Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is Me!

Finally a blog is created devoted to my collection of cosmetic & polish which i adored dearly. I simply love to buy & buy, always love to try and forget the result of what the item has therefore discard it aside and set off for more.

By having this blog, hope that i would be able to remember the glamorous moments of it. Hopefully , i can provide reviews for those who wish to own it. As me too, always try to look for review before purchase, but there is something call impluse buying, which leave me with no extra time to do rational thinking like SALES!!! I hate & love it, hate it for not letting me to really think if i should really own it & love it for letting me to secure my lovely piece at such a pretty tag.

Just a short description of myself, i'm a mother of two, juggling between work, family & my beauty obession and a impluse buyer who cannot stand the word SALES!!

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