearing project. I'm really in need of space to make room for my new hauls and my other stuffs. So after writing these, i'll be back to work clearing my stuffs. Stay tune for my blogsale!

Back to topic! I did my nails during the wknd and love it very much. Its a very nice color from Essie Spring Collection! Very Spring indeed. The site says this color resemble deliciously ripe melon, i would say sort of.

I tried my luck with the sun but this is the best i got! its a color that tells me its spring as Singapore is a land of one season that is summer. But this shade would be nice for summer too as i can imagine those juicy melon...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My SkinCare Routine got ZA-ed!

Recently, I'm in search in some whitening products, all thanks to the rising heat here in Singapore. With Temperature rising as high as 34 degrees at anytime. My skin gave me signs that i'm getting dark by looking not so good with my usual foundation. My shade is NC15/fair but my skin is now in between NC15-NC20 or maybe darker on some areas of my face.

I was shopping at watsons (local drugstore) for the on sale Majolica Majorca Cream e/s while i'm browsing the very friendly SA from shiseido point to me which are the best buys from the MM sale. At the same time, she was promoting the ZA Cosmetics range to me. Thinking that ZA is actually a brain child of the parent shiseido, they might be sharing some kind of patent technology together, esp the raving hot shiseido lucent range for whitening. The only different might be the price, ZA range is sooo affordable, very drugstore.

info about this brand can be found here: ZA Cosmetics

Here's what i grabbed with their 30% discounts + promotions for selected items @ 3 for SGD30.
I got the items from their ZA True White Range

their newly launched whitening toner + the old version whitening toner, day moisturiser w/spf26, concealer & pore smoother

The difference of the new 150ml VS old 125ml version.

love this day moisturizer, very lightweight!

since there is promotion, so i just pick these up as well, review coming soon!

i'm currently using this toner, which is the old version. 125ml compare to the new which is 150ml. Its in a heavy white glass bottle, seems like most toner are pack in glass bottle.

this toner is says to contain high level of vit C that can help to diminish dark spots & acne scars which is exactly what i need.

Its a clear liquid that is similar like water. So you can imagine how good my skin is feeling after applying it. It has their signature scent which i can't explain but its mild..

This is currently my fav day moisturizer! weighing 35g. All thanks to the Shiseido SA who highly recommended to me. This was the 1st item she tried to get me to try, its absorb really fast into my skin, feeling grease free. (she tested on the back of my hand) which is why i bought 2 in case of backup!

Since i want to be fairer, spf is a must. This moisturizer contains SPF26 that is sufficient to last me as i don't expose to the sun too much unless i need to run errands.

personally like the narrow squeeze tube opening.

Here's the closeup on my palm.

overall review:

I had been using this two product, in fact i insert them replacing my current (smashbox toner hit pan & Skyn Iceland The ANTIDOTE Quenching Daily Lotion for night use) So far, my skin shows no bad reaction towards them. Not sure if i'm starting to get fairer after using it but at least my current foundation looks still ok on me. So much better than weeks back. I would be going back to explore more of the range as they cost a fraction of what some high-end brands are offering. One more thing, they do not test the items on animals so its cruelty free product. Heard that their dark circle mask are quite effective, maybe i'll pick it up on my next shopping trip!

Many things happened for the past few days, i mean shopping trips.. will do a summary of what exactly i got recently!

Disclaimer: All items above are purchased by me. I do not accept paid review.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Review: Kiehl's Lip Balm #1

hi everyone!

I'm officially off work and will be off till 31 May and start my new career on 1 June. So i will definitely try to post more before i get started working.

today, i want to review on a Kiehl's lip balm that i'm currently using. I'm someone who can't live without one. My lips will feel kinda raw & naked without them, this makes me a heavy user. Normally one lip balm would last me for about 1-3 months depends on the type & capacity
.Kiehl's Lip Balm is also a highly raved lip balm which i was excited to try out. It comes in a simple white squeeze tube.
the ingredients & necessary info are imprinted on the tube itself unlike others which is indicated on boxes or instructions manual..

