Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Review: Ichikami Shampoo & Conditioner

I was contacted by HuiShi from Eternity Inter-Trade Singapore to review some of their newly imported brands like Ichikami, Naive and Karcie. These are the goodies that was sent to me for review.

The package included the current promotion printout of the product.

And also printout of the product introduction. Its kinda interesting to know how the name of the product comes from, it means hair comes first, appearance comes second. As the ancient Japanese believed that beautiful hair represent who they are. Since i cant do much about my look as compare to those cute Japanese gals, i decided to do an extra more for my hair :P

Additional introduction on their other related ichikami product, serum, essence and gel essence.

Today, i'm posting review on their shampoo & conditioner. Shampoo is in white bottle and Conditioner is in black tube.

The English translation of their Shampoo product details, ingredient & other details.

Its a flip top open cap bottle for easy opening.

The English translation of the conditioner content, manufactured date is mentioned too.

The conditioner comes in a flip bottom open cap which has a flat surface so you can let it stand upright to ensure smooth flow.

This is how the shampoo is like, texture is like any other shampoo out in the market but the scent is totally unique. flora or fruity?

The shampoo lather really smooth and well with some water and the bubbles is really dense as compare to other shampoo i used so far.

The conditioner!
My Review:
This range of shampoo & conditioner by Ichikami is uniquely scented which i never come across so far, i'm stuck between floral & fruity but based on the description its sakura scent. I put this set of product on 3 days of test before coming down to the verdict of liking it.
Starting from the shampoo, its kinda amazed me with its bubble densing power. On day 1, I used the amount as i would on other shampoo and got so much more bubbles than i expected and the bubbles were really fine (not the kind that you would get from bubble bath) but similar to JuJu Aquamoist Moisturizing Washing Foam (tube).
As for the conditioner, i didn't have the WOW impression after use as my hair didn't feel silky smooth as compare to use of conditioner from other brands. But then , the printout of this product reminded me that some of the conditioner that i used in the past (those which left the wow impression ones) might contains silicon which will might results in hair fall due to prolong usage.
After 3 days of use, i'm liking this shampoo & conditioner set as a little goes a long way (i didn't know this theory could be apply to shampoo), right now i'm using half of my usual amount of shampoo on this one which is cost saving to me in a way. I like how the scent linger in between my hair which is rather lasting. My hair did feel smooth after days of using, especially i'm the kind who washes my hair before hitting bed so blow dry them thoroughly is a standard routine thats unavoidable. By having such habit, i could hardly praise any shampoo that i used so far except Pantene Clinicare & THIS! Hair fall seems lesser not sure if its due to this shampoo or the change of weather... (rainy season is coming)

I went to Watson just yesterday, so i went to stalk for their range and took this pic back!

Prices for their product:
Ichikami Shampoo 200ml - SGD7.90
Ichikami Shampoo Jumbo 550ml - SGD16.90
Ichikami Conditioner 200 - SGD7.90
Ichikami Conditioner Jumbo 550ml - SGD16.90
Ichikami Hair Treatment 200g - SGD12.90
Ichikami Hair Mask 180g - SGD14.90
Ichikami Treatment Essence - SGD14.90
Ichikami Hair Treatment Gel Essence - SGD10.80
Ichikami Hair Treatment Premium Serum - SGD14.90
All exclusively available at Watsons islandwide.... I would recommend you to give it a try :D


  1. Great review! I've began to use a natural shampoo and conditioner and I'm loving it ^^

  2. Thanks for the review Karen! I was thinking about getting this line as I saw it in my local Asian grocer. :)

  3. Thanks! Like Kali, I saw this at the store and was wondering about it. =D

  4. Hi Karen,
    Thank you very much for your lovely review on these products. I got some sample of these products during my visit at the 2011 International Beauty Expo at KL Convention Centre in KL.
    Before this, I was having dandruff problem after shampooing and was looking for a suitable brand of shampoo for my hair. Tried many, but couldn't find one...:(
    I just gave myself a try with the sample of Ichikami
    shampoo n conditioner that I got from the expo...
    Amazingly, after 3 times of using it, I do not see any dandruff on my scalp !!!
    I start looking for this product as I do not where I can buy it and was searching over web site and spotted your review. Now, I guess I can get it from Watson store in Malaysia... :)
    I am going to buy it !!
    Thanks Karen !
    Agnes, Malaysia.


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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