Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review: Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Lip Gloss Neo

Yay, finally i managed to have some time to sort out post that i did halfway previously... This Majolica Majorca Honey Lip Gloss was a hit product last year! As it was advertised to be a honey kind of gloss? and also of the cutie size & packaging... Majolica Majorca really know how to market their products to attract buyers.

Are you tempted to try after reading the description i extracted from its website?

Ok hop on to the real thing!

This gloss comes to be almost the size of my finger. So you can imagine how tiny it is.

I got this thru my gf from taiwan, therefore everything is in chinese. Basically, its just straight forward instructions on how to use.

This is the honeycomb print tube gloss i have been lemming since i saw the ad... Love the transparent design which allows my gauge when i will finish it.

The tip is a round pointed tip for easy application.

Lastly, heres the ingredient list in English!

Price: SGD12.90 each tube (Singapore) or NT150 each tube (Taiwan) Net Weight: 6.5g


I'm quite liking this gloss as it does have the honey kind of taste, the texture is very liquidity which means smooth application on lips. It does its job in keeping my lips moisturise without feeling heavy at all. But i do have to re-apply rather frequent (especially during office hour, when i drink a lot of water) since it does not stick on to my lips too much. I would recommend you to use it during bed-time as you can be sure that you will wake up to a pretty pump lips... As for the price, think everyone would know it by now that taiwan gives a better rate for majolica majorca stuffs, i wouldn't mind shopping for it in SG provided there is a sale... :) since this gloss runs out really quick on me.


  1. I love MM packaginf, but the quality is so-so! Anyway, this looks so pretty <33

  2. i agree with magda! everything looks cute :) but there seems to be better quality out there!

  3. The lip pump results last all day or night Lip Pump


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