Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: NEW Bobbi Brown Concealer & Corrector

Hallo everyone!

I'm officially back from Vacation! this is my 2nd break of the year, guess its to pay back for what i missed last year & the extra long hours since i started on this job.
When i was in Hongkong for the part 2 of my vacation, i met up with Jenn (HK Blogger). She is really a kind soul who went all the way to help me get the limited edt Jill Stuart Perfume that i might miss upon arrival to HK. And she also fork out personal time to meet me & show me around for shopping. Initially, i have absolutely nothing in mind but then after we walk past Bobbi Brown counter. I was so attracted by the new ad! TADAH! after a trial of it, i decided to bag the set on the spot. So this review is born! Bobbi Brown Concealer & Corrector Set

I had been lemming for this set as correcting & concealing dark circle had been my long time wish. Color match by the SA.

Can you see how anxious i was to take these pics in the hotel in HK

My bare eye with dark circle! and fine lines too

They look slightly better after applying the corrector

The concealer coverage was mid but managed to cover it up

after applying the pale yellow powder


Bobbi Brown Concealer & Corrector Set
Creamy Concealer: HKD330/SGD59
Corrector: HKD330/SGD41

Can't you tell how much i love this concealer set! I was quite skeptical when i saw the advert about how amazing it would perform. That's what kept me lemming and no action until i was given a chance to try it. I saw the difference immediately and was like WOW! Its pretty easy to apply on even though i was told to use a brush for the corrector & concealer. After several experiments, the best way is to apply with brush and using my finger to dap slowly around my eye area to make sure it blend in. Maybe the slight warmth on my finger make it so call melt into my skin. I had been using it for about 1 week plus so far no mid day touch up require at all.


  1. nice!!! : D I got this too, but i'm still on the NARS concealer duo! > <

  2. Wow, your dark circles are gone!! I want to try this too! ^_^ But I'm not sure if it will work on me because my dark circles are darker than yours =(

  3. I am dying to get this. I have the old versions of the corrector and concealer however it'd be great to have them in the one palette.

  4. great concealer! i want it now :)


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