Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Review: BeautyHair Moisturizing Hair Repair Treatment

My hair had been feeling weak & often end up in bad hair days recently! So i decided, its time i should step up on hair treatment to compensate for long term neglect on them. Who doesn't want to have shiny, healthy hair and for this reason, i'm willing to try out any products that promise good result, hopefully they deliver their promise though.

Think many would have heard of the BeautyHair Thickness Supporter which Fuzkittie raved about sometime back! I had one too, its working alright i would say so i was actually expecting more from hair mask, as nothing much couldnt goes wrong for hair mask since its a rinse off type. But i was totally wrong, read on.....

Simple looking packaging... totally opp color from its styling range of black packaging

I prefer products that indicate expiry date on packaging

Explanation of use & ingredients.

Safety Seal

Think simplicity is always good

I think, most taiwan made products would have their directions etc printed everywhere

Paper/styrofoam kind of safety lid cover that fall off easily, luckily the cap is tight enough

Heres the hair mask!

Price: NT300 (Taiwan) approx SGD15
Not available out of Taiwan

As their range of styling spray was pretty ok, so i assume that the hair mask would be of the same caliber but i'm so WRONG. My hair type is actually oily to start off with, its worse with the daily exposure to urban environment. So its definitely in need of moisturizing and probably some nutrients to keep it from looking dead. The initial touch of the hair mask was so jelly kind, i talking about those silicon gel like jelly. I know its kinda yucks but it is. The scent was erm... plasticy or i should say its scentless but absorbs the packaging smell. After putting it on for mins and rinsing off, my nightmare started! My hair feels greasy after the whole session, my daily habit included blow-drying my hair. I thought it would be ok after drying but NO its still as greasy as ever but as a first-time user i give this product benefit of doubt that after a night might be alright maybe moisturised. Guess you can imagine, my next day hair looks simply horrible, worse than bad hair days. In order to make my verdict for the product, i repeat the process once again for another night.

I think, no choice but to mark a FAILURE for this product.

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