Thursday, January 28, 2010

My HG Foundation Formula

Hi gals,

Recently, i had serious breakout everywhere of my face as i stopped my pills. That's the reason why all my old friends came back visiting me and left some footprints too. So i was in need of a more coverage foundation than my usual Lotree BB Cream to conceal off those trails. I saw post of other who bought illamasqua foundation and does mix and match for their own skin shade as there is a limited shade release so far.

This inspired me to do so for my current product. I used my fav Stila Tinted Moisturiser + MAC Studio scrupt foundation in NC15. I love the stila tinted moisturiser (gift from Amy)which i use every weekend as i do not need so much coverage since i don't often to town and would like to let my skin breathe a little. Got my MAC Studio scrupt foundation thru Diane. This is good stuff, very good coverage for me but after prolong exposure in office environment, my face starts to get dry. Even though i put on my usual moisturiser.

I tried the mix one day out of curiousity, and now it became my HG formula... additional moisturise ingredient + foundation mix on top of my usual skincare routine. Instead of spending money in getting something new. This mix & match solved my problem and save me some money too.

Stila TM - MAC Foundation NC15 - The Mix
Stila: sheer finish, beige
MAC: richer, matte finish, paler beige

Do you have any mix & match solution that you had been using?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nail Swatch: Maybelline Salon Expert (710) Sunlit Bronze

Its time of the week again, today went on pretty fast for me. Great weather!

I got this nail polish from Amy, during our last swap during X'mas'09. Love this shade, it reminds me of the ELF blush that i swatch previously but this is bronze compare to the other goldish color.

Formula rather smooth, not sure about the drying portion as i used to applying my quick dry top coat.

This shade reminds me of tanning on the beach. Its a pretty color and the squarish bottle make full use of my drawer space. As i'm starting to fill up my drawer already.

Another shot of it with sunlight.

Now, i'm getting tired of pinks & gold or bronze... i would soon venture off for different colors to shake off the boring nail collection i have. Imagine, whenever i put on new color no one would realise this is actually a new color haha...

Any recommendation on what kind of color i should start with?

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Favorite Gloss Moment!

Hi all,
Hope everyone is enjoyed the wknd,i had been rather lazy recently as i have not even post anything for last week. I've been busy as usual as my gals are still adapting to their schooling schedules. But at least i managed to do up this post to have a highlight of gloss that i like & current loving and wishlist to own.
If you know me long enough, i'm a blush & gloss person. Its almost NO WAY, you can catch me without them. So here's the post:

MAC Lustregloss in Flusterose (describe as Mid-tone rosepink)

It was so much better than my 1st experience with their lipglass in Fleur (that was so sticky!). This formula glide really smoothly on my lips and giving them shine.. I'm always using candy pink or nudey shades for my lips but this gloss definitely changed my views. And the plus is that its scentless. I'm gonna pick more of these for my next shopping, maybe the creme one too.

Tarte Lip Gloss in Sheer Cotton Candy Pink

I bought this Crown Jewels Lipgloss Multi-Gift Set its just one of the many lipgloss in it.
This is a creme lipgloss, i would say this is my 1st time trying out a creme one. YES i'm loving it. The scent is pretty good, not sure how i would describe it, anyway its pleasant. The formula is NOT sticky and you can apply very easily and smoothly on your lips.

Estee Lauder High Gloss in Honey

This is a nudey brown with gold shimmer, one of my fav when i'm want to go for everyday look. As its so wearable for all occasion but it does make me feel pale if you dun apply enough blush Lol. Initially i was bothered by the perfumed scent but as times goes by i'm used to the scent so dun pick this if you dun like perfumed product.

Swatch in Roomlight

Swatch with Sunlight
List of gloss, i'm lemming for right now:

Heard so much rave about NARS blush, i wonder hows the gloss..

so far, i'm loving their eyeliner. Is their gloss as good as their eyeliner...
Love the packaging, so sweet looking..

Creme lip gloss newly launched from Kat Von D range.

