Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Day Trip | Desaru Fruit & Ostrich Farm

I'm officially in holiday mood when the calendar hit December, instead of going to somewhere far(as i travelled abit too frequent this year) we decided to have a one day trip to our next door neighbour (Malaysia) place. Desaru is well-known for their beach resort & down to earth kampung feel (countryside) despite they are just one hour drive away from the border out of Singapore. Being there make me feel much relax without the traffic buzzing sounds!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Preview | December 2011 Glama Box Christmas Special

Subscription Beauty Box is the HOT topic in the beauty blogsphere since few months ago. I'm glad that finally we could have access to them (not one but 3 brands so far)! Today, I'm introducing to you glamabox that is based in HK but I think they have offices here too. For SGD18 a month you will get 4-5 fashion or beauty products hand-picked by Lisa S (model & wife of Daniel Wu)! You can really expect some kind of surprise as it could be anything from cosmetics, skincare, hair or even fashion products.

This month, its Christmas so its called Glamabox Christmas Special!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nail Swatch | PiCture POlish in Jade

Picture Polish is a Australian Brand that I have never heard of especially when its not available over here in Singapore. All thanks to Evonne for asking me if I'm interested to join the spree otherwise I would missed out on such a gorgeous shade!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mascara Review #19 | ZA Impact Lash Mascara LONG EXTREME EXTENSION

 ZA (baby of shiseido) recently released a new range of mascara that are design specially for  Asian women’s eyes which got me can't help but feel really curious. As their model are all flawlessly pretty!  In order to cater to all kinds of eyelash needs, they have released a total of 3 types of mascaras for this range alone.


Can you tell from the pics above who is wearing what?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Swatch & Review | Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner in #10 Ebene & #83 Cassis

I love using eyeliner as they can define my eyes better & enhance my eye makeup. For formula wise, I prefer pencil to gel as they are much easier to control for beginner like me. I usually use pencil to tightline my inner lashline so the eyeliner would have to be waterproof to avoid panda eyes.

I was introduced to this slightly expensive pencil eyeliner by Amy & Diane sometime back. Since I embark on my first step on this, I didn't look back at all. Its long lasting staying power & waterproof formula just won me over to be their loyal customer. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Swatch & Review | Anastasia Kisses on my list

This is part of my Sephora F&F Haul. I couldn't resist to the choices they picked for this lip gloss collection. Its all neutrals & pink so I have absolutely no reason to try out all. Since I always have the problem of not using some of the shades from lip gloss collection I purchased as they usually mix reds, pinks & neutrals in a pack.

I know that Anastasia is known for their brows products which I have yet venture into but getting attracted to purchase this lip gloss collection might open the gateway for me to try out more things from them

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shopping | Sephora F&F, SUQQU & Illamasqua

Time has passed really fast! We are just days away from Christmas! I'm really lucky that all my much awaited packages had all arrived. All these packages actually arrived on the same day which is like triple happiness for me. Have you started on your Christmas Shopping?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Beauty Haul | Thanks to Evonne!

It had been some time since I last posted anything about Haul/Shopping. Recently, with assistance with Evonne I got hold of some marvelous stuffs from Limecrime, Color Bug, Picture Polish & Ozotic!

Evonne is super nice & organize when it comes to organizing spree! Btw, her store is having a 20% discount so for you people who want to stock up some unique stocking, leggings or even accessories hop on to her store HERE
20% off STOREWIDE! Enter XMAS20 during checkout! New checkered heart stockings up for sale now too! Limited quantities, check out fast!

Nail Swatch: OPI Brand New Skates (Christmas 2008)

Time is slipping away unknowingly when it comes to end of the year. Imagine we are days away from Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year & St Valentine Day! I'm already into the festive mode even though so far my family have no big plans about celebrating it. When I was searching for nail polish this weekend, I found this Christmas shade that was released by OPI back in 2008! I was a beginner into this beauty blogsphere then so these shades are almost new as I'm too scared to wear loud or dark color at that point of time.

Tiny Toybox - Holiday In Toyland Collection (OPI)

Contains: 1 x 3.75ml Glamour Game 1 x 3.75ml Brand New Skates 1 x 3.75ml Little Red Wagon 1 x 3.75ml Don't Toy With Me!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winner for the giveaway!

Hi all,

Sorry that i took so long to get back on the winner for my giveaway.


please contact me at 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hair Color Review: Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring #02 Dark Brown

I decided its time for me to do something about my revealing black hair roots... my hair is in need of touch-up as its creating contrast between my previous hair color and new grown out black hair. Its a hassle I know but thats the price to pay to have colored hair. Bought this Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring on gmarket which looks interesting to try.

By the way, I'm not a colored hair person as I find it a pain to do the touch-up every few months when the black roots start to show. Since I'm already facing something like that rather than ignoring it, re-coloring it sounds fun at the moment to me..

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in #02 Dark Brown

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shopping: Sharing My Shoe Adventure!

Recently, I had been very into shoes. Another of my addiction surfacing, hope I will not get worse and pile up more than what my shoe cabinet can take in. In fact, these are all still in my office as I have no courage bringing them home especially I bought these within 2 consecutive days!

