Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mascara Review #20 | Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus (Mignight Blue Black)

I missed the launch of this collection last year so it ended up to be my first haul for 2012. Majolica Majorca collection are always filled with dreamy fairytale concept. This winter collection is called "Glass Trick" which immediately relate to me about Cinderella.

I'm quite disappointed as I was looking forward for their blush collection but no blush for this round. They launch a mascara, hand cream, two lipgloss & one gel nail coat. All are limited edition though.

Since I happened to be at the mall (yes, I hardly stop by any mall as online shopping are more convenient for my case)
Here's the limited edition mascara kit I picked up.
(makeup pouch + mascara)

Frankly speaking, I'm more attracted to the packaging.

According to the website, this mascara contains sparkling pearl shimmer that could compliment your mysterious eyes look (eg. smoky eyes). Its mentioned that this mascara can be use as eyeliner? I'm not sure about this.

Lacy blue pouch + Blue Mascara

This pouch can be use as a wristlet, thanks to the detachable sling of the same color.

Love their classic design!

Not sure about previous range, but this one seems to contain much much more fibre.

can you spot the sparkly blue glitters?

this is just one coat, see how much of fibres I get to apply on my lashes.

the blue shimmers are more obvious when I swatched on my skin than on paper.

Price : SGD25.90 (thats the usual price of one mascara, meaning the pouch is free)
Available: Watsons

My Thoughts:
Majolica Majorca Mascara is best known for their long lasting, it fact its such a chore to remove. I ever went for a swim with their signature mascara (simply no smudge or sign of flaking, not to mention the long lasting curl). That's the reason I hardly lust of their mascara due to the removal process but this blue thing just attract me to give it a try. I did, and I love the muted glam touch on my lashes which I would have no problem wearing it for daily office routine. Who says only drama queen can enjoy the glam & bling. Imagine your lashes twinkle in the night lighting as though you are a star? Aside that, I personally feel that the fibre for this range is MORE, meaning I could layer for longer lashes. A bit of spare time is pre-requisite before you want to own this mascara as layering takes time.

Even though this is winter collection, but the rainy season here makes me feel that winter season has just arrived.

rest of the items I picked from this collection. reviews coming up!


  1. This is great stuff, but oh so hard to remove! Suqqu eye makeup remover defo helps! Love the colour!

  2. Excellent and fantastically thorough review! This colour is really high on my wishlist and I hope Adambeauty will get this one too, otherwise I should go for bobodave

  3. Yeah, i would agree that this mascara is such a pain to remove. >.<

    But I really like the blue color and of course the free pouch that they give out. Cute!

  4. Oh wow!! I saw that and wasn't sure about picking it up, I've tried colored mascara but they made my lashes completely opaque bright blue which was fun. i think the next thing I need is that...and I've been dying to try that gloss gel top coat! Must buy while the sale is still on! :)

  5. Aw you're so lucky to have access to this! We can get it here at some Asian shops but the prices are so jacked up. :( Love your lashes!! :)

    (Thank you!)

  6. I wonder how to use the mascara as eyeliner using the same brush


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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