Thursday, October 15, 2009

Review: Jill Stuart Eye Jelly color 02 & 03

i decided to review on my Jill Stuart eye jelly.. they are really fantastic eye base and really shimmers and last me throughout the day. Even though their stuffs are pricey but this is the most worthy buys among all their product in terms of usage. I estimate this eye jelly could probably last me for a year, easily pair with any eye shadow theme you have.

they comes in pretty pink box like gifts, each weighing 6g (content)
I got them in shade 02 gold light & shade 03 platinium satin

the cap is so jewel looking

side view of the little tub, its made of glass btw
TADA! gold light & platinium satin

closeup on gold light

closeup on platinium satin
swatch on paper as the shade are really light so in case you can't see the color clearly on my hands
its really easy to apply them simply dab your finger in the pot and the jelly will stick onto your fingers and apply onto your eyelid and you are done. I have a friend who got the eye jelly in the pinklish shade, she just put it on and dun even bother to put on e/s anymore haha...


  1. Your friend sounds like my kind of girl haha~

    I'm in love with the Mix Blush Compacts.. did you get any when you went to HK?

  2. Wow they look so pretty, especially that pinkish one!! :)

  3. Very pretty! I find them a bit sheer, though....

  4. oh, i like these jellies. so sparkly <3

  5. I have both of them, and I do like them. I think they are really great as a base for doing very shimmery looks. ;)

  6. everything is so pretty (both packaging and the jelly itself)! plat satin is gorgeous!! :)

  7. Gold Lights is pretty!! I love these jellies - pretty and great quality! But I do find the lighter shades a bit sheer.. so the ones I got are mostly the darker shades like Midnight Shine and Vintage Deco.. But Gold Lights is very tempting! =)

  8. Thanks for your great review.

    I made a jill stuart purchase from today. I can't wait to get it:)

  9. they are so pretty! now i wish i ordered some :)

  10. omg so pretty but too pricey !hahaahah
    shud see if majolica has the dupes


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