Monday, June 18, 2012

What's on my nails | Glitters + White Tips by OPI teenage dream & YSL white polish

I love to paint my nails, it had silently become part of my weekly routine since 2 years ago. Some people finds it a hassle to remove, wait, apply, wait & apply... Personally I feel confident to wear beautiful colors on my fingertips, its usually bold colors these days like turquoise, blues, glitters, holo, neon pink, vampy red... 

This time round, I did a pink glitters with white tip!

I use:

Alessandro Top Coat (as base)
OPI Teenage Dream
YSL white polish
Orly Rockerchick
Seche Quick Dry

know how:
  1. Apply base coat on nails 
  2. Brush on 2 coat of pink glitters (OPI Teenage Dream) so that the pink tint will shows
  3. Use white cream shade (YSL white polish) to trace a slightly thicker white tip (you can based on you nail white shape which is usually a curve
  4. Touch up some glitters on the plain cream white color by applying transparent glitters (Orly Rockerchick)
  5. Lastly use a top coat (Seche Quick Dry) & DONE! 

Hope you enjoy my short post!


  1. Replies
    1. i love when its look dazzling under the sun!

  2. I also overly looveee glitter polish! ♥

    New follower here,

  3. You need to do a nail tutorial some time :D what kinds of base coats you use, top coats.. etc! I am very interested in it. I just started getting into nail polishes and manicures at home :D

  4. I love your nails!


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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