I was surprised to see the opening to be like that so different. You have to apply this using your fingers.

Its a clear transparent gel like liquid.

i tried my best to swatch it on my lips.

my review:
This lip balm look like any other in the market, but the makers behind this wonderful product are really into little details. Like the imprint of ingredients as often after using the product for some time, and wanted to do a post or refer many would have problem locating the boxes. When squeeze out the balm was very gel like and as soon its got into contact with my lip its turns very liquid state so i feel like the balm kinda seep into my lips. I would say this is a fast & effective solution for dry lips, at least for me. I love this balm even more especially when i apply gloss or lipstick on top and don't sense any dryness. One thing, i don't like is the scent which is quite mild, i think their flavored one might win my love back again. As i know some original lip balm taste/smell even more terrible. This is also my 1st lip balm that contain SPF, i'm starting to get concern about spf in product after reading post from Akisa that even the hand cream she uses contain SPF too.

i would re-purchase for its effectiveness! what about you?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Winners - 3rd round of K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner + Surprise Gift Pack Giveaway

Its time to annnounce the winners for the last round!

The winners of the last draw of K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner + Surprise Gift Pack Giveaway!

adin_22 (陳亞任) & Sheila

I will be contacting the above via your Fb account!

Only one last shopping trip and all stuffs will be ready to mail... YEAH!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Nail Swatch: Colorclub High Society

Hello monday!

I'm on my last 3 days at work, getting all ready for a short break! Had my nails done yesterday to chase away monday blues! Its part of my recent polish stash..

here's what i have:

what a name...

its a pretty grey color that i have been wanting to wear. Colorclub actually produce pretty good formula just they dry rather fast as while applying the formula starts to thicken on the bottle neck when i'm not even done with the 1st coat.. so be careful!

you can imagine how i got thru the 2nd coat...

Does it reminds you of sephora metro chic, but its a totally different shade. Its more grey if you were to compare them together. Whereas metro chic has much more sign of purple in it.

gonna get working to clear the remaining stuffs... cya!

Friday, May 14, 2010

FREE Samples of CURE Natural Aqua Gel available internationally!

Good News! I love bursting good news like this to my readers!

I was told that FREE SAMPLES of this products is available in-store (in Singapore) and online (for Singapore & internationally).

FOR Singapore:
All you have to do, is to head down to any Watsons store and approach the counter to ask for samples or you can simply send an email to for your free sample kit with free of charge postage.

FOR International:
Get your free Sample kit from BeautyCarousel, this sample kit is FREE but you will have to bear regular airmail postage. They shipped worldwide regardless where you live in.

What is in this sample kit?
You will receive 4 sachets of CURE Natural Aqua Gel & a brochure on what this product is all about.

Its really nice of them offering this option so you can get to try out before committing getting the full size one.

Review: CURE Natural Aqua Gel + Water Treament Skin Cream

Hi everyone,

hows your week so far, I'm fighting my way to pass today and start making plans for weekend.. just few hours away from a short break!

Another way to de-stress is to blog about some new findings i have!

Its the highly raved CURE Natural Aqua Gel that bubzbeauty recommended as her staple skincare routine. How can i miss this? Its one of the products that can maintain its top selling position in Japan as 1 of sold in 20 seconds. The sample sachets below are given to me by BeautyCarousel.

each set of samples contains, 2 sachets of CURE Natural Aqua Gel (each sachet is good for one use on face + neck) and a straightforward introduction of what it can do.

Are you amazed how natural it is...

here's my dry looking hand.

my skin feels so smooth after it...
At the same time, BeautyCarousel gave me an exclusive product to try out. This is a not for sale item which is supposed to be given only to their staffs. Especially, those sales staffs who has to stay in air-conditioned or outdoor area promoting their products.. BUT, i get to try it out! haha

its a small tube in shrink packaging & portable size, 30g.

i wonder why its call cream, when the texture is so gel like?

its really firm that it doesn't drip when i move my hand.

something surprising just happens.. water droplets are form when i started applying this cream on my hand in circular motion.. but then it feels great since its so hot these days. My skin are kinda dehydrating..

look at the right lower corner, a transparent film seems to form on my skin.

i finally managed to explore and got to know of this collage function which i can display the comparison pics in one..

