Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Swatch: NARS Orgasm Blush

Hi All,

Time passes really fast, its already wednesday! mid week... I had make plans for tonight, dining out with my besties and gonna have western Italian food. I'm not sure whats its about and also to pick up my hauls from my gf which i got her to get for me on her recent biz trip. I bought some kiss me mascaras, beauty buffet masks, some bb creams etc.

Stay tune for my next post and i also have some review in the making, they are products sent to me specially for review.. I start to love some of them!

today, i'm sharing swatches and reviews of the Famous NARS blush in orgasm which i think you might have seen many such reviews..

I got mine from Evonnz, She's a pretty, lovely local blogger that i got to know from the blogsphere! She is also the one who influence me to try out color lens! Visit her and you will know why...

Back to the review, its packaged in a rubbery case which might bother some as the material will deteriorate as times goes by... so far its ok as i normally carry the box along haha
fast snap of the ingredients..
The blush comes with a NARS wordings printed transparent sheet to protect the blush. I'm keeping that too.
Its a rosy pink color with gentle shimmers in it.
The color payoff was good as per it was raved about.. I personally like blushes that comes with a mirror case as i prefer to touch up using loose powder than compact powder...

i hasn't got any new blushes recently but i did added a few makeup base... whats is your recent addiction?


  1. Such famous blush! Lovely shade!

  2. very nice pop of color for the cheeks, im sure it will look lovely on you :)

  3. nice color.... hehehe my recent addiction is different color blushers~~~~ just got my haul of Mellish's blushers, which i'll try them out soon~~~

  4. Yeahh for Nars Orgasm :) it's the best blush...

  5. For some reason, this looked weird on me. But on you, it looks gorgeous! =D

  6. My recent addiction is definitely blushes! :p Never thought I'd be so much into them like I am now. Orgasm is SUCH a gorgeous color! :D

  7. I've heard to much great things about this, I want to get it!

  8. Hey babe! XD Thanks for the plug!

    I wish NARS Blushers came with a brush too though, then it will be perfect!

    You carry the box around?! : o


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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