Monday, August 23, 2010

Peek into my week 4: Lotsa Food Updates!

HI all,
miss me? I had been taking a blogging break as i'm in need to share some family moments with my kids or you can say i'm lazy.. I hasn't been shopping of late as i just wish i have more than just a handful of 24 hours to use.. Think many of us wishes for that. I've been good in hitting many pans in recent months so if ever i have time to shop i would shop madly i guess.

I have tons of packages waiting to hit the post office! Sorry dearies for being too draggy on this...
Finally i have time to blog, here's my updates!

(left peanut, right cheese)
this is the highly raved japanese formula bread, they have lotsa flavor! i tried cheese, peanut and chocolate one. Its so soft and quite tasty but there is a very strong yeast scent which will bother some of you i guess. As not all of my family members like them.

I'm a huge fan of indian mutton soup, i mean the singapore version. They just taste so good. I always patronize this particular shop in Thomson area as its the only mutton soup without the stench of mutton haha, sound contradicting right... hope i'm not confusing you!

One of my favorite lunch meal, bratwurst sausage with rosti. I know sausages are one of the wrong processed meat but i love it as its a best match with rosti! And of course i complete this meal with a hot english tea...

I love korean drama and also their food. This is the nearest place from my office that can satify my little craving even though they taste just passable. I had the rice cakes plus ramen. after the meal i turned to be the happiest gal around wahaha.

I will be hitting the post office later to mail out the outstanding! I'll be back posting very soon!


  1. I would like to try that bread. :)


  2. *drools*
    looks soo yummy!!

  3. miss you and your posts! :)
    The bread sounds yummy!

  4. wow...finally you're back....and this made me hungry....

    btw....we move to a new apartment...

  5. i love family moments! im glad you're enjoying some time with your kiddos! thats precious! :)

    hmmm.. i also love korean dramas and food! :)

  6. I loive food posts!! My fave variety of that bread is the chocolate one its positively delicious!

  7. I love that breaaaaaad! Blueberry is my fave!


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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