CURE Natural Aqua Gel review:
price: SGD42.00
available @ watsons, BeautyCarousel
more info: About CURE
This is a very natural exfoliating gel that contains 90% hydrogen water and all other natural ingredients. Its really effective in removing the dead skin so as to reveal the smooth skin beneath. Just light gentle circular motion is require, there is no needs of strength as you dun want to be harsh on your skin. The dead skin will come off as white particles, just have to rinse off. Its so natural that i use it on my daughters and they love this so much better than the scrubs. After using it, just feel skin becomes squeaky clean & refresh. No tightness at all. I was told to try out on my heels so will try it out and post my review on this again.
CURE Water Treatment Skin Cream review:
Price: priceless as its exclusive not for sale
not available anywhere
I'm quite fascinated on the water droplets reaction of the cream when it comes into contact to my skin. The texture of the cream is more like a gel than cream. When applying a transparent film seems to form as a layer of hydrating protection. I work in a air-conditioned area so hands are always dry, so far i tried this for 2 days on one of my hands i could feel that it sort of lock in moisture like how some moisturizer works. proud to say its keeping dryness at bay.. Its also very lightweight, perfect for singapore humid weather. This cream is suitable to be apply on all areas of skin and its fragance free!

Watsons Closed Door Event 19 May 2010, 7pm to 10pm:
To those who are interested in trying out CURE Water Treatment Skin Cream. Even though, its an exclusive NOT FOR SALE product but the sole distributor of CURE will be giving this away as a way to thank you for your support through each purchase of CURE Natural Aqua Gel.
BUT only 20 pieces of these 30g (limited edition cream) will be allocate for each participating stores below:
Jurong Point
Tampines Mall
Ngee Ann City
Toa Payoh Hub
Compass Point
So if you have the intention to buy the exfoliating gel , its the time!
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by BeautyCarousel for consideration. BUT all review expressed above are honest and true based on my experience with the product. I'm not paid or rewarded to do this post at all.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Review: bareVitamins Prime Time Eyelid Primer

I'm now starting to review things i've been using before they hit pan. As i'm always so occupied in reviewing new stuffs i received.

This is my 1st time reviewing eyelid primer, i bought this from Jamilla's blog sale last year. The reason why i bought this as its Fuz HG eyelid primer, and i definitely have to give it a try! She is still raving about this eyelid primer in her recent video and categorized it under her necessities.

info extracted from Sephora:
Retail Price: USD16.00
You can get it here: bareVitamins Prime Time Eyelid Primer

What it is:
A silky eyelid primer.

What it does:
Designed especially for use with bareMinerals, Prime Time Eyelid Primer is an oil-free, fragrance-free way to maximize the color and extend the wear of your favorite bareMinerals Eyeshadows, Glimmers, and Glimpses. The gentle formula goes on sheer and lightweight yet provides heavy-duty staying power for the most vibrant and lasting color. Perfect for those days when you need all-day, all-night wear. The sheer, neutral tint doesn't interfere with your favorite colors, while the bareMinerals-infused, smoothing base keeps excess oil from affecting wear.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Synthetic Dyes
- Phthalates

What else you need to know:
With the convenient applicator, apply just a touch under your favorite bareMinerals eye color. Prime Time Eyelid Primer is allergy-tested by dermatologists.

instructions clearly printed on the packaging

its a mousse like primer

After blending, it leave a silky finish which is able to grip on the eyeshadow you applied on.

My Review:
I had been using it for the past few months, its exactly as how Sephora describe no wonder its Fuz Fav... The formula does its job in keeping my eye makeup in place throughout the day. The texture of this primer is like mousse concealer but much moist and with silky finishes. I don't have very oily lids only moderate i think and this works for me thus far. Its lightweight, maybe thats the reason why it does not crease. The packaging makes its close to winner, as its sooo portable, hygiene and safe for travel (as it will not leak at all). This would be one of my eyelid primer choice if i were to do re-purchase on.

