Sunday, July 25, 2010

Swatches: Part of my Operation Blush Project

Its Saturday now and while i'm typing and editing the pictures its almost Sunday... I decided to do some swatches post on blushes i'm using as part of the project i'm doing now.

The first one is Majolica Majorca Blush, Its a affordable and pretty packaging Japan drugstore label that i have access too. I'm always attracted to their packaging.. Here's the Blush and Highlighter i used.

Its in longish shape which is very different compare to the usual round or rectangle.

I had them in Taiwan & Singapore version which explains the diff in the explanation label.
This is what i'm attracted to.. can't resist the embossed logo.
The blush comes in a transparent slot case that makes storage easier.

Singapore version will print the manufactured & expiration date on the case itself.

Close-up pic of the highlighter.

This is an earlier version of blush they had, Majolica Majorca Dolly Spice, its limited edition & discontinued.

This contains 2g of product which is not much but the pigment are quite intense and lasting.

Just to show you roughly how it looks after extracted from packaging

MAC Bi-Tone which Amy got for me during my last package from her!

Its my 2nd Mineralized Blush from MAC..

I got this blush from Amy too, its a thai brand which i'm always curious about!

The blush comes with a brush.

The ingredient list for those who might be interested.

Swatches of the blush (click for larger view)

I got these KATE blushes a while back and only have time to do swatches now.

The info label are mainly in chinese are its bought in Taiwan, but now its readily available in Singapore, YES KATE has reaches Singapore!

I bought both the orange & pink one.

Swatches of the KATE Cheek Blush, its more sheer & contains slight shimmers.

Haveyou been neglecting your blushes like i do? Try this project and you might rediscover your blush once again!


  1. Hi dear! How have you been? Great blushes, thank you for the swatches!


  2. You have such great blushers collection!

  3. The Majolica blushes are soo cute! I love how the loose one is called Dolly Spice and comes in a little shaker hehe. :D

  4. gosh you've got nice blusher collection!!! and the Majolica ones are cute!!! makes me wanna get those... sadly I've got only 2 blusher in my current collection *sob sob*

  5. Thanks for the swatches! The Majolica blushes are so pretty! :)


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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