Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hi ladies,

As i would be heading to Hong Kong for vacation (Shopping Paradise), i think i would be hauling mad there. So I would love to clear off some stuffs before i leave next week!

Stay Tune for a slightly bigger de-stash than usual...


Review: BeautyHair Moisturizing Hair Repair Treatment

My hair had been feeling weak & often end up in bad hair days recently! So i decided, its time i should step up on hair treatment to compensate for long term neglect on them. Who doesn't want to have shiny, healthy hair and for this reason, i'm willing to try out any products that promise good result, hopefully they deliver their promise though.

Think many would have heard of the BeautyHair Thickness Supporter which Fuzkittie raved about sometime back! I had one too, its working alright i would say so i was actually expecting more from hair mask, as nothing much couldnt goes wrong for hair mask since its a rinse off type. But i was totally wrong, read on.....

Simple looking packaging... totally opp color from its styling range of black packaging

I prefer products that indicate expiry date on packaging

Explanation of use & ingredients.

Safety Seal

Think simplicity is always good

I think, most taiwan made products would have their directions etc printed everywhere

Paper/styrofoam kind of safety lid cover that fall off easily, luckily the cap is tight enough

Heres the hair mask!

Price: NT300 (Taiwan) approx SGD15
Not available out of Taiwan

As their range of styling spray was pretty ok, so i assume that the hair mask would be of the same caliber but i'm so WRONG. My hair type is actually oily to start off with, its worse with the daily exposure to urban environment. So its definitely in need of moisturizing and probably some nutrients to keep it from looking dead. The initial touch of the hair mask was so jelly kind, i talking about those silicon gel like jelly. I know its kinda yucks but it is. The scent was erm... plasticy or i should say its scentless but absorbs the packaging smell. After putting it on for mins and rinsing off, my nightmare started! My hair feels greasy after the whole session, my daily habit included blow-drying my hair. I thought it would be ok after drying but NO its still as greasy as ever but as a first-time user i give this product benefit of doubt that after a night might be alright maybe moisturised. Guess you can imagine, my next day hair looks simply horrible, worse than bad hair days. In order to make my verdict for the product, i repeat the process once again for another night.

I think, no choice but to mark a FAILURE for this product.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Swatch: OPI Pandamonium Pink

I'm still living with my past collections of polishes as i have simply no time to stay connected to the fashion & beauty world to know whats the ''IN" color or range for now. Pardon me if you seens this shade like 123456789 times already.

I'm usually into grey, pink shades these days so i finally try out this color. Its more of a lavender pinks...

I love the soft pastel like color on my nails, making them look absolutely girly!

I notice the wordings for the label seems slightly different from previous. wonder if there is any change? Gals, pls tell me whats the new range of polish you are lemming on right now.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review: BeautyMaker Cleansing Mousse (Light) 150ml

I bought this BeautyMaker Cleansing Mousse early last year when their cosmetics are raving well in the blogsphere at least... I'm always trying hard to finish products so the best bet i would take would be the cleansing or toner as i consume them really fast! So here it is

I'm always curious about those foam pump cleanser and wonder how clean can they cleanse your skin... So decided to give this a try. The BeautyMaker Cleansing mousse comes in two type, (Light) which is green tea or (Moisturizing) rose.

The description simply says you just have rub the foamy bubbles on your face to remove makeup etc

The pump applicator interest me, as its so different from the narrow kind i came across so far. Somehow it reminded me of those air horn pump which you use in marathon.

In case, you are forgetful. the instructions and ingredients are printed on the bottle itself.

look at the pump head from the side.

This is just one pump of foam from the bottle!

Close-up on how dense the bubbles are...

Price: NT250 each (Taiwan), currently not available anywhere else than TW

Capacity: 150ml


This is my 1st try on self foaming bubbles cleanser so i was rather excited for it. At teh same time, doubting it cleansing power. I simply use 2 pumps for regular cleansing & 4 pumps for makeup removing. It does makes my skin feels squeaky clean and no dry feeling at all. Instead my skin feels moisturize... Its makeup removing power does amazed me, as i tend to put on full makeup almost on daily basis other than using the eye makeup remover for mascara, this cleanser clear up the rest. But one thing i'm not liking about it is that its too fast consuming... i'm only using it for 2 weeks and almost 50% gone so this cleanser would only last me for a month...

I might consider to re-purchase, provided its easy access for me!

Review: Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Lip Gloss Neo

Yay, finally i managed to have some time to sort out post that i did halfway previously... This Majolica Majorca Honey Lip Gloss was a hit product last year! As it was advertised to be a honey kind of gloss? and also of the cutie size & packaging... Majolica Majorca really know how to market their products to attract buyers.

Are you tempted to try after reading the description i extracted from its website?

Ok hop on to the real thing!

This gloss comes to be almost the size of my finger. So you can imagine how tiny it is.

I got this thru my gf from taiwan, therefore everything is in chinese. Basically, its just straight forward instructions on how to use.

