Monday, August 30, 2010

Nail Swatch: MISA Be My Lover

Morning MOnday everyone!

Hows your weekend so far as some of you are still on Sunday while i'm starting my monday. Today's weather is great to start with but i see some drizzle just hope they will stop before i get to lunch hour. I spend my weekend by going through my stash as my drawer is bursting again. So expect a blog sale soon.

I also did my nails, sick of always using neutral shades i got some pinks on my fingers for this week. Imagine i had been using Sephora Metro Chic for the past few weeks to get the executive look but i need some bright colors to brighten my day. So here's my nail:

Its a very pretty creamy blueish pink that reminds me of MAC lady Gaga lipstick. Its a rather retro pink.

I'm loving this unique pink, definitely something different from my usual pinkish collection. What colors are you liking at the moment?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Review: OLAY Total Effects + Anti Aging Eye Cream

Seems like i'm really in mood for posting for this week, now its time for me to blog about this eye cream that i had hit pan on 18 August. I bought this sometime back and as usual found it while organizing my stash.

Olay is a long time brand, i have long heard of this when i was young as its a very available drugstore brand that everyone can access to especially its affordable. The most recent commercial i saw is that they actually claimed their product are comparable with high end brand.

I have some fine lines on my undereye areas, that i'm trying really hard to get rid of. So i pick this Olay Total Effects + anti-aging eye cream.

I used it halfway and i realise i forgotten to take pic of it so sorry to show you the half used condition. It comes in a transparent plastic tub with black cap
(so i can tell how much product is left and not guessing0

Its a beige cream that seems to contain some fine shimmer particles. guess its for brightening purposes as it did not appear to be obvious after applying. Formula was easily absorbed into undereye areas.

My Review:
Fine lines at my undereye areas show no sign of leaving my life even after finishing it. Thats why i say prevention is always better than sourcing for cure. I would say this cream might works for prevention as i notice that my undereye areas did not get worse or i should say no new lines are spotted. I might consider in bagging this again when i found a way to get rid of them and use this to maintain my skin. Its pretty affordable, i got this as part of the promotion pack that consists of a cleanser that cost SGD20+ for the set. The eye cream alone would have cost that much.

I'm currently using its moisturser for my neck, which I'm pleased about the effect so far. I'll be blogging about that soon.

In case you are curious, i'm using Skincology Vitamin K eye cream at the moment (all thanks to my gf from Taiwan). Do you have any recommendation that i should try for fine lines?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Review: @ Nature Tea Tree Pure Pore Freshener EX

Good Morning!

Hows your day so far? I started my day waking to good weather, happy breakfast which consists of my fav sandwich and milk tea.

This is my breakfast for the day!

Back to review time! This round i'm reviewing about a toner i got through my friend from Taiwan. The brand is @Nature, they have a wide range from rose, cypress, lavender, teatree etc. For more info, you can visit their site at

I have acne prone skin which is why i tend to shy away from rich moistursing products and focus more on whitening (to pale those acne marks), oil control and targetted acne products. Which is why i bought this like last year and only use it like now? Its better to be late than never...

I personally like this tea tree toner, it makes my face feel fresh and absolutely no breakouts during the usage period. Its 120ml which lasted for 1+ months for me. And the best part its very affordable at NT199/SGD10/USD7.50. Why affordable range like this don't reach us easily..

As you can see, i had hit pan on this lovely toner. Only left with the plastic bottle. I would definitely recommend for ladies to try this out. For oil control i would say moderate rather than fab guess its tie in with the price tag too?

I start to realise my consumption for toner is rather high like a 120ml for slightly more than a month.. meaning i would need at least 8 bottles (120ml) a year. Currently, i'm using DHC which cost SGD33 each for approx 120ml too.

Whats your toner consumption like?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nail Swatch: OPI No Spain No Gain

Thanks for all the comments dearly! I'm really thanking everyone who still remember me. So i'm gonna strive in bringing more review and makeup post. Here's the post.

This was part of my polish haul in June i think. Only get to swatch on this recently due to work as i often get home really late and set off for work very early before the good quality sunlight is up. So only have chance during weekends. Here's the swatch:

This is a very pretty color, reminds me of beetroot or dragonfruit... (ya food)

Sorry for my ugly toes... no choice as i'm kinda on neutral shades due to work..

Whats on your toes now?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: @NATURE Lavender Detox -White Sheer Plumping Lip Balm

It had been rather long since i review lip balm. I got this lip balm from my friend as she got quite a few for free as part of her taiwan shopping promotion. After giving away some to fellow blogging buddies, i received pretty positive feedback so i decided to give it a try.

This is a taiwan brand called "@Nature" part of a brand development by Niu-er (taiwanese skincare guru). I tried a few of their products which is quite good and its affordable too.

It comes in a practical white plastic that can withstand all bumps. Instructions & Function of product is all printed on the purple label. This lip balm is suppose to lighten lip shade, repair lip line, moisturize your lips. Simply use your fingertips to dip into the pot and dap a little of the product onto your lips.

Here's how the lip balm looks like. Its in fade translucent lavender jelly like. Above shown is the half tested one by me. The lavender scent wasnt as overwhelming as i thought, in fact it just went off after a while. So its definitely not bothering me. The jelly like texture makes application fuss free and after applying i use the excess on my cuticles haha. I'm on this lip balm for close to two weeks, quite liking it and a little goes a long way. If only the application can last me longer as its very liquidity as compare to other balm i used so far so it wear off fairly fast.

I would consider to re-purchase, i wonder if they release this in Rose or other flavors?

Peek into my week 4: Lotsa Food Updates!

HI all,
miss me? I had been taking a blogging break as i'm in need to share some family moments with my kids or you can say i'm lazy.. I hasn't been shopping of late as i just wish i have more than just a handful of 24 hours to use.. Think many of us wishes for that. I've been good in hitting many pans in recent months so if ever i have time to shop i would shop madly i guess.

I have tons of packages waiting to hit the post office! Sorry dearies for being too draggy on this...
Finally i have time to blog, here's my updates!

(left peanut, right cheese)
this is the highly raved japanese formula bread, they have lotsa flavor! i tried cheese, peanut and chocolate one. Its so soft and quite tasty but there is a very strong yeast scent which will bother some of you i guess. As not all of my family members like them.

I'm a huge fan of indian mutton soup, i mean the singapore version. They just taste so good. I always patronize this particular shop in Thomson area as its the only mutton soup without the stench of mutton haha, sound contradicting right... hope i'm not confusing you!

One of my favorite lunch meal, bratwurst sausage with rosti. I know sausages are one of the wrong processed meat but i love it as its a best match with rosti! And of course i complete this meal with a hot english tea...

I love korean drama and also their food. This is the nearest place from my office that can satify my little craving even though they taste just passable. I had the rice cakes plus ramen. after the meal i turned to be the happiest gal around wahaha.

I will be hitting the post office later to mail out the outstanding! I'll be back posting very soon!


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