Hasn't share any shopping for quite a while so I thought of sharing these with like minded ones...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Little Giveaway for all! -CLOSED-

Hi all,

Just realized yesterday I have 300 followers already. Even though I'm super lazy in blogging this year, you gals still stay with me. It had been some time since I organized a giveaway so here is what i put together for you:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Review: Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment SPF15

Introducing one of my favourite lip balm that I managed to hit pan totally sometime back. Its also an item that finally made its way to our shore at a reasonable price!

Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15
 (Extracted from 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Nail Swatch: MAC Light Affair (Love & Lace Collection 2009)

It had been a while since I last post a nail swatch. I hasn't got time to look thru new collections and hauling them. Received this polish from a swap via MUA. I like MAC's creamy formula and also love grey tone shade so this is the shade for me.

MAC Light Affair, was released Dec 2009 as part of Love & Lace Collection.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Review: Olay White Radiance Luminous Whitening Blocker SPF50 PA+++ | OLAY高效隔離防曬乳液加強型SPF50

Do you gals use sunblock or suncreen with or without makeup? Seriously I don't until early this year when my gf told me I should as UV are one of the main causes of aging & causing damage to our skin. I usually tell myself I don't need suncreen as my base makeup contains SPF ranging  from 15 to 35. Its an excuse that I always tell myself. The fact is I'm lazy and also quite fearful on how my skin would absorb the sunscreen or not. As I ever encountered some sticky texture sunscreen that makes my face feel very uncomfortable. After the advice given by my gf & reading various reviews on some sunscreen I decided its time to add this into my daily makeup routine.

This is what I picked! Olay White Radiance Luminous Whitening Blocker SPF50 as Dee Hsu was endorsing it, simply can't help as I'm dying to own a flawless skin like her.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lens Review: Geo Medical Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Lens

I love circle lens, what about you? It all started with my first encounter to Freshlook Color Blend (its still one of my fav!). I just can't help but love to see myself wearing different look just because of the change color lens and also how my eyes are widen up or you may say look more awake. Till date, I still prefer blacks & browns are they don't make me stand out from my peers too much to avoid unwanted attention. My office is still conservative about too drama looking people working here. Even falsies are consider too over... so i can only feed my addiction silently.

Tsubasa Masuwaka is one of my favorite Japanese model for Japan Street Fashion look! Especially her famous DollyWink products that you can see her posing sweetly on the packaging! I had tried the her Dollywink products so I hop on to try out her range of circle lens.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Backup/Stocked Up Collection 我的备用/庫存收藏

Hi Everyone,

It had been a long week for me as i have lotsa deadline and work to be rush out so sorry. During the past weekend, i had some spare time so decided to tidy up my stash which is occupying a huge chunk of space of my storage. While doing that, i realised i have quite a sizable back up/stocked up collection. So I'm doing this post to remind myself whats within my stash in case i forget them again.



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Keep Cosmetics Fresh! Cosmetic Calculator Expiry Date Checker 保持化妆品新鲜!你的化妆品还可以使用吗?化妆品有效日期计算器

Hey all,

I chanced upon this website about how to check the expiry date of cosmetics which i find it useful for all of us here! You can easily check out the expiry date of your current cosmetic by keying in the batch no. (usually they are useless no to us shown on the box) into the field on the website and select the brand (although not all brands are covered but majority popular ones are). The cosmetic calculator will show the manufactured date, lifespan, expiry date and remaining lifespan of product immediately!

Website: Cosmetic Calculator
I tried with my MAC Suntint SPF20 Liquid Lip Balm, purchased early last year.

Select brand:
Enter code: B49

Date of manufacture:
April 2009
Shelf life: 36 months
Exp.: 03.2012
OK Expire in 7 months

Its really useful as there are time i do struggle to keep the stash but this got me more determined to clear out expired stuffs!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Package from Taiwan + Review: Shiseido Integrate Lip Balm 从台北带回来的宝贝 + Intergrate 樱花水晶护唇美容液

A very overdue package received from my GF from taiwan early March this year. I'm really thankful to her for always doing my overseas shopping for me despite her busy schedule... Time to unleash my small purchase...


Friday, September 23, 2011

Review: Mentholatum Acne Medicated Powder Lotion

I'm still having a on & off affair with acne on my skin. There are days I'm blessed with the perfect skin that I can do makeup on like an artist painting on canvas. There are also days I'm cursed with the worse breakout that how I wish I don't have to step out of my doorstep. So picking up products that claimed to cure or even prevent acne are always top of my list when it comes to shopping whether is it online of physically.

