Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nail Swatch: Barry M Red Black & BlogSale Part 1

Weekends really ended fast! Its tuesday now...

I decided to post to chase the blues away.. for your info, i'm now active in twitter too (account: sizbelle). Loving this application now as i enjoy chatting with some lovely ladies & receiving updates on whats going on in their life.. What a lovely creation!

Last december, i placed my order via Pan-Asia Beauty (site which has Barry M & Zhen Beauty stuffs) which is managed by Jamilla (btw, she is hosting a fab blog with all kinds of looks that you could wear for all occasion)

Received this package from her early January but was too busy to explore them till my CNY break. I started with their award winning varnish. Selected Red Black for the trial, its pretty even in the bottle!

The varnish comes in sleek squarish bottle good for easy storage. The formula came out really smooth, better than what i expected of a drugstore brand. But the hate part is that the varnish seems to dry fast, when i was painting the 2nd coat of the last 5 nails the formula turns gooey. Making it kinda hard to apply smoothly.

The shade resemble red wine, not too vampy looking as i trim my nails short for this color as i dun want to scare my kids.. I still have 2 of their polish to swatch next..

And i finally updated my blogsale! Click HERE


  1. What a pretty color :) Sorry to hear it turns gooey.

  2. love the shade, very sophisticated and elegant!

  3. Hi Karen!

    Oh it's cool that you're supporting another blogger by buying goodies from her shop. I have some Barry M nail paints too, they're super cute. ^^ I agree that the formula is not the best however.

    As for Aveeno recs, I can't give you any yet. All I can say is that their brightening eye cream did not work for me. Ask Amy for Aveeno recs. because she has great success with that brand.

    Ah I know I'm very fortunate to have a good product that works for me that is also cheap. My HG scrub is the same as yours (Queen Helene Honey and Oatmeal) and it's priced well too. ^^


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