Thursday, October 28, 2010

Swatch & Review: MAC Cremesheen Gloss in BoyBait

I'm sharing with you today on my favourite gloss at the moment. i'm much in love with gloss than lipstick as my lips are rather dry and i prefer the watery glossy finish that only gloss can achieve. After my love affair with tarte ended (when it hitted pan), i was in search for replacement and stop till i found this.

MAC Cremesheen Glass (Boy Bait), was part of the Too Fabulous Range that was released in March 2010.

This is my 2nd piece and above shows it left with 80% after one week of use..

The color is peachy nude, that was perfect for everyday wear.

Swatch (sunlight)

Swatch (Indoor) very creamy

My Review:
I'm really glad that this particular shade is included in their permanent range so i can always have access to it. The NON sticky texture and creamy finishes got me hooked on it almost immediately. As its very wearable for all kind of look that you intend to have.

Price: SGD35 each at Singapore Local MAC Store (Its also quite pricey), USD18 each (USA)

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review: SKII Facial Treatment Advanced Protect Loose Powder UV

Recently, i'm addicted to base makeup of all kinds. Like bb cream, primer, loose power, foundation, concealer etc... As i always wanted to own porcelain skin but lack of time for facial and beauty sleep. So i can only sought for the easy way out which is to perfect my base makeup. I decided to take the plunge to try out SKII loose powder. As i was longing to own skin like QiQi:

so flawless looking skin... she has been a SKII user for the past one decade.

My little loose powder investment made in Aug 2010, the box is big & classy with its signature maroon and sliver color

Clear instructions are indicated on the box, also with the ingredients etc.

Yes, it comes with a pricey tag too. I bought it from my local departmental store Isetan. Amount shown is in SGD.

Even the inner packaging is classy and sleek! The glossy maroon color really attract me wanting to get more of their products.

the powder comes with a fluffy powder puff, filter, and plastic cover (to prevent powder from spilling out)

My Review:
I like this loose powder as its texture is really fine and easily cling onto my skin creating a silky soft finish. But the coverage wasn't much as its main purpose is to set as a veil on skin rather than covering up. I can feel that its light enough for my skin to breathe and yet its protected from the dusty environment. The oil control i would rate as moderate as there are better one out there that focus on oil control. Guess for the lovers of this product would be those who possess healthy or least problem skin ones. I like to use this on weekend as its excellent to work in humid weather like Singapore. After the application, you may see the products still laying on the surface of skin but after a while it melt into your skin and blend into it. making it look absolute flawless.. but it din work well in air-conditioned office environment as its far too dry and i would prefer a better coverage one on workdays. This product is actually double or triple the size of those drugstore one i tried so far. So taking into consideration the quantity, the price of this SKII is only slight expensive than normal.

Even though the price of this powder is on the high side but i'm still determine to find the perfect fit for my skin. Currently, i'm using MAC sheer loose powder and I have Bobbi Brown on my list next (from Jess's Fall Blog Sale)...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review: St. Clare Pure Makeup Cleansing Oil

I finally hitted pan on my giant Shu Uemura Cleansing oil that seems to take forever! I know its good stuff but i'm quite adventurous to try out something new though. So *jump* onto the taiwanese brand.

St. Clare is a taiwanese brand that got themselves notice by me when i chanced upon Fuz's post on their sebum treatment set which i also reviewed: TW St Clare Sebum Treatment Set. My gf saw this was on offer at their drugstore so she bag it back for me.

Guess their signature label color is white & blue.

It comes in a clear slim pump bottle. Love its simplicity design

I took a bit of effort to remove the safety clip from the pump bottle. But its really leak free so for those intending to shop n pack in luggage, worry free!

Ingredients and all other info are stated on the packaging in Chinese.

My Review:
This is a drugstore range item that is not available in Singapore. Its cleansing power, i would rate as average level as i normally will try to use cleansing oil to remove mascara to prove its cleansing power but this cleansing oil stings my eyes. So i gave up after two tries and now only use it for my face avoiding eye area. It does a decent job in removing makeup but i still prefers something that can do all the job including removing eye makeup.

