Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MUSE is coming to town!

Advanced Happy New Year everyone!
Just wana share a piece of my happy news with you gals.
This post is definitely non beauty related... i just got to know that MUSE would be heading here in SINGAPORE for a big night out concert with Rise Against & Saosin. Feeling so Happy!

Here's the link:

All this would be happening on 3 Feb 2010, a concert that i would be looking forward to! Anyone would be attending??
I first got to know of MUSE while watching Twilight and got hooked on their OST. And MUSE did quite a few songs for them so far. I'm loving every bits of it.
Any of your fav event for the upcoming Year 2010?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

EOTD Lunasol Star Shower Eyes #05 Close of Night

Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope you gals have great time preparing for this X'mas...

Recently, i acquired this lunasol palette from Suelynn's blog sale... Its one the item from my wishlist which i was lemming to get. So since she have a blog sale, so i just grab it! Its a lovely palette with my fav kind of neutral shades... simply love this one..

Its a very nice neutral tone palette, which consists of a Orangey gold w/ stardust design!, goldish brown, light champagne gold and deep brown.

Swatch of the shade

my eye w/ Jill stuart eye jelly 03 (platinium satin as base) & SANA liquid eyeliner for liner & wing

this is pic will let you see clearer.

I applied the Light Champagne Gold over my lid
Follow by the orangey gold till the crease

blend in the light goldish brown and keep it below the crease

Lining done with the deep brown

Last line my upper inner liner and lower end using MUFE eyeliner in OL and the lower corner towards eye using MUFE eyeliner 23L. I'm so loving MUFE eyeliner, very lasting and 23L does add more sparkle to my eyes. I use Kiss Me mascara for this look. Now hook on this mascara...
What looks are you gals planning for X'mas night?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Lotree Holiday Giveaway! CLOSED

Hi everyone,

sorry for this late giveaway posting... suppose to have this on when i reach 50+ but too busy so drag till now... hope its not too late! Tried my best to take the best shot of the prize...
This giveaway is specially for those who are interested in Lotree items and yet can't get hold of them.
I will pick the winner using
My Lotree Holiday Giveaway will end 31 December, 2009!
Contest open to everyone (worldwide)

Content of Giveaway:
1 x Lotree SPF21 BB Prime Control Base > 100g
1 x Lotree Eyelash Curler with refill
1 x Lotree Purple Holiday Compact > 4g
1 x Lotree Purple Holiday Fresh Pink Tint > 8ml
1 x Lotree Purple Holiday Gold Shimmers e/s >2.5g
1 x Lotree Long Lash & Curling Extreme Mascara
For one Entry:
1.Must my follower
2.Leave a comment stating one of your most wanted wishlist item
3.Provide me a a contactable email address as i need you to respond within 48 hours
For two Entries:
1.Post about this Giveaway on your blog & provide link in seperate comments

Nail Swatch: ELF #Blush

Hello gals,

I been so busy with work in fact buried in them! But that does not stop me from changing my nail color. This polish is part of the giveaway prize from BirkinBagBeauty weeks ago. I have never try any ELF formula polish before. Heres the swatch and review:

While shaking the polish, i noticed that there is a metal ball inside the polish bottle to help in the blending of the formula. I'm not sure why its named blush as its very goldish and dun relate to its name at all.

With Direct Sunlight

akisa, now i know the feeling of having million dollars shade varnish on my nails now! this shade is really stunning but if you notice there are lots of bubbles appearing on the polish. Luckily i was using Seche Top coat so the finish was not that bad after all.

Under normal room light

I would still like to try ELF series as the price is really reasonable despite the setback of bubbles appearing on the surface. Any other ELF nail shade for recommendation...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mascara Review 11: Kiss Me Long & Curl Mascara

Hi everyone,

been away from the reviewing portion of my blog... too busy recently with my gal school preparation and X'mas! Hows your preparation for X'mas? Need more time for buying gifts, i think.

Here's a mascara review which i purchased in HongKong. Its my 1st Kiss Me mascara. This is the 2nd generation one which promise more substances..

maroon pink packaging with gold flowery design.

bare lashes, with eye makeup done

i'm using Jill Stuart Eye jelly for the shimmers if you ever wonder what i use.

i love this mascara, my lash was lengthen and curl. Even though the brush was a bit stiff.