But since i'm so hooked on cosmetics, i would try out other brands too, next on my list is Kat Von D!!

Are you using eyelid primer? which works or don't for you??

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Winner - Draw 2 of K-Palette Eyeliner + Surprise Gift

Its time to annnounce the winners for draw 2!

The winners of the 2nd draw of K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner + Surprise Gift Pack Giveaway!

Kasia_B & Dina (XYYan)

There is one last round to go next week, so join now..

i will be contacting the above via your Fb account!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Swatch & Review: Maybelline Studio Eyestudio in 40 Mocha Mirage

Hi everyone,

sorry i'm getting busier recently so pardon me for the lack of posting as i'm trying to clear all the backlog i have for my work since i'm officially leaving on 19 May, so its really hard even trying to read all my subscribed post. But then, i would definitely try to.

For today, i'm gonna swatch and review on a fabulous Maybelline eyeshadow duos which Diane bought for me for the love package.. she is such a sweety! normally i would shy away from single e/s or duos as i'm a complete newbie when it comes to e/s. So sad to say i can only rely on eye shadow palette which pictorial that tells me where exactly to put on the shade on.

This is the new Maybelline Studio Eyestudio in Mocha Mirage. Its a neutral shade which def suit my taste!
Its 2.5g which i think is the norm size for e/s.

its a lovely e/s duo with a combination of gold + pinklish marble. I never thought of pairing this two shade together.

swatch of the shade with flashlight! see how shimmer they are!

Swatch of the shade with natural lighting.
My Mini Review:
This is a very wearable neutral shade which you can put on for everyday. Its pretty pigmented and its just so simple to create few looks using the same e/s duos. Its great to bring along for travel as you dun have to pack like tons of e/s. Only need just a bit of creativity but def lesser compare to those single e/s. I was amazed how you can look different by making use of the marbleized portion. So far, i'm liking them and wear them pretty often, might try to venture into more of such affordable items again...
Some extra info extracted from Maybelline website:
Why You'll Love It
Our advanced baked technology keeps pearls uncrushed for refined luminosity.
7 different pure pigments are swirled together for gorgeous dimensional color.
Now, a swirl of pearls makes shadow new again!
For Best Results
Blend – swirl two shades together, sweep across lid
Emphasize – add marbleized shade to center of lid
Accentuate – sweep marbleized shade across lid up to brow bone
Intensify – add solid shade to outer crease; use brush to line along upper lash line for added impact
Removes easily with soap and water or with Maybelline New York Expert Eyes Eye Makeup Remover Towelettes.
What is your current fav eyeshadow?

Reminder: 2nd Draw of my giveaway ending in 24 hours

Hi everyone!

Just a reminder that the 2nd draw of the giveaway is ending in 24 hours time. so far there are only 20+ entries.

Join in here: K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner + Surprise Gift Pack Giveaway!

What are you expecting from this giveaway: K-Palette signature eyeliner + a surprise bag from me which includes mostly Japanese & korean brands items.. btw, i had done a bit more of the shopping of the gift during the wknd.. i have got some makeup stuffs from korean cosmetic line this wk.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Nail Swatch: Majolica Majorca Artistic Nails PK712

Hi all,

I'm feel so over-productive at work, in fact kinda exhausted as i'm now serving my departure notice until 19 May and start on my new job on 1 June 2010. Hopefully this will mark a brand new start of my life again as i had been with this same company for almost 3 years so in need for change. Enough of my rambling...

This was part of my recent majolica majorca purchase from my local drugstore as they have special offer which makes it pretty affordable.

This shade was describe as a delicate seashell pink. Indeed, its live up to its description.

there wasn't any good natural lighting so i tried to use flash to show you how pearly finish it was.

the weather was sort of cloudy so still not enough lighting.

This really a delicate looking color, very girly and cute. I will be swatching on 2 more colors that i got or might drop by the local drugstore for more.

By the way my polish order arrived days ago, heres a peek of it.

Stay tuned for more..


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