Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nail Swatch: Maybelline Salon Expert (710) Sunlit Bronze

Its time of the week again, today went on pretty fast for me. Great weather!

I got this nail polish from Amy, during our last swap during X'mas'09. Love this shade, it reminds me of the ELF blush that i swatch previously but this is bronze compare to the other goldish color.

Formula rather smooth, not sure about the drying portion as i used to applying my quick dry top coat.

This shade reminds me of tanning on the beach. Its a pretty color and the squarish bottle make full use of my drawer space. As i'm starting to fill up my drawer already.

Another shot of it with sunlight.

Now, i'm getting tired of pinks & gold or bronze... i would soon venture off for different colors to shake off the boring nail collection i have. Imagine, whenever i put on new color no one would realise this is actually a new color haha...

Any recommendation on what kind of color i should start with?


  1. that color is amazing! I love how it stands out on your nails. (:

  2. Nice color,Sizbelle!!! I think I will purchase this color too if I pass by Maybelline's counter.

  3. you should definitely explore some more fun colors like purple, corals, and bright pinks!

  4. What a lovely color! :) How about reds?

  5. Pretty, alhough I prefer matte, not pearl nailpolishes. However I really like this shade.
    hugs xoxo

  6. Hi Karen!

    Oh this nail polish is very pretty, it reminds me of a great day on the beach! It looks similar to OPI Cozu-melted in the Sun if you've seen that, both are beautiful.

    It's cool that you're going to try new colors. I recommend going for dark blues and purples. My current favorite is OPI Merry Midnight:

    and OPI Mad as a Hatter

    These are pretty extreme though haha, maybe you should start off slower and try OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue. ^^ Look forward to your next post.

  7. This colour looks amazing on you! :) I'm currently into purples, powder blues and mint greens. :D

  8. Fabulous color! I'm loving bright reds, hot pinks, and neon colors like electric blue, and yellow! :D

  9. Hey Karen! I asked the hubs about the red nails and he said it's true. But I think we should just paint whatever color we like and not worry about men. :)

  10. Yeah, I know. I think those double-finger rings were inspired by those gangster thingy's lol
    But I LOVE them.
    Aww when I meant "matte", I meant those satin, creamy colors. Without metalic/pearl shine to it. (not this new matte collection by OPI)
    I absolutely adore the nailpolish you have by OPI, Metro Chic. I want it too, but it's avaiable only in the US. I also like Chinchilly by Essie. It's that grey color I showed on my blog once.
    Much Love Sweetie :)

  11. Wow what a shine of colour!I just love nail with colour.I like most Avon shining nail colour for my wife.But here I saw nice colour ,I will gift this soon.
    r4 revolution


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