Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review | Freshlook Colorblend Amethyst

Sorry for the pause, I'm finally back on blogging mode...

I LOVE color lens as they seems to enhance my overall look and makes me look different despite the fact I'm always sticking to the same old makeup theme (neutral). Other than buying lens online, I love Freshlook range of lens from my favorite optical shop. Freshlook have one of the most comfortable lens which I could barely feel them on. Not to mention the wide range of shades available.

I'm starting to take baby steps from being just a neutral shade person so Amethyst was my choice for this round & it turns out really well...

Read on....

I'm consider really lucky to have the same power for both eyes, meaning I can try out more shades without digging deep into my pocket & if i encounter colors I don't like I could just try it once so nothing come to waste.

usually the expiry date are way long to go to ensure freshness & more reason to stock up on their promotion.

 Amethyst: Purplish Grey shade

closer view: you can notice they are a few tiers of color forming this lens

I simply love this paired with my dark brown eyes.. definitely not too loud to wear on daily basis.
From afar, it look greyish and closer view you can spot the little tint of purple.

Note: this is monthly lens

My Review:
I heart this shade very much, at least for now. something different from my usual black dolly circle lens or even my brown lens from them. They are very comfortable for long hours wear (I'm wearing them on 10 hours average per day, sometimes more even though its not recommended). Surprisingly, this shade matches my new hair color, natural brown pretty well. The multi-coat layering of colors make my eyes look different from distant to near view. I would definitely getting more of their other shades to try out as they have a wide range to choose from. The price of their lens are affordable & they have lotsa promotion on-going so stocking up during sales period is a must.

Other than above satisfactory views, I would also want to highlight so as to provide the lightweight wear experience the material used for this lens are kinda soft & fragile therefore extra care must be observe to maximize the full lifespan of this monthly lens. Apart from this, I would recommend this lens to all.

Do note, please seek advice from your optician before purchasing any lens.


  1. I love it! :) It looks very pretty! Very dolly :D

  2. Gorgeous and quite natural looking!

  3. Oh lovely...I've tried the green, hazel and gray from that line...all look real natural and suit asian skin and eyes really well. I think that purple looks even more natural than the gray did on me! Have fun with them! :)

  4. Hon where did you buy this? I cant find them in stores as they say its discontinued :( !
    Please do share where you brought them! Thanks <3

    1. Hi,

      are you serious? I bought them at my nearby optical shop. Its located at Nex Serangoon.


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