Thursday, October 25, 2012

In Love with Seoul

I'm back from my well-deserved holiday after doing months and months of research about this vibrant city! Ever since the invasion of K-pop & K-drama, I had make plan to visit Korea one day! But the plan usually falls through due to weather (kids can't go when its freezing cold or crazy hot), language barrier (how to place order for food or even take transport?), feedback given by friends who dislike korea culture in the first place (i wonder why they choose to go then "O_o) etc

this time round, we (mum, sis & i) decided to choose korea over taiwan for our once a year ladies getaway! Its proved to be an awesome choice after all! NICE!

Firstly, we carefully select on the dates (oops, actually i missed checking out as we happened to chance upon their Chuseok aka thanksgiving day and its also Mid-Autumn_Festival. Interesting to know that we share a same celebration date as the koreans. Happen to be there on this day is a good and bad choice which i will share later.

Weather, I would say its probably the most comfortable weather to do our shopping and sight seeing. As its very cooling 11-18 degrees celsius, we are able to keep ourselves warm by wearing slightly thick cardigan as compared to visiting in winter wearing bulky winter clothing and more around like a bear. Despite hours and hours of walking and shopping we do feel cranky or tired at all.

We must admit, we love every bits of korean cusine except the food for the brave which we skipped of course. The concept of serving ice bottled water before you even place your order is my favorite if only shops in Singapore does that too. Their wide variety of side dishes are our favorites... too much fav already. BBQ, fastfood, ginseng chicken soup....

Travelling in korea is a breeze as signboard are well put up everywhere, maps are given out by volunteers in red at most tourist attraction subway station or even on the streets (they move around) to assist and give direction. These volunteers can speak english, chinese & japanese so I'm always excited to see them at the entrance of the subway giving out a more detailed and updated map of the area I'm visiting. We only tried taxi, bus, subway, cable car and even KTX (speed train).

The highlight of the trip apart from food is definitely shopping! Things are affordable right in korea, now I'm feeling regret about holding back on some skincare (T_T). Korean gals seem to be blessed with both flawless and reasonably priced skincare that works.. I need more masks after trying some, oh no! Their stationery shop is a Must to visit if you like cute stationeries, tapes etc. My mum love their daiso and visit almost every single branch we pass by during the trip.

Just weeks after our trip, we decided to plan another trip to Korea next year again! I know its too soon to make such advance travel plan but we really LOVE the place!

I will do organising my pictures and do up more post on the trip so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading....


  1. Yay! I'm glad to hear it worked out well and that you ladies had a great time! Ohh I totally forgot about your trip overlapping with Chuseok but I think it must be nice to be there during one of their big holidays! I am excited to see your hauls! I know I feel the same way too. When I was there, I hauled so much that I held back a bit (it's scary to see how fast money disappears when hauling on vacation!), but now, there are things I wish I had picked up while I was there (limited edition, hehe, not things I need but just want, lol).

    I can't wait to see all of your pictures!

  2. wowow, I love travel stories and Korea is on my wishlist. Funny that you commented that Lotree was so hard to find in Korea: perhaps only in the speciality shops.


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