Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nail Swatch: Barefoot in Barcelona

I know i had neglected all of you recently, blame it on work!

Now i wish i have more than 24 hours to do my own stuffs and finish my work at the same time. Hasn't been posting any nail swatch as i'm always using neutral shades like this one below. Its from OPI Spain collection. So far, i wore this color twice for one week each. Its a very Office Lady color, i must say.

The color is creamy and resemble muddy brown.. imagine walking barefoot

I only applied 2 coats and the color look very rich already!

This will marks my comeback as i have so much things to blog about, stay tune for my peek into my week post!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Review: JuJu AquaMoist Pure Hyaluronic 100% Essence

HI all,

Its again another busy week for me, i had survived 3 weeks of worklife in this new company. Just hope i would last as long as possible as its definitely a great place for me to work in. Back to beauty side, i LOST my kiehl lip balm and the most frustrating part is that its almost hitting pan days away from now. So i'm now using the Majolica Majorca lip balm that i bought during the shiseido mid year sale. Review coming up soon.

But first, i'm gonna review the JuJu AquaMoist Pure Hyaluronic 100% Essence,. I had been using it for slightly more than a month not negative reaction, in fact my skin no longer have those dry out feeling. As i'm someone who will not step out of house without makeup, so moisturising is a MUST for me.

The name actually says it all, Hyaluronic is widely used for lip augmentation, reduction of folds and wrinkles as well as removal of scars and of course skin hydration (extracted from Wikipedia)
It comes in a deep blue glass pump bottle.

The detailed translated description which is done by BeautyCarousel.

Here's a clearer pic on how the packaging is like.

The essence pumps out as a firm transparent gel form, which turns instantly into liquid state when i starts to rub it between my two palms.
It was absorbed into my skin within secs.

Product is available @ BeautyCarousel
Price: SGD39.80
Contains: 30ml


I love love this essence, which i store it in my fridge so it could give me the instant refreshing feel when applied. When i start to rub the essence between my palms it melts immediately into liquid and its like applying water on your face. The most amazing part is that it absorbs really fats, i could say within secs of massaging its seep into your skin. After the application, you will feel as if you had not apply anything on your face at all. I usually apply moisturiser rite after essence so as to lock in the moisture on my face. I tried to skip that step and my (almost like nothing applied skin) still wakes up fresh the next morning. Isn't it amazing, think i could lighten my load if i were to travel or sleepover... By the way, i only use essence at night and one pump is enough for the whole face.

What essence are you using, or do you heard of any raving ones, i would like to try it and compare with this HG essence of mine!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My 1st Julie Hewett purchase!


Yea, today is already Tuesday! I had a very challenging Monday and i'm all gear up to welcome Tuesday... hows your wk especially for those who are on Monday now.

I received my shopping from Julie Hewett, its a USA brand. Was prompted of their special offer by London Makeup Girl's twitter! They were having some irresistible promotion, 40% off and the best part is that it applies even to overseas order like mine!

you know how happy i was when i was greeted by this package.

I bought 1 cheekie + brush set and their camelia balm. They gave me 3 mini sample of their famous red lippy

their packaging is amazingly pretty! i love the arty look of the blush box in B&W

This is what i got, its their cheekie blush in Peachie. It looks very reddish coral in box but the swatch is sheer and not so red.The description is rather interesting, i like the way it says flirty blush!

even the balm has a nice packaging.
This is also one of their famous camelia balm, which you can apply on lip, face etc...

Here's the swatch on how they look, sorry that the focus wasnt good enough. But i'm sure that they will look good with bare face as applying powder after the application will take away the glow.

here's the lippies samples i got, as they are famous for their red lipstick so even their sample is red. No swatches for now until i get a lip brush...
But they are truly generous!
This is the blush brush that i bought too which suppose to be a divine pair with the blush. Wasn't able to test it out since it has to undergo a wash before use.

its really short and soft.

Have you tried anything from Julie Hewett? If not, what you are tempted to try out?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Organized Stash!

HI all,

hows your week so far, mine was still a busy one till now. working hard hoping to impress everyone. While at home, i made an effort to organize my makeup stuffs as I'm running out of space for more shopping. Its so hard to curb shopping urge so i have no choice but to expand the use of my limited space.

I found this while shopping at my nearby area, this is a japanese style store that sells almost anything from household, stationery, beauty tools etc.
the name of the shop is Japan Home.

I bought these divider, its available in 3 sizes, 14cm, 8cm and 4cm (i think) I got the wrong measurement which is why i bought the 14cm one as i measure the outer height of my drawer instead of inner. So i did an exchange for the 8cm one which is the right fit for my use.

i was attracted by the pictorial on how simple it is to divide space.
The price is reasonable as well, only SGD2.30 for a set of 2s (8cm), 1 (14cm)
You can break it up into the length you, just slot it across each other
this is the chest drawer, that i'm sharing with my hubby. the 1st level is for documents, 2nd level my stash, 3rd level hubby's stuffs
sorry, that i was so excited to get it done so i forgotten to take the before pic. Here's the after pic.
i categorized them according to their type, the space are really limited so i tried to fit in whatever i could but there are still some outstanding one which i have store them in boxes. above is the base makeup & blush.

