Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review: Majolica Majorca Majoromatica F

Hi all,

I'm back to operation after being away for 2 weeks for my mid year break. I had hauled quite a bit again so will be de-stashing this weekend on mostly blushes & glosses... so stay tuned for that.

NOTE: Normally i seldom head to town or even to mall when i'm here in Singapore as my work & family schedule doesn't allow me to have such luxury shopping time. So if you see things that i'm blogging about purchased in HK or any other online sites doesn't mean they are cheaper as i got them mostly for convenient sake.

My 1st scent/perfume review!

I chanced upon this one when i was in HK sasa... while hunting for the Ed Hardy perfume. I tried it and like it immediately becoz of the fruity sweet smell...

Since mine was HK version so all description are in chinese so i tap on the english version description from Majolica majorca SG website. The scent is truly fruity follow by slight floral and maintain a long lasting sweetness...

Simple directions on how to use it.


The bottle wasn't in total red which makes me wonder if this is the right thing i'm blogging about. Then i got to find out this is the 2nd generation one, with a 'F' behind its name which means Forest Fruit. After tally with the chinese version description, i'm sure its the same kind of stuff.

Something from the instruction that i missing from the site, make sure the cap is always twist tightly as the scent might fade off.

The texture of this product is towards watery serum kind.

Price: HKD168/SGD23.90
Content: 20ml
I can't describe how much i LOVE this sweet scent. Its easily to bring along anywhere, dun really need any touch up as its pretty long lasting. A little dab goes along way so i guess if i would depreciate in that manner, the price is affordable. So far the scent stays all day for me,usually i dab 2-3 drops on my wrist and rubbed behind my ears and neck. I must say its one of the best product i heart from Majolica Majorca.. And i never thought they would realise fragrance... For your info, i had always been a fan of Anna Sui Love, Ed Hardy Love Kills... so if you happen to like these 2 scent, majoromatica might be the scent for you.

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