Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A piece of me..... in February 2010

I'm late in posting for this game that i participated last month hosted by Notes from the Toothfairy.

This month....

I like: receiving updates via twitter, YES i just started using this application & love it.

I don't like: the crowded shopping mall, where you could hardly have space to walk around, so not to mention shopping.
I want you to know: i'm enjoying this game thus far, what about you?
I've planned: cut down on my shopping somehow, as there are lots of travel plans for this year.
I want to say to someone special: thank you fellow blogger/friends that i got to know in this blog world, you gals are fab and really help me a lot in getting all my haul & i managed to learn so much from your reviews/tutorial.

Simple guidelines on how it works: (extracted from Notes from the Toothfairy)
We play the game on the first sunday of the month. If you want to play along, please write a post answering the 5 questions, and fill in the form below so that other readers can check your blog. She will include all participants in my blogroll too.

Notify Notes from the Toothfairy. when you've written your post, so she can read it and add you to her blogroll!Feel free to join anytime, but remember to keep posting every first sunday of the month after the first time!

This month....
I like:
I don't like:
I want you to know:
I've planned:
I want to say to someone special:


  1. I want to try to cut down on my beauty spending too, but it's going to be hard!

  2. I just entered this game too....& enjoying it...I'm trying to cut down on my shopping too....but without any success....

  3. Ah I totally agree with your "I've planned to" - I've been overspending way too much, need to save up for a holiday in summer! :)

  4. Oh I can not cut my shopping because I love to wear always some thing new and different!whenever I am at home or at out side!And I have no time to play game because I dont know how to play,actually I haven't try once!
    r4 revolution


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