Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nail Swatch: China Glaze Heli-Yum

I was so into brighter shades lately so i decided to plunge into more of them! like this bright bright pinky red shade... I like how delicious the name sounds... HELI YUM! Its part of China Glaze Up & away Collection...

*SHOUTOUT* Jenn, remember you ask me what shade i'm wearing when i was in HK! this is the one.

This is really a gorgeous shade of red that i have own. Very popping and stands out immediately from my look. I'm really preferring China Glaze polishes to OPI these days as i personally feel they have better formula.

Do you gals agree? or Nah...

Please *JUMP* to Temptalia's review

pic credits: Temptalia

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nail Swatch: OPI Silver Shatter + LA Splash Black Sea

My colleague bought this OPI Silver Shatter @ Robinsons @ SGD23.55 when she was out shopping last week and show me her nails at the start of the week. I was like OH so PRETTTYYY. So she offered to let me try it on my nails...and she also provide me with a black polish since i own none till date. Muacks.

it looks just like any other silver polishes except for the shatter prints on the cap

Here's the silver shatter!

When black meets silver!

I used LA Splash in Black Sea as base and silver shatter for the shatter finish.

I like their statement, dare to make waves??

There is a short instruction on how to use the shatter polish.

Overall, i'm pleased with the result. The shatter look is kinda new to me even though it had been circulating in the blogsphere for sometime. But i din have the time to pick it up till now. I'm targetting for the black & red shatter and not to mention their blues are releasing soon. The formula for the LA Splash was ok but i din like the long lasting overwhelming chemical smell. Anyone else tried LA Splash without experiencing the strong smell? Pls let me know as it kinda deter me from purchasing anything from them.

Did you pick up the shatter?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Re-Purchase Shopping!

It had been a busy week for me so far, unknowingly, its mid of the week (Wednesday) already. I did some shopping recently but they are mainly re-purchase so i decided to share with you gals what are the stuffs i actually did re-purchase with, most are my HG products that i could hardly go without with.

Ichikami Conditioner Refill pack, Kiss Me Mascara Remover,Skyn Iceland The ANTIDOTE Quenching Daily Lotion,Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat,L"Oreal Studio Secrets Secret No. 1 Magic Perfecting Base, Garnier PurActive Roller Pen,K Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner 01 Natural Brown, St Ives Scrub in Green Tea

Ichikami Conditioner Refill pack:
Price: SGD9.90 (now having promo only SGD7.90)
Content: 250ml
I first tried this conditioner after being contacted by their PR and somehow it become my staple conditioner already. Previously, its only available in bottles which is not environmental friendly. I'm happy that they introduced it in refill pack.

Kiss Me Mascara Remover:
Now selling as part of promo set of mascara + mascara remover @ SGD21.90
Tried this when it was part of a set when i purchased their Kiss Me Long & Curl Mascara. I was quite skeptical about how it should work. Steps to use are simple, simply apply on my lashes (with mascara, of course) and wait for a while before i gently wipe away with cotton pad that contains the eye makeup remover. Its certainly a breeze to remover mascara. So far it work on mascaras i used for the past few months. Sort of worth purchasing as i mentioned its part of a set.

Skyn Iceland The ANTIDOTE Quenching Daily Lotion
Price: SGD55.00 from Strawberrynet.com
Content: 52ml
This moisturizer was gifted by BirkinBagBeauty giveaway back in Nov'09. WOW thats so long ago! ok, i hit pan totally on the one she gifted me. Recently, i'm experiencing some breakouts so i went thru my previous posting and found out that i used this moisturizer previously and it works pretty good in calming down my stressed skin. So decided to give it a try again. YES! it works... HEEE HEE

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
Price: via spree cost about SGD13+ plus a mth of wait
you may purchase in-stock from risque.sg @ SGD12.80
Content: 15ml
I believe most of you heard or tried this fab top coat that can dry your polish in no time. This HG top coat is my must-have otherwise i would have to spend long time facing the fan drying my nails.

L"Oreal Studio Secrets Secret No. 1 Magic Perfecting Base
Price: USD12.95, similar version in SGD29.90
Content: 15ml
I reviewed this perfecting base previously, it did a good job in keeping my pores conceal and smoothen the surface of my skin. As this allows me to apply foundation/bb cream more evenly. I'm almost finishing my current pot so this new one will kicks in once i completely hit pan.

