Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nail Swatch: OPI Mermaid's Tears w Konad

OPI Mermaid's Tears is one of the highly sought after shade from the OPI range Pirates of the Caribbean. So i thought to myself, i need a green like this one! Its described as sea foam green which i can relate with underwater...or mermaids?

Here it is! Its a perfect summer green, suitable for beach & vacation... I like the creamy finish that remind me of cupcakes cream... The application runs well but it seems to get brighter & brighter with each coat... This shade simply brighten my dull office wear (mainly black).

I was kinda bored so i played with my dust collecting konad kit and konad-ed! My skills are very rusty, will try to practice more often..

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mascara Review 17 : La Rose Versailles Waterproof Gorgeous Long Mascara (Black)

Description extracted from SASA.com

"Creer Beaute La Rose Versailles Waterproof Gorgeous Long Mascara (Black) contains extra long fibres. The waterproof formula allows you to have dense and long eyelashes upon repeated application in a flash with enhanced gorgeous feeling. The head of the eyelash brush is specially designed to result in clearly defined curly lashes.
*We have used our best efforts to accurately display the colors of the products, however the actual color you see will depend on your monitor and may not be accurate."

I grabbed this mascara from my HK as its anime character packaging attracted me somehow. Ok, i'm def not a anime fan at all but that did not stop me from exploring them! Mascara has always been one of my MUST-HAVE and love to try product since their lifespan are recommend to be 3 months so even though i hasn't hit pan, i would still toss it in the bin for another one.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Review: Lancome Genifique Youth Activator

Extracted from Lancome's Website:

"At the very origin of your skin's youth: your genes. By expressing themselves, the genes produce specific proteins, that can be found on the skin's surface. These proteins are the skin's signature of youth. With age, their presence diminishes. Today, for every woman, Lancôme changes the face of skincare with the first Youth Activating Concentrate GÉNIFIQUE. Now, revive gene's activity and stimulate the production of youth proteins by up to 60%.

Visibly rejuvenated skin in just 7 days. Vibrant with youth, skin looks lit from within - breathtakingly radiant. Its youthful quality returns: cushiony soft and velvety to the touch. Skin's tone is astonishingly even; its texture dramatically refined. "

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review: Maybelline Total Beauty Express Makeup Remover

Makeup Removal product is a must have for most of us but I hasn't been sharing much about what i used to remove my makeup so i need to back track a bit to this product i tried back in March 2011. I started to use eye & lip remover from Jan 2011, yes i'm kinda late on this. As i tend to be lazy and always think that cleansing oil alone could do the job. But as i age i realised that i need to take better care of my eye areas & minimize the risk of stretching them creating more fine lines...

This product was picked up from Watson as i wanted to try out drugstore (hidden gems) than just any other branded ones.

It comes in clear plastic bottle that allows me to monitor how much left in the bottle. The liquid is in two layer, top (purplish), bottom (clear)

Price: SGD9.90
Content: 70ml
Even though its indicated that its suitable for sensitive skin but it wasn't that mild for my use. I belong to the combination (dry + oily) club so if the product is indicated as sensitive it should def work as in not harsh on my skin. But after several times of use, i experienced some kind of heating sensation at my delicate eye area at the outer corner of my eyes. It feel like after too much friction is applied kind of mild burning feeling. Towards the end of finishing it (yes i stay on this product till the end, as i want to find out if its my makeup? skincare? or this cause it) the skin at outer area of my eyes start to get slightly red. I'm totally not sure what went wrong, maybe my skin is allergic to certain thing it contains or other cosmetics that i wear...

But all is well after i start on the next product...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review & Swatch: Garnier Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll On

Concealing or finding cure for dark circles is a constant war for most of us. All thanks to stress from our everyday, irregular diet & lack of beauty sleep. So i'm always willingly to jump into products that offers temporary remedy for these issues. Garnier is one of the brand i'm into lately ever since i got hooked onto one of their roller pen for acne.

While in HK i picked this Garnier Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll On off the Watsons rack as its Garnier latest product targetting on dark circle. FYI, this product has a different name in UK.

According to the website, its a 2 in 1 formula that works as a skincare + cosmetics. How wonder it may sounds so read on....

On the packaging its stated that the product is 10 in 1 rather different than the UK website.

Here's the list of what it claim to do:
  1. Fairer
  2. More Radiant
  3. More even-toned
  4. with less dark circles
  5. With less dark spots
  6. Fresher
  7. Smoother
  8. Less tired
  9. More hydrated
  10. Tighten

Ingredient list

The product is housed in a champagne goldish kind of plastic tube

Label to remind you that it should be consumed within 6 months

The same kind of roller pen mechanism used for their roller pen range of product.

Swatch: Its yellowish shade (i swatch it by gliding it on the back of my palm in one stroke)

After blending it on my skin

From Left to right
1. my bare eyes after the use of basic skincare product (toner, moisturiser)
2. with Garnier Instant Fairness BB eye roll on
3. after blending it
4. touch up using Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit

Price: SGD22.90/HKD129
Content: 15ml
I would say this work more like a corrector to me than conceal. The moisturizing content is lacking as my side of the world is summer all year round. Definitely need something with much higher content in hydrating to make it works. It does correct the tone of my skin near the eye area to a satisfactory level i guess (based on the pics above). Minimal conceal is required before stepping out of house for sure on full working day. But on normal leisure weekend, i could choose to pull off a natural look just by using this for my eye area. As for the value added 10 in 1 functions i do notice it does delivered a few, what do you think.

Will i re-purchase? probably...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Swatch & EOTD with Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes PK-1

I hasn't bought any palette for the past few months as i was too focused on skincare lately. Palettes are always my fav way to do up my eyes as compare to single eyeshadow. As i'm someone with the least creativity on creating eye look.

Therefore Lavshuca has always attracted my attention for their lovely palette combination, not only on design but also on shades. In my opinion, their collection are more suitable for soft look. On my HK trip i bought one of them home as i love their sweet & cute packaging design.

This Star Decoration Range was launched in Jan 2011. The collection have a total of 5 shades to suit different taste or preference.

I bought it in PK-1, its like a whole of sweetiness lock in its bronzy case. Ever since i wore the Dior Ready to Glow Palette I fell in love in pink & shiny colors for my eyelids. As they can define my eyes better n the same time brighten them instantly. OK, Back

They gave easy to read chinese instruction with pics to show how the eyeshadow could be wore.

hmmm the bronzy case look was actually part of the packaging and not the palette...

I did a swatch for it, the color payoff was pretty good.
(L to R) Metallic Pink, Pearly white, Chocolate Shimmer & Gold Glitters

This is how the Eyeshadow look on my eyelid.

Indoor Lighting

Natural Sunshine

I love this palette right now and had been wearing it constantly for the past 2 weeks. Yes you read me right, 2 weeks. As this sweet shades matches my clothing very well. The weather here is getting hotter so i prefer to dress up light & casual (light colors clothing) for my work days. Or maybe i got sick over bronze & brown already? never mind that. The overall wearing experience was good, i was afraid that the glitters would flake off my lids and end up on my under eyes area. Luckily it did not and the color stay on all day with touch up! As i'm lazy to bring so many touch-up items for work. Its staying power on my lids does impressed me abit now.


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