You know how i heart their blush, so i'm definitely curious about their gloss.
whats your fav or dream gloss for now?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Nail Swatch: MAC Abstract (Frost)


hows everyones wknd so far, mine was pretty good except my week was started by mountains of work, i'm still buried in them haha. This post was supposed for monday and ends up posting on a Friday! I got this polish via a swap in MUA. I starts to heart this website...
This is my 1st MAC polish, if you can tell. I'm started to hook on MAC stuffs.
Got this shot in natural dim light to show another look that this polis can give you. Look sheer creamy!
My fav pinky with frosted effect, formula runs pretty smoothly.
Love the design of the bottle and especially the rubbery cap which can give you double assurance that it wouldn't slip off your hands. Quite lasting, i been wearing them for 5 days so far only the tip is chipped, rest are still intact.
Maybe i would invest in another one soon.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Swatches: New addition Jill Stuart Eye Jelly #10 & #05

I love Jill Stuart Eye Jelly very much other than the existing 2 which i got from my last HK trip. I just can't hold back but to get more so 2 more additions to my existing so i have a total of 4 of them now. As i need more base colors to match my e/s. I admit the one that i have goes really well with my neutral palette but not exactly with my other colors one. so its shopping again.

I got #10 Vintage Decor thru a swap with Dina, she is very sweet to offer this shopping option to me while i offer the taiwan purchase to her... And #05 Angelic Glint thru my fren who happen to drop by HK... so thats the benefits of having lotsa friends who loves travelling...

My collection:

Love their soft pink packaging, dun you like them too.

The name of the shade i got

They are so pretty to look at in the small glass bottle..

Swatches, not so clear this time as the weather wasn't really good so lack of natural light.
Will post up some better pics tmr, hopefully the sky would be clear..

Just wana know, if you were to get something from Jill Stuart, what you will want to get?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nail Swatch: Sephora OPI Metro Chic

Time of the week again for my nail swatch! I lust for this shade from Sephora by OPI when i saw it on the net previously but no luck in getting it. After joining MUA, i participate actively in the swapping things so that i can have the chance to try out new stuffs and of course getting rid of the under performing ones.

Swatch of Metro Chic:

See pics above for the color. Formula pretty smooth but i was hoping they can use the pro-wide brush by OPI so i dun have to dip in so many times for the application.

My nails in two coats of Metro Chic, creamy finish. Love it so much, its practically cream grey with hint of purple... Its definitely going into my fav polish list now.

The sephora site describe this polish as dark smoke with a hint of purple which i agree as well!

You can buy it from:
Sephora @ US9 each

Any other must have polishes that is in your fav list?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm joining the iPhone big family!

Hi all,

Just received my belated present (should say a planned one), as i was waiting for my hubby's mobile contract to cease so that i could get the iPhone 3Gs at great discounted price. So yesterday, the telcom guy delivered it right to my doorstep!

I got mine in white (love white), 16gb (should be big enough to stuffs my pics, music etc)

I forsee myself even blogging more as taking and uploading pictures would be more accessible for me. Forget about the cable for connecting my camera to my laptop. Its like telling the whole office, i'm uploading pictures during office hours Lol. so now i can just email those pictures to myself and access thru mails. Great convenient!
Not to mentioned about reading blog post on the go! yipee... love it muacks at least now i would be able to stay connected with you gals than before i could only reply on my itouch and always have to search for wifi connection which is not very accessible in Singapore unlike USA.
I'm quite new to this iphone thingy, any great recommendation on the MUST have download stuffs? I heard of jail-break, anyone did that?
If you have a iphone, i like to see how you dress it up? I'm still searching for cover, pouches to glam it up.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A piece of me... in January 2010

