Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Sponge away to Flawless Makeup!

I was given a chance to try out the TOFU Professional Makeup Sponge. Makeup Sponges are popular among makeup artists as they can spread the foundation more evenly on skin to create the flawless look. Frankly speaking, i had never try using makeup sponges for applying foundation. My fingers are my tools in spreading them but since i'm given a chance, i decided to give it a go.

I received these 3 lovely pack of sponges from Sharon.

This is the Tofu-like packaging one. For those who had bought Tofu from supermarket would know what i mean. It really reminds me of Tofu.

Side view of the Tofu-Like packaging. The side and bottom are transparent so you can spot the content.

Details of Distributor and Japanese Language explanation?

Its sealed and you just have to peel off the top from the side.

I was surprised that they actually double seal the sponge. Other than the outer box, they actually packed the sponge in sealed plastic.

Each pack contains two pcs so for one set, there are 2pcs x 2 = 4 pcs in total!

They are cut in a way, the sponges still sticks together to form the rectangle shape.

Sample of how the sponges look like after seperated.

This is the same product BUT in lovely heart shaped! really sweet looking.

Simply peel open the pack like you do with snack.

Look at this heart-shaped sponge, its really cute and in sealed plastic packaging too.

The heart are also held together.

Next is the sponge pact in zip-lock pack, its a for travel pack.

There are two sponge pact in each pack.

Introduction from on TOFU:

Foundation has nothing to do with your makeup's finishing look. With TOFU, anyone can do makeup like the top professionals without any technique needed! It's not just about using the right foundation; it is also about using the right tool.

More info:
  • Made of supreme quality patented non-latex material
  • Free of synthetic rubber (latex)
  • Very small bubbles in the foam to better control the amount of foundation going on your skin for smooth and even makeup
  • Good elasticity & does not get out of shape easily
  • Can be used dry or wet, comes in different shapes
  • High durability for repeated use
My Review:

I personally only tried the 1st type in Tofu-Like packaging! As i mentioned, i never try using makeup sponges in applying foundation so i wasn't used to the feeling of that initially but now i'm loving it! The good thing about using the makeup sponge is that my liquid foundation can now be more evenly spread leaving no fingerprints behind. I can double conceal hideous spot by applying a dabbing motion with the concealer using the makeup sponge. In case you ask, i only tried using this dry so i'm not sure how does the wet one goes? I had been hooked on using this for the past week and guess i'm addicted to the finish that it does to my skin.

Where to Purchase?
Item is available at Watsons store at

SGD15.90 for the TOFU DX - tofu shaped type (2pcs x 2 sets = 4 pcs)

SGD12.90 for the TOFU Travel - sponge pact (2 pcs)

SGD9.90 for TOFU Love - heart shaped type (2 pcs)

Tiny Giveaway for all (Worldwide):

I would like to share the complimentary TOFU Love (only the outer packaging is open but sponge still intact in sealed plastic inner packaging) with all my readers. Its Brand New, just the packaging was damaged as i remove item for phototaking but don't worry its still sealed in the protection plastic.

Simply leave me a comment below and tell me what you think about this product, you need not be a follower. I will choose the winner via on 18 Sep 2010, 1pm (Singapore Time)

Good Luck!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by BeautyCarousel/Japalang for consideration. BUT all review expressed above are honest and true based on my experience with the product. I'm not paid or rewarded to do this post at all.


  1. hahaha the packaging is super cute! i love tofu, i buy packs of them in the supermarket too! LOL.

    aw. you're so sweet to share your new sponges with your readers! i like using sponges sometimes because they're so soft and smooth. I like the feeling. LOL

  2. I must be strange because to me those sponges look soooooooooooo cute!!

  3. ohhhhhhh...please enter me!!! :DDDD

  4. heart shape is the cutest sponge! hope I can try it! ps. luv the template, i chose the same one haha.

  5. I just started using sponges again, I was using a makeup brush but I was getting tired of it. Enter me! I think these sponges are so cute, I need to try them now. Thanks for the review!

  6. The concept is so cute! With a name like that I somehow get a feeling that it'd feel super soft and smooth LOL. ♥

    ★ Cookiie

  7. I like these sponge very much. But feel it is a bit troublesome to wash + it is not cheap at all:(

  8. The heart sponge & the design for the Tofu/rectangular sponge is looks especially cute!
    I've never tried using sponges before either. It bothered me that I had to throw them away after every use..made me feel like wasting stuff :X But I'm still curious about how the finish is!!

  9. I was tempting to buy these sponge when i saw them at watsons! I use sponge everyday with my foundie and im still finding a nice sponge! :) You got me curious with these :)

  10. I think these sponges are pretty unique, but slightly costly :(

  11. I have never seen this before, but I love the name sounds yummy and soft lol! Please enter me I would love to try :)

  12. the packaging is so really does looks like wonder if you got my email last week????please do tell me if you did...Thanks...XOXO

  13. Ooh I've never used sponges to apply foundation before. Like you I always use my fingers. The TOFU sponges look really soft and springy. The cute shapes it comes in are a bonus too!

  14. omgosh! i have never seen these sponge before. it looks different from the one i use. the packaging is too cute!

  15. I've never tried sponge to apply my foundation too! I think I really should. The tofu like packaging is so cute :)


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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