Monday, August 6, 2012

Travel | To Bangkok & Back July 2012

Hallo everyone! It has a  while since I last posted my update. Last month, I headed to Bangkok for a really short but fun trip with friends (for my friend's wedding). But I'm only posting bits & pieces of my adventure rather than my friend's wedding details.

Our first drink of the trip. A refreshing ICED tea from a roadside hawker..

Somehow they made this beef vermicelli soup very tasty. 
It taste so different from the usual one I tried in Singapore. 
by the way, their food portion is really small, more reason to eat in variety! 

 This burger is not in our local menu so took the chance to try it out.

 I noticed, the local likes energy drink like red bull etc. This READY is another kind of energy drink.

We bought this custard puff from the nearby bakery. 
Its sort of highly raved by the local as we observed long Q a few time when we pass by the bakery

 Our trip is in need of some thai food so we pop by this thai restaurant despite the fact the mall is flooded with lotsa Japanese Restaurant. ^O^

 This is MINE! I'm a instant noodle lover so instead of pairing the green curry with rice I opt for dry instant noodle. Its really Yummy but much spicier than what I can get in Singapore.

prawn cake with sweet chilli 
Their prawn cake taste just right with hint of lemongrass which reduce its oily taste.

 Can restaurant in Singapore serve good drinks with crushed ice or small ice cubes like this one.
It makes the drink much chill as compared to those huge chunky cube of ice.

 One of my Fav dish: Seafood Vermicelli Salad. 
Its so spicy that it kept my tongue burning for quite a long time.

 The bland shrimp fried rice which I would recommend you to drop from your order list. 
As its super tasteless for a fried rice.

Lastly, our accommodation! Its far from luxury but definitely cosy to stay in.

  I admit the bed is really hard but for someone who is so damn tired after all the shopping. 
Its still a decent bed to sleep in. Side note: the bed is big as 3 of us shared this room.

 The room is quite clean which I'm pleased with. 
 The price we paid is inclusive of this simple spread of breakfast!
finally, here is me wearing Dollywink fake lashes during the trip.


  1. Oooo fun trip! I love Bangkok too....I live for spicy Thai food ;)

    1. I love spicy food too, even though their authentic version are way too much for me to take on.

  2. all the food looks so yummy! makes me want to visit thailand soon :)

    1. They are! share with me if you really visit thailand!

  3. Have really missed you! ^^


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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