I'm joining in the fun of the same hosted by Shirley of Notes from the Toothfairy.
Its certainly inspiring to get me to blog more often and also to do kinda working towards list.
This month....
I like: the fresh new start of the year, which i can look forward in getting my life organize.
I don't like: the approaching Chinese New Year, where i have to start festive shopping again!
I want you to know: that i would try harder to do more blog posts as i realise i'm kinda slow in doing post so far.
I've planned: to watched the MUSE concert! (yae i know its sounds fab!)
I want to say to someone special: you really did well for your 1st day of school. I can see that you are independent now. No longer mummy's little girl! Just remember mummy will always behind you whenever you need help.
Simple guidelines on how it works: (extracted from Notes from the Toothfairy)
We play the game on the first sunday of the month. If you want to play along, please write a post answering the 5 questions, and fill in the form below so that other readers can check your blog. She will include all participants in my blogroll too.
Notify Notes from the Toothfairy. when you've written your post, so she can read it and add you to her blogroll!Feel free to join anytime, but remember to keep posting every first sunday of the month after the first time!
This month....
I like:
I don't like:
I want you to know:
I've planned:
I want to say to someone special:

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Swatches & Review: Illamasqua Blush #Lover #Hussy #Rude

Its time for my first swatch & review post of the year!

I would like to present to you one of my favourite item of Year 2009, Illamasqua blushes... I started being curious about this London-based Brand. Personally feel that its a makeup line with attitude..

Here's their brand introduction:
Illamasqua is a heady cocktail of cultures - it combines a rich heritage and product knowledge with the creativity and expertise of Illamasqua's team of leading make-up artists. A night-time make-up that brings premium, professional products within reach of the high street. Illamasqua is for the bolder, darker person hiding inside us. It is an act and an attitude. A symbol of tolerance. A celebration of idiosyncrasies. A confident statement of self-ownership and self-expression. Illamasqua is your alter-ego.

Check out their blog @ The Official Blog of Illamasqua or visit their website for more info @ Illamasqua Homepage

I have a total of 3 blushes and still counting!

This is their packaging, a black box with hole in the middle which reveal the blush with the transparent plastic cover in between them.

These are the 3 shades i got so far..

The shade for the powder blusher is exactly the same as the swatch pic in their website.
This was my 1st blush from their line.. Powder Blush in Lover, Soft apricot, matt finish

My 2nd powder blush in Hussy, Bright candy pink, matt finish

Cream Blush in RUDE, Warm peach pink, dewy finish

Instructions on how to achieve the best result

Just in case you wonder the size of the blush.

Swatches of the blush

I'm sold on its packaging which is why i bought their blush! (ya that's cheating) Ok, the color looks/swatched really vibrant, great for those who wants to add a dose of radiant to their cheek anytime of the year. Colors are pigment enough for you to do just 1 application maybe with abit touchup and it would lasts you the whole day! I apply the powder one simply by dapping my foundation brush on the blush cake and apply in dapping motion on my cheek area. As for the cream one you might need to blend it out evenly with your fingers. When i'm wearing the cream one under my foundation, there is a need to apply slightly thicker.

USD23 @,
£16 @,
£11-£16 depends on shade @

Shipping Fee:
Free w/ USD50 purchase
UK - £3.50
Elsewhere in the EU - £6.50
Rest of the World – £7.50 (they have standard shipping rates that are quite affordable)
check the fee of ur location HERE:


The swatches for their powder blush, so far its pretty true to the actual product. But not exactly for the cream one, as the one shown on the site is darker than actual but the description matches..

All Powder blush are in matte finish whereas the cream ones are in dewy finish.

They ship internationally! Alternatively, you can purchase them from or depends on your location.

Hope that my swatches would be helpful... Have you tried any other stuffs from them or interested, tell me as i'm planning my next purchase but not sure where to start.

Happy 2010! Winner for Lotree Holiday Giveaway!

Hi everyone, hope all of you enjoy the holidays and have you done your new year resolution? I have not.. but think i would have a lot to include for the coming one.

My Lotree Holiday Giveaway had finally ended and i'm proud to announce the winner is JustScarllet from Glamour, Glitter and Gold. A notification mail had been sent!

Thank you all for the participation!


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