Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Organized Stash!

HI all,

hows your week so far, mine was still a busy one till now. working hard hoping to impress everyone. While at home, i made an effort to organize my makeup stuffs as I'm running out of space for more shopping. Its so hard to curb shopping urge so i have no choice but to expand the use of my limited space.

I found this while shopping at my nearby area, this is a japanese style store that sells almost anything from household, stationery, beauty tools etc.
the name of the shop is Japan Home.

I bought these divider, its available in 3 sizes, 14cm, 8cm and 4cm (i think) I got the wrong measurement which is why i bought the 14cm one as i measure the outer height of my drawer instead of inner. So i did an exchange for the 8cm one which is the right fit for my use.

i was attracted by the pictorial on how simple it is to divide space.
The price is reasonable as well, only SGD2.30 for a set of 2s (8cm), 1 (14cm)
You can break it up into the length you, just slot it across each other
this is the chest drawer, that i'm sharing with my hubby. the 1st level is for documents, 2nd level my stash, 3rd level hubby's stuffs
sorry, that i was so excited to get it done so i forgotten to take the before pic. Here's the after pic.
i categorized them according to their type, the space are really limited so i tried to fit in whatever i could but there are still some outstanding one which i have store them in boxes. above is the base makeup & blush.

Recently, i'm addicted in base makeup like primer, foundation, tinted moisturizer, concealer. As i'm not born with great skin so in need of product like above to achieve flawless skin. Blush is def my all-time fav product as it can transform my pale skin to radiant look!
the middle area is skincare (random stuffs esp travel size), cream e/s (my collection is expanding), some loose e/s i own, eye palette (i'm sure mine is consider as a mini collection as i saw some huge one out there), mascara (thats my another fav, a mix of new & old stuffs)
the last section, some nail related stuffs (base, top coat, buffer, remover etc), lipstick/gloss/balm (i'm also a big fan of lip products, its bursting now!), eyeliner & brow (i have so much eyeliner that i have problem using as they usually last for months)

Do you have any organizing ideas to share?


  1. I need to get some dividers too! but firstly, I need to buy a tiered drawer.. my stash is getting bigger =.=

  2. Looks awesome! I saw those here at Ikea.
    You know, I've seen a great documentary about Singapore recently and it looked amazing. Makes me wanna live there :) Seriously!


  3. woooooow! you have amazing make-up collection!!

  4. Nice makeup collection! :) Now i wanna reorganize mine! :P

  5. i love it. i need to get me some dividers [hope they sell it here]. you collection is definitely expanding:)

  6. Those dividers are genius! Very handy :D

  7. Awesome organization!! Love the dividers

  8. those dividers are really awesome, they help a lot in organizing my stuff too! :) cool collection siz! i see a lot of pretty things in there. ;)

    btw, can you recommend some beauty must buys in singapore? im planning to get some fancl stuff and more japanese brands, do you have rmk there? :) if its not too much to ask, some good restaurant recommendations would be nice too! ;)

  9. Nice buy! shall get some dividers to divide my cosmetics too =) you bought it in TBP? :)

  10. wow, very well organized! I will check it out at Japan house later! thanks.

  11. Hey doll, just found your blog and love it! I am so happy to see that I am not the only one with a drawer full of makeup!! hugs!

  12. great organization! i think i need those dividers because right now everything in my vanity table is just spread out everywhere

  13. great...thanks for sharing how you organize...that dividers are genius...


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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