Friday, April 29, 2011

Mascara Review 15: Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara 01

I had always been a fan of Kiss Me mascara, it was once my HG mascara before i hop on HR again. As i realised the formula sold by different countries produced varies quality. When i saw this new release mascara in SASA HK, i picked it up for purchase immediately. I'm curious the two sided brush could do...

At least the instruction is in both English & Chinese for all to understand.

On the back of the packaging, there is a japanese explanation of the use of the brush

The tube for this version is slightly plumper as compare to the previous maroon one.

Here is the two sided brush i mentioned earlier. It consists of a tiny comb for applying the mascara onto your lashes and the brush like bristles are for you to brush them evenly on your lashes and for some kind of pulling/lengthening effect.

My bare lashes, they are short and sparse by nature

With just one coat of the mascara, i'm impressed! are you?

There is simply no clumps in between my lashes. It certainly look lengthen from this angle.

The curling power is pretty good too.

Price: HKD98/USD15.50 (
Can you tell how much i'm in love with this mascara that i neglected my HR mascara since i started on this. I love how intense the black is on my lashes and how easy it is to achieve the lengthening effect. On the downside, i was quite bothered by the bulky brush bristles that i stain my eyelids for each application till i was real mad at it. But then again, the effect makes me lemming to use it. As days goes by, practice did make things perfect for me. I got used to the brush.


  1. i heard great things about this mascara! :) thanks for sharing!! it does look awesome :D

  2. That is truly a BIG difference!! :) Glad you got this!!

  3. Hello!! This mascara seams realy good, i have shorter eyelashes and they are really straight too, so i'm always searching for new mascaras thay do what they promise, volume and lenght, but this one seams to be really effective. This mascara is only selled where you live? Or we can find it in other places?

  4. Wow! This mascara sounds like a miracle. How does it compare to the Long & Curl one? I was about to repurchase when I found this. I could've bought both but that would be a waste since one tube of mascara lasts pretty long on me.

  5. Susy: I hasn't visit mall nearby me to check if they carry this particular one. But if u wan, send me mail I'm heading off hk next mth again. Could cp for u or u can purchase directly via

    Frckls: I stop loving the long & curl mascara after trying this out. I think the formula for this one is thicker, color more intense & long lasting as compare with long & curl. In order not to waste I'm using long & curl for lower lashes or hard to reach corners.

  6. Oh my, looks great! I got the other regular one in the red tube...can't wait to try it out...I'm not a huge fan of brush wands but I heard far too many good things from our asian eyed bloggers and friends!


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