Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TW St Clare Sebum Treatment Set

I bought this item off taiwan website via my friend, this item cost NT499.

Comes in 3 steps application,

1: Deep Sebum Softener /20ml

2: Sebum Purifying Mask / 40g

3: Pore Treatment Essence / 20ml

I tested this last sat,

Step 1:

This softener suppose to soften ur sebum before removing them as they are pretty stubborn and always refuse to give way. After applying, feel slight warm sensation, probably its using the heat to expand the pore so it can be remove easily. Instructions says, i have to massage for 2-3 mins before rinsing off.

Step 2:

Apply straight after dapping dry ur face area and apply it, thick enough that you cant see your pores or skin. Thats what it says. Wait for 20-25 mins (its long but worth, read on) After its completely dry peel off from bottom, which is like de-rooting the sebum. It works on sebum but not on blackheads...


Skin feel so raw as facial hair are remove as well, but this item do not calm my skin. Probably like what it indicates for pore treatment (minimize pore?) I couldnt bear with the itch on my cheek & nose area so use my daily moisturiser to put out the fire.

Conclusion, i love this item for now, its effective in remove sebum. But i still in need solution for my blackheads!

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