Monday, July 26, 2010

Review: Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer

HI gals!

Ya its MOnday! i would say near too missing but work is definitely not taking me away from this lovely blogsphere... Just a fast catch-up and whats going on recently, i had been hitting an rather frequent these days and silently finishing up products which i'm very proud of!

I had hitted pan on the bareVitamins Prime Time Eyelid Primer think a month ago, so i decided to try out my new buy thru Amy! I like Kat Von D, i mean i love her show, personality and of course her makeup line.
Even the packaging is so nice, with her signature stars!

Not forgetting the tube itself too!

A close up of the tube.
At the top of the cap, you can find her initial on it, the cap is made of a rubbery texture material. So i easily stain it with my fingerprints on as i put on my foundation using fingers.

This texture of this eyelid primer is richer as compare to the Bare Vitamins one i used.

The finishing of the primer on my hand.

I'm a sucker for packaging that's why i pick this up before going further for reviews. Now i had read both good and bad about this product, guess all items will have fair share of these comments. I personally feel that, this might not be the best eyelid primer but i would say its passable in holding them in place and maintain the blingness of the eyeshadow i'm wearing. As for creasing, i would say slight as i usually wear my full makeup for 10 hours & above for each day. So i notice that it creases at times... The texture is richer like a concealer, and has a mattifying finishes. This product only comes in one shade which i think might not suit darker skin due to the thickness of the formula. I might give this product a miss than re-purchase...

ANY recommendation for eyelid primer? or share with me the one you are using now.


  1. i know what u mean, I love the packaging. Part of a product's beauty is in that! too bad it isn't as good as

  2. I'm totally a sucker for packaging too, but I have such trouble with eye primers that I'm particularly non-adventurous with them lol. I still layer UDPP and either MAC Painterly paint pot or Shu P Beige cream eyeshadow as my eyeshadow base. UDPP alone only keeps my shadow from creasing for about 5-6 hours and Painterly lasts 3ish, Shu P Beige can last 6 hours by itself with minimal creasing in the inner corner, but the combination of UDPP plus one of them lasts 9+ hrs easily for me. Except with NYX and UD Deluxe shadows where they fade and crease no matter what I try... =/

  3. LOL I always buy products for packaging too! Although now I'm trying to read reviews before buying, hehe. I've heard quite nasty things about the Kat Von D line, basically that it's repackaged Sephora stuff. But from your review, this one isn't actually too bad, esp if it holds up in Singapore weather. LOL.

  4. The packaging is really pretty! Too bad it's not as good as it looks. I'm using UDPP and love it :)

  5. Glad I checked your blog out before I bought it. I thought it looked great at first.

    PS I am going to feature you as my Featured blogger on Friday. Check it out.

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  7. I haven't tried this primer yet, thanks for the review. I love Kat Von D, too bad not all her products can be perfect. I personally still love the bareMinerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer but when I ran out last month I switched to the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I don't know which one I like better.

  8. I wanted to buy this haha! :P I'll probably still get it just because of the packaging :p


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