Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Review: DHC Acerola Lotion

I love the feeling of using toner or lotion which some may call it. The purpose of a toner/lotion is to clear off any residue that might still stays on skin even after cleansing action and to prepare the skin for skincare routine. I personally enjoy patting my face after cleansing with a cotton pad that i soak with the toner/lotion.

I had always been interested in DHC stuffs, so i got Amy to CP this toner for me sometime back. Acerola is actually an Anti-Aging Skincare Range by DHC. My skin is starting to step into the mature age so i decided to start preparing for that.

Introduction of Acerola Lotion (extracted from DHC site)

Tropical punch. Made from acerola berries, one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C, this enlivening formula can help your skin ward off the free radical damage that can cause visibly uneven skin tone and fine lines. Layer it underneath DHC Acerola Gel for an even stronger punch of fruity benefits, so skin appears more radiant.

how does the introduction sounds to you?

The toner comes in a heavy reddish glass bottle.

With very minimal explanation unless you gonna visit the site.

My Review:
This product does live up to its name at least i can vouch for its brightening effect as i can feel my skin starts to get brighter than before. My skin was whiten, while i'm using the ZA whitening toner. But this DHC toner is totally different, it just brighten up my complexion and makes me look more radiant & its natural as its mentioned in the intro. Few days after i started on this i noticed that my skin had turn smoother to touch and as the days goes by skin starts to glow (i mean glowing radiant). I would love to try its gel, a brightening moisturizer ... It took me more than a month to hit pan totally on this! I would love to re-purchase, probably when there is a SALE.

The main ingredient, Acai Berry are growing fame recently as its widely used for dietary supplement and its antioxidant (to fight against aging)

Suitable for: Normal/Oily Skin Type
Capacity: 100ml/3.3 oz
Price: SGD33.00, available at watsons
Its also available online via http://www.dhccare.com @ USD17.00 each

Any toner to recommend to me?


  1. Your Review makes me want to get this...I think I will if ever I get the chance to go back to NYC...Thanks..

  2. this sounds really nice! i first heard about this acerola lotion from amy as well. maybe next time when there is a DHC sale i'll go get it to try ;)

  3. Thanks for the review! gonna check it out at watsons :D


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