Thursday, June 18, 2009

My arrived order from Transdesign yea!!

I'm so excited to share this, i placed order for some new polishes to add to my collection, simply can't wait for them to reach me & do a swatch on them. According to the spree organiser, she had mailed my item out to me today. As my top-up was done yesterday, she is so reliable & prompt, i must start promoting her service yea!

List of polishes i ordered for :
40702 Orly Country Club Khaki @ USD3.19
E683 Essie Sag Harbor @ USD3.80
6-161 MISA Fashionista @ USD2.99
6-157MISA High Waist Hue @ USD2.99
6-105 Misa Camellia Destiny @ USD2.99
AL414OPI Expert Touch Remover 4oz @ US2.95
AV771 H-I Hand & Nail Cream 1.7oz.(50ml) @ USD3.75

The alternative i opt for, think i better add them to my wishlist before i forget about them:

Alt: (should be the same price as your item above)
40676 Orly Dreamboat @ USD3.19
E690 Essie Not Just A Pretty Face @ USD3.80
6-01 MISA Pearl Princess @ USD2.99
6-PU04 MISA Smoker Screen @ USD2.99

The total i paid for:

1st payment:
Total Number of Items:7
Total in USD:USD22.66
Total in SGD: USD X 1.55 = SGD35.13

2nd payment: SGD26.45 (top-up for shipping US to SG & postage to me)

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