Garnier PurActive Roller Pen
Price: SGD19.90
Normally last about 3-4 months
Garnier have previously released roller pen for eyes but i'm more interested in this one. Purchased this out of curiosity, as there are times i'm lazy to apply all other acne product that requires my finger to work. With this roller pen, i could simply apply by rolling the pen over required area. I wouldn't say its 100% effective but its fuss free and works most of the time.

K Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner 01 Natural Brown
Price: SGD19.90
Normally last about 3 months
This is definitely my HG eyebrow product! I do not use any other eyebrow pen at all. As its very long lasting, my eyebrow are still there after sweating out in gym. How Amazing right. Think this is my 3rd or 4th pcs already.

St Ives Scrub in Green Tea
Price: USD6.59
Content: 4.5oz/133ml
Its started all as a gift! So easy, i got hooked... and hit pan tubes by tubes... So i got into getting myself 3 tubes as backups for this round. Doesn't want to order too much, as i def prefer fresh products.. I like how its lightly scented and keeping my skin feeling oil-free. The grains are so much finer as sompare to their famous apricot scrub. K recently did a review which you can refer! Review: St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea scrub - a scrub for daily use. Review: St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea scrub - a scrub for daily use Its suitable for my daily routine, YES i use this everyday!

Is there any HG/Almost HG product that you can't help to re-purchase??

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nail Swatch: China Glaze Pelican Gray

Did you gals purchase any new polishes recently? I noticed that the recent theme of polishes are all about the sea. Is it too coincidence? Anyway, i bought two polishes from Anchors Away range from China Glaze. My love for China Glaze somehow outgrow my love for OPI polishes these days. As i personally feel their formula last better. (its just my opinion)

Just by looking at this pics make me wana head out for holiday again!

Grey is one of my all time fav! And i do not have such light one in my collection so far. *do i??*

This is a pale looking kind of grey, pale yet creamy looking but after having a closer look it contains very fine fine shimmers...

China Glaze formula are fab! This shade lasted for a week + on my nails... I got questions from my colleagues on what brand or name of polish is this. So this color could be everybody fav too. Its very office-friendly kind of shade. I did not lose that little professional feel that i should have for carrying out my job. The shimmers didn't bother me much as you really need to take closer look before you realise it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: Meiji Collagen C Drink

COLLAGEN! I believe many beauty lovers like to hear of this ingredient when they are selecting for a product. I had seen many moisturizer, sheet mask, hand cream even the famous meiji collagen drink. I tried that too, even thoughit does taste fishy!...

Recently, i chanced upon one of meiji's product which is the collagen Vit C drink! Doesn't it sounds great as i need plenty of Vit C to avoid getting sick and stay really healthy. And also collagen to makes my skin feels great too.

Its certainly a nice idea to combine both together!

Each pack contains 8 sachets of 12g powder.

These little sachets make it easy for me to bring it along whether for work or outing... Its also straight forward that one sachet equals to one glass.

Here's how it looks!

Product details: 8 sachets x 12g
Price: SGD6.60 for each pack
I got it in Grapefruit flavor, which reduced the fishy collagen taste to not so noticeable as compare to their trademark collagen powder. Its very convenient, as the powder dissolves in even cold water. I fancy the idea of consuming two essential ingredients in one drink even though i'm a juice drinker. Vitamins from food is never too much. The price is still affordable as OG (departmental store name) always have this 20% for any special occasion which makes it easier for me to stock up.

Any beauty food you are hook on recently?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mascara Review 16: Maybelline Hyer Curl Volum Express MascaraMascara

Recently, I had been exploring various mascara which includes drugstore brands.. I'm not just focusing on high-end items, i do take time to read up or even research but budget brands too. Maybelline is one of 1st brand i know of when i started my makeup adventure! I chanced upon this mascara when i was in HK and back then i was thinking when was the last time i used their mascara?? So decided to pick up and see if they could win my support back.

Tried googling for their official description but guess its not the latest version available.

its a plump tube! the pink wordings makes it look cute to me

HK watsons has the practice of pasting their store label tape on small items...

