Friday, April 29, 2011

Mascara Review 15: Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara 01

I had always been a fan of Kiss Me mascara, it was once my HG mascara before i hop on HR again. As i realised the formula sold by different countries produced varies quality. When i saw this new release mascara in SASA HK, i picked it up for purchase immediately. I'm curious the two sided brush could do...

At least the instruction is in both English & Chinese for all to understand.

On the back of the packaging, there is a japanese explanation of the use of the brush

The tube for this version is slightly plumper as compare to the previous maroon one.

Here is the two sided brush i mentioned earlier. It consists of a tiny comb for applying the mascara onto your lashes and the brush like bristles are for you to brush them evenly on your lashes and for some kind of pulling/lengthening effect.

My bare lashes, they are short and sparse by nature

With just one coat of the mascara, i'm impressed! are you?

There is simply no clumps in between my lashes. It certainly look lengthen from this angle.

The curling power is pretty good too.

Price: HKD98/USD15.50 (
Can you tell how much i'm in love with this mascara that i neglected my HR mascara since i started on this. I love how intense the black is on my lashes and how easy it is to achieve the lengthening effect. On the downside, i was quite bothered by the bulky brush bristles that i stain my eyelids for each application till i was real mad at it. But then again, the effect makes me lemming to use it. As days goes by, practice did make things perfect for me. I got used to the brush.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

NEW: Jill Stuart Berry Scrub N

YAY, once again i received updates from one of my Fav brand, Jill Stuart. Too bad, i'm back in SG. Not able to test it out...

by the way, this offer is applicable only in Faces..HK

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Celebrate the Royal Wedding with Illamasqua

I received this mailer in my mailbox today! Its from Illmasaqua, one of my fav brand! they are having a small collection in the celebration of the Royal Wedding.

I like the design of the studs UK flag!

Liquid Metal in Superior
Described as Metallic Sapphire

Lipstick In Encounter
Described as brick red, matte finish

Powder Eyeshadow in Sex
Described as pure white, matte finish

False Lashes in No. 11

I think for this collection, the colors are inspired from the UK flag. Does any of the items interests you?

Nail Swatch: Gosh 594 Miss Grey

Gosh Cosmetics is a Denmark based cosmetics brand that is better known for their trendy bright shades for eyeshadows and also liner... While i was in HK, i saw them readily available in almost all drugstore. Guess what, i only picked up one polish. No blush, foundation or palettes, so now you know how determined i am to finish up what i have!

I'm so glad i picked this shade, it caught my attention immediately when i was glancing thru their collection. I love grey, taupe, red & nude! So this was my best choice and cost me HKD78 (FYI same price as Nicole polish, available in SASA)

This is the Miss Grey i picked up, sounds like the surname of the polish!

The bottle only contain 8ml its lesser as compare to the usual 15ml i got for all other polish like OPI, Chinaglaze or Essie. Good to know that the formula would be ok to use for 24 mths & its made in france (does it contribute to the higher cost??).

Here's the swatch in broad daylight.

Another one when the sun is stronger.

To be frank, this pic is closer to the exact shade. (its taken in my office)

Content: 8ml (its much lesser than the standard 15ml)
Price: HKD78/USD9.50 each

The brush was the standard skinny kind which i have no issue on it as it spread the formula evenly on my nails without much effort. One thing, i dislike is the fast drying formula as halfway while applying the 2nd coat the bottle neck area become clumpy and sticky. The better part of it is that is fast drying enough for the next coat without much waiting... so its still a balance i think. This shade is very creamy color that you can simply pull off with 2 thin coats but i like more solid shade so i put on 3! This shade is very unique as i own none grey that is similar till date. Really like how vampish it is on my fingers but not too over for daily wear! My colleagues are loving this shade too, what about you?

Is there a shade that you tend to get unknowingly despite the fact you own similar ones..

Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: NEW Bobbi Brown Concealer & Corrector

Hallo everyone!

I'm officially back from Vacation! this is my 2nd break of the year, guess its to pay back for what i missed last year & the extra long hours since i started on this job.
When i was in Hongkong for the part 2 of my vacation, i met up with Jenn (HK Blogger). She is really a kind soul who went all the way to help me get the limited edt Jill Stuart Perfume that i might miss upon arrival to HK. And she also fork out personal time to meet me & show me around for shopping. Initially, i have absolutely nothing in mind but then after we walk past Bobbi Brown counter. I was so attracted by the new ad! TADAH! after a trial of it, i decided to bag the set on the spot. So this review is born! Bobbi Brown Concealer & Corrector Set

I had been lemming for this set as correcting & concealing dark circle had been my long time wish. Color match by the SA.

Can you see how anxious i was to take these pics in the hotel in HK

My bare eye with dark circle! and fine lines too

They look slightly better after applying the corrector

The concealer coverage was mid but managed to cover it up

after applying the pale yellow powder


Bobbi Brown Concealer & Corrector Set
Creamy Concealer: HKD330/SGD59
Corrector: HKD330/SGD41

Can't you tell how much i love this concealer set! I was quite skeptical when i saw the advert about how amazing it would perform. That's what kept me lemming and no action until i was given a chance to try it. I saw the difference immediately and was like WOW! Its pretty easy to apply on even though i was told to use a brush for the corrector & concealer. After several experiments, the best way is to apply with brush and using my finger to dap slowly around my eye area to make sure it blend in. Maybe the slight warmth on my finger make it so call melt into my skin. I had been using it for about 1 week plus so far no mid day touch up require at all.


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