Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mascara Review 6: SANA Excel Mascara (Japan only)

Hi all,

this post was meant for monday but office was really busy so no time to post this up. I got question like how my HG mascara was like as i listed HR mascara & this SANA Excel Mascara. I started liking this SANA mascara 3 years back, ya thank god they are still selling this. Got this recommendation through a online shopper as i had tried too many so she was recommending and says its one of the top mascara in Japan at that time. So i gave it a try.

My HG mascara must be able to give me a lengthening and yet dense curling lash look. I love volumizing mascara but they often somes without lengthening. I'm a lazy one who i expect my HG mascara to be able to carry out both tasks at a time. Sounds greedy haha..

SANA Excel mascara is able to curl up my lashes with their curved brush, fine fibres that lengthen my lashes and volumize them instantly.

this is how the mascara looks like.

see the fine fibres and the curve brush

bare lashes

my lashes are instantly curl, do you think they look more dense and lengthen?

they are lengthened

No a good shot taken, will re-take and post again
TADA! my lashes are really curl all the way
Will be posting my mascara review for Jill Stuart mascara, so stay tune for my next next post...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mascara Review 5: Max Factor False Lash Effect

I was so excited when i spot Mac Factor in Watsons (name of drugstore). And this mascara was a newly launched and guarantee false lash effect with the usual amazing model advertisement. So i bagged it immediately since its a newly launch product, there is almost no chance for me to get hold of 1st hand product (which means new launch product) so it was a natural reaction haha.

Enough of my crap, here is the review.

pic of the mascara

comes in a fatty tube.

bare eye with only eyeshadow

pardon for the fine lines i got... (i need a eye cream recommendation!)

lashes with two coat of mascara

as the bristle is too short so i tend to paint my lid.

Curling power still acceptable but my lash looks average length.

No clumps.

I pin too high hope on this mascara taking the false lash effect wordings too seriously thus don't feel that the mascara work up to standard... Volumizing and lengthening are just average compare to my other mascaras. Might be suitable for touching up rather than to use as itself.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nail Swatch: OPI Mod About You

I was too busy to head down to town to do my manicure so i end up doing it myself at home. So my second finger nail ends up to the shortest compare to the others lolx. Anyway, i apply a fresh new polish on my nails yesterday with OPI Mod About You. This polish gave them a refreshing and pinky purplish look. Formula & brush tip was great as usual for OPI polish so not elaborating further on my love for it.
Below was two coats of application.

Hope you gals like it, i'm trying to finish swatching on all my polish before indulging on another polish spree as i have exceed slight budget on cosmetics recently. So in the meantime, do let me know if there is any nice colors for me to KIV for my next polish sprees!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Overdue blog sale haul + package from Summer!

Hi everybody,

hows your wknd, mine was a long one as yesterday (monday) was a public holiday in Singapore. But despite the extra resting day, i'm still feeling lazy and tired. Something to perks me up is blogging time for my overdue haul post. I placed order a few weeks back for some items off Jenn & Holly blog sale. They have really great stuffs on sale so i could't resist to haul a little. As i was expecting something from my friend in US so i decided to request for shipping to my friend's place in US instead. But i ended up expanding my shopping cart therefore it only reaches me like last wknd!

Time for sharing the joy!

Boots No. 7 Mini Compact

VS mosaic eyeshadow

Extras from Jenn!!

Mac Lipglass in Fleur de Light

I bought 2 gloss & 1 eyeliner from Holly. Never try Mac gloss before so since she is having a blogsale so i decided to try it out!

She included this lovely pink lippy from VS for me as extras!

I received a package from Summer for the amendment of my bracelet. Guess what, this generous lady actually attached a Ed. Pinaud eye shadow in bronzy color for me... She is really so sweet!

Finally i can wear this and match it with my outfit to work!

This eyeshadow is really pretty and blend well with my favorite earth color series cosmetics!

Gota do a review on this really soon...

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Surprise Gmarket Shopping !

Hi everyone,

i received a notification from Gmarket that i was nominated for one of the best blogs for introducing Gmarket to the world. So they rewarded me with 50,000 won (estimate USD40). So its an extra reason for me to surf their site for beauty products... YEAH.

But for shopaholic like me, just can't settle to stay within the budget so of course i exceed. So top-up is required. But i was so excited that i click on the wrong choice, this is what i did.

Wrong demo by me:

Step 1: convert the gift cert value to Cash Balance

Step 2: Purchase Gcash payment via paypal (NOTE: If you charged Gcash with PayPal or Credit card, you are NOT allows to convert into cash balance. )

Step 3: I ask for help via their customer service through mail and their service is really top notch as they reply me like with half a day and immediately refunded me with no questions asked.

Step 4: They refunded me and gave me instructions in topping up my Cash Balance for purchase.

