Monday, January 25, 2010

My Favorite Gloss Moment!

Hi all,
Hope everyone is enjoyed the wknd,i had been rather lazy recently as i have not even post anything for last week. I've been busy as usual as my gals are still adapting to their schooling schedules. But at least i managed to do up this post to have a highlight of gloss that i like & current loving and wishlist to own.
If you know me long enough, i'm a blush & gloss person. Its almost NO WAY, you can catch me without them. So here's the post:

MAC Lustregloss in Flusterose (describe as Mid-tone rosepink)

It was so much better than my 1st experience with their lipglass in Fleur (that was so sticky!). This formula glide really smoothly on my lips and giving them shine.. I'm always using candy pink or nudey shades for my lips but this gloss definitely changed my views. And the plus is that its scentless. I'm gonna pick more of these for my next shopping, maybe the creme one too.

Tarte Lip Gloss in Sheer Cotton Candy Pink

I bought this Crown Jewels Lipgloss Multi-Gift Set its just one of the many lipgloss in it.
This is a creme lipgloss, i would say this is my 1st time trying out a creme one. YES i'm loving it. The scent is pretty good, not sure how i would describe it, anyway its pleasant. The formula is NOT sticky and you can apply very easily and smoothly on your lips.

Estee Lauder High Gloss in Honey

This is a nudey brown with gold shimmer, one of my fav when i'm want to go for everyday look. As its so wearable for all occasion but it does make me feel pale if you dun apply enough blush Lol. Initially i was bothered by the perfumed scent but as times goes by i'm used to the scent so dun pick this if you dun like perfumed product.

Swatch in Roomlight

Swatch with Sunlight
List of gloss, i'm lemming for right now:

Heard so much rave about NARS blush, i wonder hows the gloss..

so far, i'm loving their eyeliner. Is their gloss as good as their eyeliner...
Love the packaging, so sweet looking..

Creme lip gloss newly launched from Kat Von D range.

You know how i heart their blush, so i'm definitely curious about their gloss.
whats your fav or dream gloss for now?


  1. All the colors look super cute but I don't know why glosses never work for me^^;

  2. Illamasqua's gloss has such an unique packaging!

    My favourite for now is definitely I Nouvi's Velvetshine :)

  3. I'm waiting for my NYX nude lip palette to come in :D

  4. The Illamasqua gloss looks so cool! :D I don't have a favourite gloss at all, somehow I always seem to pick the sticky ones. XO

  5. Thanks for reviewing these lip glosses, very informative! I love all 3 colors^^

  6. tarte color turn out to be so nice!

  7. Hey Hun!

    I've never been into Estee Lauder glosses but your making me want that lipgloss in Honey.

    The Illamasqua glosses are cute I like them because they look crazy dramatic in the tube but on they are sheer and pretty, well at least the two I have are. =)

    I have heard great things about NARS lipglosses, you need to try them!

  8. I absolutley adore pink lipglosses :)

  9. I also want to try those Nars gloss.....are the tarte & estee lauder gloss sticky???

  10. I heart MAC lipglosses and need to try Flusterose. :)

  11. my favorite gloss right now is NARS! i recently got addicted to them not too long ago because I love their formula, not sticky and creamy! My fav right now is NARS in dolce vita, it looks like it would be a dark color but on the lips its a nice creamy pretty :)

  12. Ooh, Flusterose looks so pretty!

  13. Thank you for sharing Siz, those are all the natural tones I love!!! ;) it's lovely!!! :)

  14. Oh those are all really pretty lip glosses, thanks for the reviews and the swatches. :) Tarte Candy pink is gorgeous!

  15. Wow so nice colour and selected Lip glosses items!I really like this Creme lip gloss colour!!I will buy soon for my wife....she will happy!!!
    r4 revolution


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