Saturday, June 19, 2010

Review: JuJu AquaMoist Pure Hyaluronic 100% Essence

HI all,

Its again another busy week for me, i had survived 3 weeks of worklife in this new company. Just hope i would last as long as possible as its definitely a great place for me to work in. Back to beauty side, i LOST my kiehl lip balm and the most frustrating part is that its almost hitting pan days away from now. So i'm now using the Majolica Majorca lip balm that i bought during the shiseido mid year sale. Review coming up soon.

But first, i'm gonna review the JuJu AquaMoist Pure Hyaluronic 100% Essence,. I had been using it for slightly more than a month not negative reaction, in fact my skin no longer have those dry out feeling. As i'm someone who will not step out of house without makeup, so moisturising is a MUST for me.

The name actually says it all, Hyaluronic is widely used for lip augmentation, reduction of folds and wrinkles as well as removal of scars and of course skin hydration (extracted from Wikipedia)
It comes in a deep blue glass pump bottle.

The detailed translated description which is done by BeautyCarousel.

Here's a clearer pic on how the packaging is like.

The essence pumps out as a firm transparent gel form, which turns instantly into liquid state when i starts to rub it between my two palms.
It was absorbed into my skin within secs.

Product is available @ BeautyCarousel
Price: SGD39.80
Contains: 30ml


I love love this essence, which i store it in my fridge so it could give me the instant refreshing feel when applied. When i start to rub the essence between my palms it melts immediately into liquid and its like applying water on your face. The most amazing part is that it absorbs really fats, i could say within secs of massaging its seep into your skin. After the application, you will feel as if you had not apply anything on your face at all. I usually apply moisturiser rite after essence so as to lock in the moisture on my face. I tried to skip that step and my (almost like nothing applied skin) still wakes up fresh the next morning. Isn't it amazing, think i could lighten my load if i were to travel or sleepover... By the way, i only use essence at night and one pump is enough for the whole face.

What essence are you using, or do you heard of any raving ones, i would like to try it and compare with this HG essence of mine!


  1. Ohhhh Im so jealous for all these amazing Asian producs ;P they seem to work much better than stuff over here.


  2. Sounds great! I'm not using any essence right now, just toner and moisturizer..

  3. Thanks for the review! I really need to try some more Asian products! :)

  4. this essence sounds nice, now you make me want to try it! i love anything refreshing and hydrating especially right since it's summer time

  5. ooh i was afraid this might be sticky because products with HA usually are but this sounds great! i regret not picking this up when i last saw it in seattle!

  6. I'll definitely try this next....I'm currentlu using the moisturizer which is pretty good too...

  7. Im going stop by watsons again soon. hehehe! :D

  8. I am using this product for just 2 days and I am loving it. My face seems smoother and hydrated.


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