The correct method should be:

Step 1: convert the gift cert value to Cash Balance (if you do not have a gift cert, skip this and it will be just 1 step for you to do you top up or simply choose paying via paypal or credit card)

Step 2: Top up your balance by logging on to paypal, indicate the amount you want to top-up in USD and send paypal to When you send funds through please put your Gmarket ID in Message to Recipient > Subject or Message.

Note: Top-up payment from paypal may take a maximum of 2 working days to be reflected on your balance. So don't panic like i did when i did not see the amount on my cash balance.
Hope this help you gals in making a smooth sailing shopping experience with Gmarket!!
Oh, if you wana know what i bought just stay tuned to my upcoming post. haha!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mascara Review 4: Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Waterproof

Hi gal,

time for mascara review, i am so in love with this HR mascara. Color very pigmented black and curling power strong that can hold up my lashes for hours... You can apply as many layer as you like and the formula just will not make you lashes clumps.. which i really like. Its waterproof and very lasting.

Pictures below says it all.

naked lash and lid

naked lashes with eye makeup on

eye with HR mascara in 2 coats

another angle of my lashes with HR mascara
No clumps at all and its volumising + lengthening
NOT convince enough see below!!
Special close up angle for you gals to see why i'm in love with this mascara.
My lashes are naturally curl and they hold up there really well.
I only curl them using the shiseido curler once before applying the mascara.
So trust me it works at least for me!!
I'm definitely getting more of this, especially i missed it in leopard print packaging.
The mascara removing process is still alright as its a waterproof mascara so you can't expect it can be remove very easily. And also i'm not using any eye makeup remover, just cleanse my whole face using oil cleanser.
So this is my HG mascara for now, what about you??

Monday, September 14, 2009

Back from HK shopping!

Hi all,

i'm finally back from HK, the trip was great packed with all food tasting, shopping and also experiencing their typhoon. It was a fruitful trip, they have lotsa of Sasa. Just one area there are 6 branches but they are all so crowded and pack even on lazy working afternoon. I had a bad start by leaving my shopping list at home, it was the most important thing that i miss out! Therefore i was all out for aimless shopping getting stuffs which interest me or trying to recall what i want. Its started off as a 6 days trip end up my family extended for an extra 2 more days as i could'nt get enough of HK... which means more shopping for me yae!

I started to shop for Jill Stuart on my 1st day at Faces (harbour terminal). The crowd was crazy as there is 10% off for various brands all except Jill Stuart but all counters were packed. I was only planning to get their e/s palette and blush but ends up with 7 items as they were too tempting. Look at the packaging!

i bought the mist, blush, e/s palette, eye jelly, lip gloss, mascara, day care essence

Pics of my harvest from HK...

Highly raved HR mascara, i simply love this holding power good! (got these from Sasa, thanks to chrissy for the tips on where to get these!)
Max Factor Falsies effect mascara, its just newly launched from Watsons.
Kiss Me mascara from sasa
Fiberwig, raved by Eki and Amy from watsons
Jill Stuart Mascara works like Majolica..

Lavshuva foundation, Max Factor foundation, Lotree Bb cream from Colormix which is something like Sasa, Skin79 Bb cream mini

Biore makeup remover, Biore Cleanser, Bioderma no rinse cleanser

Yumei liquid eyeliner, Cyber color eyeliner, Kiss me eyeliner, Kate eyeliner gel

Jills stuart palette, eye jelly, Lavshuva eye shadow in GD1

Random purchase, bioderma mask, JS day care essence, JS Mist, JS lipgloss, Point Magic pressed powder, Lavshuva lip gloss

Blemish mask from Yanwaili, various masks from vichy, My beauty diary mask in cherry blossom & mixed berry and their eye mask too, Pantene clinicare treatment & fizz control serum

My purchase from SG DFS, Lancome makeup set, dying to own an all in one set...

Not to forget, i was greeted by Jamilla package. I got all these from her at a great deal and all in tip top condition...thanks Jamilla!!

I will be doing more detailed posts shortly!! stay tuned for more...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I broke my Shopping Ban!

I was suppose to be on Shopping Ban as i'm so called saving up for my shopping spree for HK as i have a long list of shopping to be done but useless me can't take temptation. I broke my ban few days back, with purchase of a Bobbi Brown Blush in Nectar from Summer as i haven't got any , some little items from Jamilla Blog Sale (she has the most irresistable offers so i can't help myself), bought the highly raved Steam Cream off internet. I will be on leave starting tomorrow so will not be blogging till i'm back which is 11 sep, by the way i have yet to start packing up.

Here's some pics i got of my last haul that reaches me before i'm off!

Urban Decay Trifecta, a tiny set if you just want to try their stuff.

They have this mini size of their famous eyeshadow primer

24/7 eyeliner

Close-up on its tip.

Fatty Mascara

Sephora palette to go

I always want a palette that have everything i need but somehow the color are nice in view than swatch

The e/s are not smooth enough for eye application

the gloss colors

Blush looks ok, in slight shimmer pink

But this palette does not come with applicator so its a bit troublesome.


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