Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Review: Kanebo Freshel Moist Life W Cream SPF23

Since i was going into base makeup so i decided to further explore bb cream, as i was quite contented with the result that Lotree gave to my skin i have yet move on to anyone else. On my gf recent taiwan travel, i got her to also grab a tube of this. Its a bb cream released by Kanebo's child company Freshel. A drugstore range that is targetted on mid level ppls like me? This cream is advertised as a multi performing product than just a bb cream. Read on.....

Its quite a fat tube looking packaging that is filled up to 50g.

That's the diff between Singapore and Taiwan purchase, def not for non-chinese reader. Basciallt, its introduced this product as a 6 in 1 multi performer that can be use straight after toner, as it a combination formula that acts as moisturiser, emulsion, lotion, sunscreen, pre-makeup base and color correcting primer.

Its clearly stated that it has SPF23

The tube is in shiny bronzy color

The back of the tube has instructions/info printed in jap

the cap is big enough to be spot among my stash so there is no reason to miss it

My review:
Its purely curiousity that drives me in purchasing this as i have not much idea that it can do so much. Even so i'm still more comfy to go thru my usual tedious/long winded routine to ensure my skin gets enough nutrients. This cream is pretty light to skin, coverage i would rate as light to medium. As my blemish marks are quite visible after the application. What i like about this cream is that, it allows my skin to endure the dry & cold temp in my office without flaking or make my makeup turns blotty. I have combination skin and this cream does not breaks me out at all after my 2 weeks trial on this. It does even out my skin tone color so on days when i'm lazy to put on full gear, i would just top with loose powder, mascara, eyeliner & blush only as the shade is very natural unlike some that would make my skin color looks so worn out/pale. I notice that after hours of wear, the color din turn dark unlike some cream that oxidate and turn dark after mid day.

I would consider to re-purchase, especially its now available at my local drugstore.

Price: NT450 (Taiwan), SGD33.00, Watsons Store (its quite pricey but then again its cheaper than to go thru the Custom Purchase process.
also available via @ USD22.00 each

I'm now curious about their skincare, gosh i can sense more shopping on the way.....


  1. Thanks for the review Karen, the packaging is so pretty.

  2. I like the shade, looks very natural!


  3. i love wearing BB cream especially when the weather is not so warm and humid, it just works so much better for me! thank you for the review, i will add this to my "look for" list ;)

  4. I can't wait to go to asia and buy this!! looks perfect for me!

  5. Must try this one day! Thanks for ANOTHER brilliant review xx

  6. Looks really good for a BB cream: it doesn't have that weird grey undertone most of the BB's have. Oh, I passed on this during my last adambeauty haul, and I am tempted to add it next time (you enabler! LOL)

  7. Looks like a great the packaging.
    Nice blog!! Try checking out mine.

  8. Thanks so much for the post. This BB cream sounds great! Am really tempted to check it out!


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