I'm forced to explore eye makeup remover as i wanted to use up this cleansing oil. After trying out, guess what i love using eyemakeup remover & also mascara remover now which i'm gonna cover on it next!

What eye makeup remover are you using or you recommend?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Nail Swatch: Orly Cotton Candy

Hows everyone weekend, mine ended yesterday. So here i am all ready to welcome monday! I did a nail swatch of a popping pink color weeks back when i'm tired of beige..

Its really indeed a popping color, that certainly brighten up my overall look for that week.

I specially took pic of it under natural room light, see how bright it is.

I need to purchase more new nail colors.
My current fav is Majolica Majorca Artistic Nails in BE116 Hot Milk

Can you believe i'm almost hitting pan on this cute little nail polish? I had been wearing it continously for weeks already...

Whats your current fav nail polish?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Review: Freshel Cleansing Cream 250g (Sept 2010 new release)

Guess what, freshel from Kanebo is now officially available in Singapore! Its indeed a piece of good news.. This is a drugstore range by kanebo, i love another range from them call Media (but it was pulled out of SG many years back) Anyway, at least i can reach out to freshel.

But i bought this thru my gf from taiwan last month before knowing that it is onboard Singapore shore. This is their new product which was release Sep'2010 (based on the info provided from


It is promoted as a double duty cleansing product that can also massage your skin in one application.

Description (extracted from kanebo website)

A cleansing cream formulated with soft massaging powder that thoroughly removes makeup, pore-clogging dirt and old keratin, which contains melanin (the cause of dark spots and dullness), all at one time. Gentle on the skin and leaves it soft, clear, and free from dullness, while improving circulation with its massaging effect.

  • Soft massaging powder
  • Fruit acid mixture (exfoliating care & moisturizing ingredient)
  • Adhesive collagen (moisturizing ingredient)
  • Citrus peel extract (exfoliating care & moisturizing ingredient)
  • Orange peel extract (exfoliating care & moisturizing ingredient)
  • * Bilberry extract, sugarcane extract, orange extract, lemon extract, sugar maple extract

Its a heavy tub of goodness waiting to be reveal.

Instructions are printed all over the packaging, so you can expect no instructions manual.

As its for sale in Taiwan, as there is a chinese translated label indicating the content & uses.

They even instruct you how to open the package.

Just have to peel off the corner as per pic.

Japanese are really creative in making this process fuss free.

The back of the tub is printed with some jap words.

Its a top open lid tub, a foam sheet is being in place so no fear of spilling.

In order to reach out to the product, you have to twist open the lid and remove the foam sheet.


Today, i tested its makeup removal power by using Illamasqua blush & majolica majorca e/s

This is the amount of product used.

Within secs of massaging.

Its GONE but i can spot some shimmer residue, do you?

My Review:
Its a refreshing idea to combine cleansing, makeup removal with massaging. I feel that the PDC Oh My God Perfect Gel (6 in 1 Cleansing Solution) perform better on removing the shimmer particles on the skin than this. My skin does feel soft and moisturising all thanks to the fruity & collagen ingredient it contains. The massaging bead is really soft to my skin. This cleansing cream will be good to remove light makeup i guess. I tried it on my face with my full gear makeup, but it was not able to remove my Kiss Me Mascara and shimmer eyeshadow. The overall experience is still good, as my skin feel soft and moisturised after use.

As its recommended by the Beauty Guru (Niu-er) to let our skin have a break once a week. Which is to go without our full daily skincare at night just for one night per week. So i'm definitely gonna use this on that once a week skin breathing day!

Its makeup removal power does not bother me as i'm using Kiss Me Mascara Remover and prefers to use cleansing oil for removing my heavy makeup. Now i'm lemming to try out their cleansing oil.
Its priced at SGD24.00 per tub at Watsons islandwide

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Review: Etude House Kissful Lip Pots

You know how much i heart lip balm, in fact i can't live without them. So i normally would have a few lying around in case of emergency. Few months back, i bought this cute etude house lip balm from Gmarket Korea all out of its cute name & packaging...

