Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review: BeautyMaker Cleansing Mousse (Light) 150ml

I bought this BeautyMaker Cleansing Mousse early last year when their cosmetics are raving well in the blogsphere at least... I'm always trying hard to finish products so the best bet i would take would be the cleansing or toner as i consume them really fast! So here it is

I'm always curious about those foam pump cleanser and wonder how clean can they cleanse your skin... So decided to give this a try. The BeautyMaker Cleansing mousse comes in two type, (Light) which is green tea or (Moisturizing) rose.

The description simply says you just have rub the foamy bubbles on your face to remove makeup etc

The pump applicator interest me, as its so different from the narrow kind i came across so far. Somehow it reminded me of those air horn pump which you use in marathon.

In case, you are forgetful. the instructions and ingredients are printed on the bottle itself.

look at the pump head from the side.

This is just one pump of foam from the bottle!

Close-up on how dense the bubbles are...

Price: NT250 each (Taiwan), currently not available anywhere else than TW

Capacity: 150ml


This is my 1st try on self foaming bubbles cleanser so i was rather excited for it. At teh same time, doubting it cleansing power. I simply use 2 pumps for regular cleansing & 4 pumps for makeup removing. It does makes my skin feels squeaky clean and no dry feeling at all. Instead my skin feels moisturize... Its makeup removing power does amazed me, as i tend to put on full makeup almost on daily basis other than using the eye makeup remover for mascara, this cleanser clear up the rest. But one thing i'm not liking about it is that its too fast consuming... i'm only using it for 2 weeks and almost 50% gone so this cleanser would only last me for a month...

I might consider to re-purchase, provided its easy access for me!

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  1. I love cleansing mousses. I'm using uone by the Body Shop at the moment.



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