This is the honeycomb print tube gloss i have been lemming since i saw the ad... Love the transparent design which allows my gauge when i will finish it.

The tip is a round pointed tip for easy application.

Lastly, heres the ingredient list in English!

Price: SGD12.90 each tube (Singapore) or NT150 each tube (Taiwan) Net Weight: 6.5g


I'm quite liking this gloss as it does have the honey kind of taste, the texture is very liquidity which means smooth application on lips. It does its job in keeping my lips moisturise without feeling heavy at all. But i do have to re-apply rather frequent (especially during office hour, when i drink a lot of water) since it does not stick on to my lips too much. I would recommend you to use it during bed-time as you can be sure that you will wake up to a pretty pump lips... As for the price, think everyone would know it by now that taiwan gives a better rate for majolica majorca stuffs, i wouldn't mind shopping for it in SG provided there is a sale... :) since this gloss runs out really quick on me.

Friday, March 25, 2011

New: JILL STUART Limited Fragrance and Makeup Items

Dear all,

i'm still in the midst of clearing some work stuffs before i can post full blog post. But i received an email from Jill Stuart today, which i love to share... As its their limited edition new release, available from 1st April 2011. Just in time for my upcoming trip...

If there is a chance, what would be on your shopping list?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Swatch & FOTD: Beauty Buffet Blush in #06 Apricot Glow

I had a short getaway in January 2011 to Bangkok (travel post to be up soon). Its a really short trip as i was only there for a weekend to celebrate my wedding anniversary. Bangkok was the first place we went together for our holiday back in 2003 i think which is so many years back. This trip is simply fruitful & fun as i finally managed to satisfy my tom yum craving... did not really shop a lot as i rather eat more for the trip.

In Bangkok, i could see Beauty Buffet almost everywhere. The SA are just too friendly! I couldn't help by testing the items but tried really hard to keep to my NEEDS list rather than WANTS as my drawer couldnt accommodate anymore..

One of my HG blush is Illamasqua Blush in #Lover but it cracked and hit pan totally. I had forgotten when was the last time i hitted pan on blush?

Here's blush i picked up at Beauty Buffet...

Its a glowy peachy shade. I would say its more orangey as compare to Illasmasqua Lover blush...

List of ingredients and directions of use.

This swatch pic isnt good enough.

Heres a pic of me wearing this shade. Its does compliment fair skin.

Purchase from: currently, its only available in Thailand.
TBA (as i left it at home)
Weight: 10g

Description from box:
Bring radiance and glow to your cheeks with these soft natural blush shades with silky smooth face and cheeks naturally and easily.

My Review:
I love the slight shimmers it contains and brought natural glow to my face. The shade makes me look really radiant looking. I like how the dap of shade which simply show up with just a few swipes. even though i seldom use brush applicator that comes with the blush, but i tried out this one and its soft but i still prefer my ecotools blusher brush though. The price range of this product is really comfortable not expensive at all as its supposed to be a drugstore range to be available to everyone. I wish i bagged more of their products...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mascara RE-Review: Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Waterproof in #01 Rich Black

I decided to re-review this mascara from Helena Rubinstein. As i just can't get over how good it is working on me. So i got it again thru my mum when she last visited HK last year. Finally, after hitting pan on my favourite kiss me mascara completely i started on this mascara earlier this month. I actually went back to my previous review post: Mascara Review 4: Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Waterproof to check what was exactly written for this mascara and realised that i did not even post pic of the mascara (>_<"). Here's the re-review!

This high-end mascara comes in a metal gold tube that i love so much as its so unlike others which normally packaged them in plastic tube...

Details of the Ingredients

I got it in shade #01 Rich Black

close view of the bristle


bare eyelid & lashes, with only skincare + primer

bare eyelid & lashes, with only skincare + primer
with 2-3 coats of HR mascara

I need to show you how define my lashes are even after applying several coats. Simply no clumps and looking good! Do you notice my colored contact len?

Here's the best part! naturally curl , long lasting & lengthening looking lashes that is also waterproof!

My final look, completed with Dior Ready to Glow Palette. By the way, i'm now in love with colored lens by Freshlook in brown!

Price: HKD180 (from SASA store), available online at HKD182 (SASA Online )
Shades available:
#01 Rich Black
#02 Precious Grey
#03 Luscious Brown
#05 Exquisite Blue

What the website says about this product:
An intense, captivating and wild feline eyes.
Undefeatable length and volume in one simple stroke. Features a thickening “stretch-leather like complex” texture, enriched with Vitamin E, offering a waterproof and smudgeproo

My Review:
I'm once again convinced by HR mascara that it could do a really good job in keeping my lashes really volumising, curl, long lasting & lengthening. So your eyes are brighten up instantly and its really good in achieving dolly eyes look! I know how hard it is to find a product that can perform mutiple functions all at once. Even though the price of this mascara is kinda on the higher side but its definitely worth as compare to you testing out various failure products.. Definitely gonna stock up on this on my next visit to HK!


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