Monday, January 31, 2011

Nail Swatch: Essie A-List & updates

Hallo everyone,

I had finally plucked up enough courage to start blogging again. As my laziness overcomed me recently. Work, family and many more. I went on a short trip to Bangkok just this month to rest my mind a little and managed to meet up with Zoe. Its really fun meeting her and also my short trip.

Its almost Chinese New Year! Which is supposed to be one of the big event here. A festival full of food, joy and lotsa gatherings... not to mention new clothings, makeups and hairdo stuffs...

Chinese New Year preparation got me to rediscover RED again. This is spotted on my nails...

I got this polish from my secret swapper fren from US... you know who you are!

Its a really pretty refreshing shade that stands out of the crowd immediately and got all attention is needed! haha This red makes my skin looks even fairer that reminds me of MAC snow white range.

I'm definitely more open in using bright shades than before all thanks to the blogger world which expose me with all kinds of swatch and sample pics that unusual shades can be very office friendly too! I'm wearing another shade of red from Beauty Buffet which i'll post it up soon!

Cya and happy holidays!!


  1. Beautiful, vibrant red!


  2. As a lover of red polish, I must try this shade! =D

  3. Anything that makes my skin fairer is a MUST get hahaha~ Thanks for recommending A-List my dear Karen!!

  4. Yay for meeting up with Zoe, that must be really fun :)
    This red polish is definitely suitable for CNY :D Happy CNY to you!


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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