Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review: Mentholatum Medicated Anti-Acne BB Cream SPF20

This was part of my makeup buys from my bestie from taiwan! Skincare for this brand are sold islandwide but sadly not this bb cream. I have combination, acne prone skin which is why i have been longing for it to launch here but till date its still not available.

Introduction of this brand: Its a Japanese brand that had been established for very long time, they started from producing ointment and further venture into medicated skincare, patches, eye drops etc

This medicated anti-acne range is gaining popularity in Asia recently, that got me curious about it.

Its signature color code is white & green, very simple packaging.

Sorry, as it was purchased in Taiwan all details are in Chinese.
Basically it means that this cream has 7 functions:
Even out skin tone, Conceal, Anti-Acne (as it contains Isopropyl Methlphenol), Smoothing Skin, Contain SPF, Moisturize, Skin Repair.

Directions on how to use in Chinese

Ingredient List in English (finally), this product has a shelf life of 3 years

Its a flat, short tube.


Here's my bare skin after applying the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base

My skin looks less shine, and its more evenly tone out.

My Skin after applying base + BB cream + SKII Facial Treatment Advanced Protect Loose Powder

My Review:
I like its lightweight texture that can be smooth out evenly effortless and yet manage to conceal a bit. The coverage was quite mild but i applied concealer on areas that is require so this wasnt bothering me. The finish was between matte & silky but definitely not glowing and not very matte. I tested it twice,

Humid sunny day (full day, outdoor)
After hours of wear, my skin wasn't really shining a lot as compare to some mild formulated ones. So the oil control was still acceptable, touch up was quite minimal probably because i finish my look with K-Palette Teka Powder (this is good stuff for oil control), no negative reaction towards this bb cream despite the warm weather. Skin looks perfect & flawless after end of day which is what i love about bb cream, they melt in like my skin.

Chilled Air-Conditioned Office environment (full day, indoor)
I was quite wary of wearing this bb cream as my office is really chilling cold which i think i would have no problem to breed penguins here and its also really dry. The temp is so drastic different as compare to the outdoor.I have the problems of makeup wearing off and turn blotchy after few hours or skin almost drying up... This bb cream does moisturize my skin somehow, as my skin did not feel dry and makeup still look in place till end of day. But only then, i realize the coverage is not really enough for me hahah

My Mum is back from HongKong, know what it means... more makeups....


  1. lol...so sweet of your mom to bring you MU from HK!! would you repurchase this BB cream though when you run out??

  2. i really like items from this brand! you should also try out their 2 other bb creams.. the silky and moisture ones! i have a review of them on my blog :) they are great! i love them!!

  3. Wow!! What a wonderful cream. I really like to here about it. Presently for acne I'm using Himani BOROPLUS Anti-Acne Cream which is an herbal product and is working quite well on my skin. It helps in reducing the effects of acne scars and in cleaning skin of all painful blemishes. It contains clove oil, camphor, Tea tree oil, nutmeg oil etc. which are very effective for acne.

  4. Sounds really good-- definitely something I'd want to check out for the summer. :)

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  5. great review. I have other acne care things from Acnes, but didn't know abt their BB cream. Wonder where I would find it in Singapore, haven't seen it so far.

    BTW joined u on GFC, can do the same for me?

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thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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