As my skin tend to drink up toner really quickly so I thought it would be a good idea to try out drugstore #1 Japan Medicated range toner and see if they really deliver? Mentholatum is a commonly known Japanese drugstore range but they actually started in USA not Japan . Anyway, they gain tons of fame in Japan as they produce a wide range of products like my HG BB Cream.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mascara Review 18: Sasa SASATINNIE Super Dolly Powerful Curling Mascara Advanced Formula

Its Mascara Review time! Have you tried any SASA self brand products? This is my first, as i tend to have more confident to products launch by reputable brands or even highly raved ones so I hardly notice their in-house label which is known as sasatinnie...

during my shopping in SASA HK, the SA raved about this mascara and told me this mascara was crowned one of the best mascara in 2010! Meaning I can't miss it right so I bought one to test out and share my review with you.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hair Experience @ Salon De Future (Hong Kong, Mongkok)

I had been to HK countless times for the past few years due to my love for its authentic Cantonese Street Food cum shopping & their amazingly delicious dim sum that never fail to seduce me to visit them again & again. This recent trip was special, I'm there with my Mum & Sis. Its a all new experience without the kids... We shop till almost drop and make a few trips back to hotel during the shopping just to leave down our shopping bags... Lol

On our 1st day in HK, we roamed around the Mongkok Streets without any programme in mind and Mum suggested for haircut or hair treatment. Not that its cheap or something, its just that we have never done that together specially now when all of us are busy working. Its just so hard to have such quality girl time!

Concrete Crumble Nails with Canmake Crack Lac Nail Polish & OPI Skulls & Glossbones

Hey all,

here is the other range of crack effect nail polish that i purchased. This time its Canmake, a japanese brand endorsed by Lena Fuji (she had been fronting canmake advertisement) So far i had only tried their lip gloss and nothing else. I hardly have access to Japanese Brand Nail Polish other than Majolica Majorca i guess...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Review: Paul & Joe Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

My first product from Paul & Joe, its a very feminine Japanese brand, known for their fancy girly floral packaging. Their products are hardly resists by anyone... Actually i been spying on their stuffs but since i have so much makeup i decided to pick something that i would definitely use for sure. Thats the reason why i pick up their Eye & Lip Makeup Remover as i can't live without them to remove my makeup by the end of the day.

Read on for more....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BlogSale Post on various cosmetics & more....

HI all,

Its time for my small de-stashing again...
  • All price are in SGD (Singapore Dollars)
  • Price are inclusive of normal postage (within Singapore), please add SGD2.24 for reg post
  • Overseas Posting at flat rate SGD6.00 regardless of location with tracking
  • Accept local bank transfer or Paypal 
  • Email:

Monday, September 12, 2011

Crash Leopard Toes with Alessandro Go Magic! Wild Crash

Alessandro is a Germany Brand that specialised in providing professional nail products and always strive in creating new ideas for nail design & nail care. I chanced upon this during one of my trips to HK this year. I supposed you would have already seen many similar products with different term used like OPI Shatter, China Glaze Crackle etc... Even though I had already tried OPI shatter but i was still curious about this set that remind me of leopard prints at first sight.

Recently, i did a session of the nail care treatment as my nails look really bad after removing the nail polish so i was on bare nails for the whole of last week, in fact till today... Certainly feel different with my once again strong bare nails...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: Heroine Make Essence in BB Cream 01

This review is super overdued! As i did this purchase last year thru my girlfriend or myself (i can't remember haha)

I had been addicted to various BB cream, while exploring further i got this. Since i heart Kiss Me Mascara so much, i thought i should give this a go too. Its called Heroine Make Essence in BB Cream 01 with SPF30. Upon its launch in Singapore, it had been raving hard on how well it can work.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nail Swatch: A Grape's Fit

 Believe it or not, i hardly venture into special shade like this one throughout my nail polish exploration for the past months or years. It takes a little more courage to go beyond the common shades like red, neutral and the recently tried green... My colleague offered her new purchase for me to try out since knowing i hardly touch on shades like this one below.

Monday, August 29, 2011

My HG/Fav Skincare & Makeup

PDC Oh My God Perfect Gel (6 in 1 Cleansing Solution)
JuJu Aquamoist Moisturizing Washing Foam (tube)

ZA True White Lotion
JuJu AquaMoist Pure Hyaluronic 100% Essence
Lancome Genifique Serum

    Skyn Iceland The ANTIDOTE Quenching Daily Lotion

    L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base

    Bobbi Brown Concealer & Corrector Set

    BB Cream/Foundation:
    Mentholatum Medicated Anti-Acne BB Cream SPF20

    Julie Hewett Cheekie blush in Peachie
    Illamasqua Powder Blush in Lover
    Illamasqua Powder Blush in Hussy
    Illamasqua Cream Blush in Rude

    K Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner 01 Natural Brown

    Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Waterproof
    Maybelline Hyer Curl Volum Express Mascara
    Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara 01
    Kiss Me Long & Curl Mascara

    K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H in Black

    Lip Balm:
    Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine
    Etude House Kissful Lip Pots 
    DHC Lip Cream 

    Hand Cream Review: Cake Beauty Milk Made Velveteen Hand Creme

    Today, I'm introducing to you my favorite hand creme moment! This is no doubt one of my favourite hand creme, delicious smelling and moisturizing that could keep my hand smooth & nourished.  For the scent, its a love at first smell affair!
    I'm not sure if you gals have heard or use products from Cake Beauty, here's the extract about the brain behind this brand:


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