It comes in a plastic transparent tub with sweet pink lid.

I bought it in #2, forgotten if this is the shade or what.

The balm is has a pastry buttery scent... And its in yellow...

It shows no color when apply on skin

My Review:
This balm is has a very thick texture but when it come into contact with my fingers they seems to soften and melt probably due to the slight warmth that comes from my fingers i guess. The balm glides really smoothly on my lips and keep them hydrated for hours. Yes, i mean hours... as they are kinda sticky. I would rate their stickiness as 8/10. At least they are transparent, so i could less worries about the stain they might cause. They really lock in moisture especially during the night, i would apply slightly thicker layer on my lips and wakes up with smooth & wrinkle-free lips...

I bought it at USD4+ each, not sure if they have other shades available but i will definitely re-purchase when i'm doing my next shopping at gmarket korea again.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Who doesn't love Handmade accessories?

I'm starting to like handmade stuffs recently, it all started with DSK Jewelry Co.™ which many would know esp those that are active in blogsphere. Another well-known one is made with ekiLove, but her items are so highly sought after usually shortly after the posting all items are grabbed up. Which is why, i have yet own a single pic of her item till date.

the beauty of Handmade stuffs is that, you can be sure its one & only and very original design created solely for you. Less worries of knocking on someone wearing the same thing as you do.

I chanced upon a local handmade brand that is available at my nearby mall while shopping with mt daughters one day. This is what i got.

Adorable looking hairclips for my gals and a pair of pretty rose earrings for me. They are so lovely packed.

They look even more cute once out of the package.

closer look at the clip, she uses really good quality fabric for the clip not to mention the cute prints. Its certainly unique.

The shade that she use are so popping that stands out on the entire look.

This pair of earring caught my attention immediately as its so finely detailed and has such a delicate look.

She printed her contactable details on the little paper slips which makes part of the packaging.

Here's a close up on how the clip looks when its open.

I'm loving the earrings and looking forward to collect more shades of it. The price are affordable for handmade. Its really durable to wear too.

For your info, i'm not affiliated to this lady making these items. This post is done purely out of appreciation of these cute little handmade stuffs that i got from her.

Friday, October 1, 2010

My Illamasqua Lover Blush got hurt!

I have been loving this peachy matte blush from Illamasqua which has brighten my everyday look. Making my cheek looks so healthy glowing! But it started to show slightly more than hair line cracks in the middle for some reason, guess its all due to my everyday bumpy bus ride.

I'm Using: Kuan Yuan Lian Cucumber Water

I had read so much raving over this affordable brand, Kuan Yuan Lian! Its a native Taiwanese barnd that started to gain popularity due to its price tag and also its natural ingredient. I had tried its green bean powder mask, all thanks to cambo soup's review.

It was a pretty good mask that improve my combination skin type. So i decided to take a second step in trying their all natural Kuan Yuan Lian Cucumber Water or Toner you may call. Yes, its all written in chinese, the packaging and instruction & content.

This is the trial size bottle, i purchased the 75ml twin pack to try.

I would say the packaging is just a simple plastic bottle with green and white.

This is what i mean when i say its all in chinese.

This nozzle is good for you to control the amount you need.

Kuan Yuan Lian Cucumber Water
Price: USD3.80 for 2 x 75ml

Description (extracted from
Kuan Yuan Lian Cucumber Water is extracted from natural cucumber stem. It does not contain any additive. It instantly replenishes skin with soothing and hydrating essence. Leaves your skin refreshed, soft and refined. Suitable for skin after sun exposure.

My Review:
This toner is free from alcohol and maintain my skin hydrated specially when i need to put on makeup for long hours. Its certainly cooling to skin especially straight after hot shower. Sometimes i like to use them to wet the cotton pad and just lay a few of the soaked wet ones on parts of my face (drying/peeling areas) so that these areas can be moisturized enough for me to apply makeup for them. As i have problem applying makeup at dry areas of face as it will make them look as if its flaking off... One more thing, its fragrance free so you need not worry about being irritated by the fragrance.


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