No clumps, see the lengthening effect

its does curl up my lashes nicely! And its pretty cheap if i'm not wrong as i got it from sasa hongkong.
Now i usually keep 5 mascaras in use at any point of time, so will only do review if the reviewing one fail me or the ok one expired/dried up so that i dun get to waste any..
how many mascaras do you keep in use at a time and how long after opening a mascara you will threw them away?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fabulous Swap Package received from Diane!

Ya, its SwAP post again! haha....

I love doing swap as prices for some stuffs are really cheap and you get to seize the good offer that you can hardly come across. Residing in United States will definitely make me broke.. so guess that's y i'm in Singapore.

I did a swap with the lovely Diane from her Orange To L.A. blog ! She is really sweet to get me my mac collection! I bought some stuffs from her MAC blogsale too.

my order are:

MAC's Hello Kitty Blush in "Fun and Games"
Goddess (LE)
trace gold
pink swoon

Volcanic ash thermal mask (this item is OOS at a lot of store)
Volcanic exfoliator

Base makeup:
Studio tinted moisturizer in light shade
Studio scrupt foundation in nc15

Suntint lip balm in pink tinge

the EXTRAS i got... seems like more than my order rite!
i was amazed at her packing skill as the box was packed leaving no space at all as after ripping opening the packaging and admiring the stuffs, i just can't fit them all back!

closeup on the goodies i got from her!

this is her fav eyeliner and that mascara is new released! Ya i better try this better attempt to buy the lancome or estee one.

YSL lippy and eyeshadow, the packaging is soooo pretty! i can't bear to use it yet..

she got this in Shade #3

seems like absolute match with my new vintage deco JS eye jelly!

she is feeding me on my lip gloss craving.. from NYX and

hello kitty anyone! my gals had already done their booking on the balms already...

this is her fav makeup base, hope they would suit me too... its FULL SIZE item.. (i wana heart he now!)

Queen helene peel off masque, so far only tried their scrub and the mint rinse off masque and i'm loving it!

more lovely blushes and highlights!

She sure knows how to feed me on my addiction.. i had finished shopping for her PART 2 swap... just waiting for a few more stuffs they would be ready to set off, hopefully to reach her by X'mas.
Anyone doing any X'mas swap, i would love to know what you got!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nail Swatch: Esprique Precious PK816

As promised, nail swatch for the esprique precious X'mas edition set polish.
it comes in a mini 5ml packaging, in my opinion its okay as its rarely someone finishes a whole bottle full sized polish anyway. The package is cute, with russian blue cap top with silver polka dots which makes the bottle bling. The bottle body is rectangular shaped which makes it rather neat looking.
During the application, the formula has really smooth texture and coverage is pretty good as well, just two coat its done as you can see below:
the color is rather dazzling which gave me the immediate holiday mood! I need a break who doesn't need one. This shade is very wearable, as most gals love pink like i do.
So what's on your nails this X'mas?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Lovely Package from

Sorry Helen for the late posting on ur lovely package, i received this weeks back as I won the GRANDE Giveaway from BirkinBagBeauty. She was celebrating her 1st year anniversary. If you have yet check out her blog, here's the link... BirkinBagBeauty she love to do coverage on both fashion and beauty.

She wrapped the item individually, which makes me so excited about opening each of them

Presents revealed!

lifecella mask, i have yet try these yet! but heard that they are good

1st eLF polish so excited to try this out

Lioele compact powder, its my shade!

KOSE, lip gloss

Skyn Iceland daily lotion, i'm waiting for my current skincare to hit pan so i can use this...

Banila Co. Shimmery Pact for highlighting

the pic did not do any justice to the actual stuff

this blush looks really cute

Aube palette, i'm keeping this till x'mas EOTD

Cargo blush

By Terry Hydra Reviver, i read review that this can be use as blush due to the color

Colorborn, a korean brand mascara, i love exploring mascaras...

Extras she included, Lolly from Holland and the handmade brooch that she got from Esty.

Lotree bb cream mini, this is my HG and i got to know this thru BirkinBagBeauty posting...

Extras again from her, i'm not a big fan of cats but this journal book is simply adorable

The fashion part of her giveaway! BN topshop bag, i always wanted to get a bag of this size not too big and not too small. Green is a new color to my collection, if you notice, i'm more toward safe colors.

interior of the bag

the bag actually have two side slots, which i can use to put stuffs like phone, cards etc. Now you make me wana look for a matching shoe!

Gota get back to work and work on my next posting!


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