Recently, i'm addicted in base makeup like primer, foundation, tinted moisturizer, concealer. As i'm not born with great skin so in need of product like above to achieve flawless skin. Blush is def my all-time fav product as it can transform my pale skin to radiant look!
the middle area is skincare (random stuffs esp travel size), cream e/s (my collection is expanding), some loose e/s i own, eye palette (i'm sure mine is consider as a mini collection as i saw some huge one out there), mascara (thats my another fav, a mix of new & old stuffs)
the last section, some nail related stuffs (base, top coat, buffer, remover etc), lipstick/gloss/balm (i'm also a big fan of lip products, its bursting now!), eyeliner & brow (i have so much eyeliner that i have problem using as they usually last for months)

Do you have any organizing ideas to share?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Review: JuJu Aquamoist Moisturizing Washing Foam (tube)

HI all,

It had been sometime since i last did a product review.
BeautyCarousel sent me some JuJu AquaMoist stuffs, which i was very curious as Fuz blogged about their makeup base which i have yet got my hands on. Trust me, i will very soon.

Just a slight recap, i have slight acne prone & combination skin which is why i try to stay away cleansing foam as they tend dry out my skin after wash and skin might peels. Too rich hydrating products somehow makes my face get those unwanted pimples more easier, i don't know why.

So when i was given this
JuJu Aquamoist Moisturizing Washing Foam (tube), i was actually quite skeptical on how it can help making my skin clean yet clear. As acne seems to left my life since january this year so i'm doing all i could to make sure they are gone for good.

Here's the packaging of the cleansing foam in tube form. Its a fatty tube and the color combination is nice too.

List of the ingredients, short description and directions. This english translated sticker is exclusively done by the sole distributor in Singapore for approved sale here. So if you got them from those parallel importer, you might not get the translated info like the manufactured date, . BeautyCarousel had a tieup with the Singapore official distributor for sale online. even the manufactured date is indicated and product made in japan...

The packaging comes in a flip click cap, so you never have to worry about dropping the cap. Which i always to even to toothpaste.

This is how the cleanser looks like, its rich white cream that will lather very foamy. But the foam is somehow different compare to all the foamy ones i used even the Biore one which i'm still using every weekend (sleep-over at my mum's place).

You need more water to lather as compare to other foam cleanser too as this is much richer formula. Not sure if you can see the foam is much denser and finer.

My skin feels squeaky clean after using this cleanser. I even tested by not applying my usual skincare routine after cleanser, skin don't feel dry out and no tightness at all. And hours after not using my skincare stuffs, skin still feel supple and moisturize. Sound great isn't it and best of all its not too costly as compare to the cleansing milk I'm using before that. After 3 weeks of use, not even a bump is spotted, i would say I'm pretty satisfied with this foamy cleansing that i might purchase the pump bottle one for more convenient The plus thing is that its fragance free as i normally would need some time to get used to certain cosmetic or skincare scent.

What cleanser are you using now?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Peek into my week 3: Shopaholic in action!

HI Everyone!

Sorry that i'm so away from blogging for the past 2 weeks! As you know i just started on my new job thus not able to access as freely as before since i need to make a good impression of myself. For the past 2 weeks, i was busy shopping for new clothes to prepare for new career start and also some beauty stuffs too.

I had been a fan of Gmarket korea Facebook so i was almost immediately alert to the Etude House storewide 30% sale which only last for 3 days! if you are yet a fan, become one now!
I got myself some things which i was lemming for recently! sunscreen to fight the growing sunny weather, bb cream (highly raved), cheek tint (similar with benefit), lip balm and blushes. Rest are all freebies! (i really love online shopping!)

I was been kept informed of the Shiseido half yearly sale! Its truly a sale that i will not want to miss again. I'm very interested in base recently so got the shiseido base & CDP ones too. I'm liking ZA stuffs too so i picked up their tinted moisturiser & powder.
I got to know a Fab gal, Grace! She cp sleek stuffs for me.. Isn't she sweet! Asking no returns somemore.. Thanks to kind soul like her to fulfil my makeup dream!
Did you start to get curious about my stuffs already!
I finally haul brushes, from EcoTools. I purchased them from my local drugstore (watsons). They have 2 sets on sale, one full size & one travel size. Its so hard to decide so i got two and so far only use the blusher & powder brush.. They are pretty soft.. reviews coming up.
Went shopping with my bestie at forever21 and bought this lovely earrings set. Its really cute just that i wish the roses are smaller haha..
What have you gals bought recently! I'm starting to get warm and ready for more posting!!


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