Here's the brush, not sure if you remember i LOVE mascara with curl brush as they makes application so much easier.

Now i love looking at my bare eye pics (with concealer on of course!)

WOW! That's exactly my reaction when i'm done with 1 coat! I never thought of achieving this much length & volume with this mascara...

As you can see, its pretty much lengthen and no clumps...

Before i forget to mention, its curling power is comparable to the Kiss Me one i'm liking right now.

Perfect lighting for this pic which i want to share!

Price: SGD18.90
Available at local watsons store
I must really say, this mascara certainly change my view of maybelline mascara again! saying again as i remember being their mascara fan before other Japan labels are available... Ever since, i got introduced to Majolica Majorca to Kiss me, Benefit etc and the current best fav Helena Rubinstein... I totally neglected about drugstore mascara. Application for this mascara was really a breeze, thanks to the curve brush design. The long lasting waterproof formula is just right for the warm & humid place i'm living in. I could easily remove it with L'oreal eye & lip remover. And also the curling power is fab too... Lashes stay in place all day.. The price, YEAH, is affordable as i always make an effort to finish up my mascara and dump them after 3 months. (for hygiene purposes)

I WANT to know what drugstore mascara you ever love or liking now??

Monday, May 2, 2011

Review: BeautyMaker AquaMarine Softening Toner (120ml)

I found a few more BeautyMaker products while i was doing my Spring Cleaning, they were purchased last year thru my bestie and long forgotten. By the time i found them, they were months away to expiry so i thought i should put these BM stuffs on priority to use. This is part of the BM Aquamarine range which Fuz like their skin awakening gel. I'm a mist spray lover so thought it would be a good idea for the toner to dispense like mist.

My skin had turn relatively dry these days other than the T-zone still being oily in the middle of the day. This toner just same in time as it supposed to hydrate skin!

Its in a blueish packaging and have a refreshing cool water kind of scent, rather light.

Based on its description, this toner supposed to hydrate your skin and keep it well balanced. As hydrating is a MUST for all skin type not only for dry skin.

Content: 120ml
Price: NT300/SGD15.00
The toner works well on my skin and i'm finishing it in no time. I did a compare with spray it onto my face directly & spray on cotton pad... guess i prefer the cotton pad way for toner. No matter how much i love mist, i should still apply toner with cotton pad to remove any residue that may be present on my skin after cleansing... But the way of applying did not affect the effect of it on me. Skin does feel hydrated after use. I'm really quite amazed especially the price range of these products are inexpensive.

Blog Sale

HI all,

Its time for my small de-stashing...

  • All price are in SGD (Singapore Dollars)

  • Price are inclusive of normal postage (within Singapore)

  • For overseas, please contact me for postage

  • Accept local bank transfer & Paypal

Etude House Magic BB Cream (refreshing) 35ml used 2x SGD10.00
IPSA Pure Protect Liquid Foundation in 001 25ml used 2x SGD20.00
Esprique Precious Dramatical Fluid 30ml (marked not for sale) used 2x SGD10.00
Lavshuca Foundation *SOLD*
Kiss Me Heroine Make BB Cream (suitable for NC20-25) used 3x SGD10.00

Etude House Blush in 05 SGD5.00
Etude House Blush in 03 SGD4.00 used 1x
BeautyMaker Pu Pu Cheek Pink used a few times SGD8.00

Stila Lip Glaze in Brown Sugar only swatched 1x SGD5.00
Canmake gloss in Strawberry Whip 80% left SGD5.00
Givenchy Lip Stick SGD8.00
BE gloss in Eva used 1x SGD4.00
MAC Lip Conditioner in Fuchsia Fix Tinted 75% left SGD8.00

Etude House Tear Drop liner used 5x SGD5.00
Castledew Eyeliner in Shimmery Black used less than 10 times SGD8.00
Kate Eyeliner Frame Impact Marker used a few times SGD8.00
Integrate Eyeshadow Palette BR780 *SOLD*
Majolica Majorca frozen splash eyes in GD821 used1x SGD5.00
Bobbi Brown single eyeshadow in Black Plum (27) SGD15.00
Lunasol Palette Star Shower Eye #05 Close of Night SGD40.00


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